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The Astral Plane 4D False White Light webbing and its False Umbilicus structure was to subvert the Soul consciousness by forcing its recycling into the Astral Plane and sever its Silver Cord connection to the Threefold Founder Flame of our Universal Time Matrix.

The inorganic reincarnation structure attached to the group human soul layer of Lightbody is called the False Navel. The opening portal is accessed in Giza, Egypt the 4D Stargate in the planet. The False Navel and False Umbilicus are interchangeable terms for the same meaning, the Alien Machinery installed to recycle Souls into the Astral Plane repeatedly.

Astral Plane implants, and Alien Implants are stacked up many times in layers in the reproductive organs. This is as a way to collect sexual energy and promote Sexual Misery and Mind Control in humanity. These implants can be from current lifetime or stemming from other lifetime identities, even a cloned image being used in another dimension as a Negative Form to create the implant.

Silver Cord

The Threefold Founder Flame currents create the Silver Cord at the 9th Chakra, that opens the Crown chakra vortex and connects into the body at the navel and several other places of the body. This Silver Cord is what is sustaining the energies of the Soul Body. When this Silver Cord is severed it is connected to the False White Light in the Astral Plane which was the NAA to subvert the potential ascending consciousness. This is also called the False Navel.

Resetting the Umbilicus

... ES Meditation “Resetting the Umbilicus” is the beginning support to clear these implants from out of the navel area, and begin the resetting of the fetal cells, tailbone and the navel to its proper position to align with the higher frequency spiritual bodies. The Astral Plane of planet earth has a false webbing, called the false navel of the False Ascension Matrix (synthetic or dead False White Light in the astral plane), which for most of us undergoing Soul Matrix embodiment, will reach a point in our Ascension that we are required to reset and expand our navel and Solar Plexus in order to embody our organic light frequency, from our soul and Monad Light Bodies. The governor for these spiritual light bodies is the Christ consciousness of the Krystal Star.


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 56