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The Kundalini coils in the coccyx are connected to the Silver Cord and to the Pineal Gland in the brain and in the navel. When the Pineal Gland receives enough stimulation of higher dimensional Spectrum of Frequency activation into the Soul bodies and DNA activation begins.

All nine dimensions of the Spectrum of Frequency or the triad of three sets of Kundalini energies are coiled up within eight fetal cells located on the tailbone or coccyx. These eight fetal cells are created at the time of conception. The incarnating consciousness identities are connected in these intelligent layers of Spectrum of Frequency which are linked into the Silver Cord of the Soul and hold the Birth Transduction Sequence imprint of the entire Consciousness.

When Kundalini is consistently activated and moves up the spine, the internal pillar of light is strengthened in the spinal cord and multiple Silver Cord connections to the Threefold Founder Flame are constructed which progressively integrate higher consciousness.

Threefold Founder Flame

The Threefold Founder Flame currents create the Silver Cord at the 9th Chakra, that opens the Crown chakra vortex and connects into the body at the navel and several other places of the body. This Silver Cord is what is sustaining the energies of the Soul Body. When this Silver Cord is severed it is connected to the False White Light in the Astral Plane which was the NAA to subvert the potential ascending consciousness. This is also called the False Navel.


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