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The Astral Plane construct of 4D False White Light webbing and its false umbilicus structure was the inorganic reincarnation structure attached to the group human Soul Matrix layer of the human Lightbody. At the macrocosm level is the portal accessed in Giza, Egypt in the planetary 4D Stargate. The Middle East is the hotbed of the causal point of the Timelines and current warring activity as a result of the NAA invasion that happened 5,500 years ago.[1]

Souls do not have to be caught up in the false umbilicus that was leading them into the Astral Plane in the bardo process. This process was recycling 3D humans into repeated reincarnation for enslavement and control purposes, additionally, without proper life review or consciousness processing. Identities and memories from lifetimes were intentionally wiped to keep the Soul unable to progress in spiritual Ascension or further consciousness expansion due to the control of the NAA.[2]

Annual 5D Upgrade Begins

This is the 2009 planetary upgrade theme which is starting now to manifest in the personal light bodies of the Galactic Ascension Wayshower group. As the planetary grid is being reconfigured through our group human “body” it changes the way the energies interface with the planetary Lightbody, and simultaneously our own human lightbody construction undergoes major shifts and changes. Additionally this event will expand into a critical mass in the fields picking up much more momentum in the masses all year long. This Planetary Ascension Wave will crest towards mid May picking up another collective group of human beings that will begin to undergo their awakening process.The “Still Point” is within the area in between the rib cage underneath the breast bone.

This upgrade is changing the configuration of the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus), its mental body functions and its relationship to the 5th Chakra (throat center) and it’s Lightbody. We are now reaching into the deeper levels of our inner sanctum by focusing our consciousness on our core. This inner sanctum is our still point and is a higher function of the human lightbody consciousness technology. This is the next progression of the planetary ascension cycle. This is resulting from the last phase we have just experienced as the “Blank Slate”, as literally this phase was about wiping our consciousness clean. In waves, we are reaching this new state of emptiness as in achieving a blank slate of consciousness. (see last month’s news)

There is no False Identity Past or False Identity Future recorded in your cellular or energetic matrix. The blank slate is also a reference point to the new energetic platform that is beginning to support our segueway into the new consciousness reality. As we were being emptied out at these profound levels it was a requirement in the lightbody repair sequence in order to reconnect us back into the corrected umbilicus of our God Parent-Source. This begins now. The Guardians are preparing us to be aware of this 2009 year Lightbody upgrade. This month is a beginning primer to understand the 5D lightbody architecture of the “False Navel” or false umbilicus and its impact to the mental body. The first waves of our Starseed family on the Ascension timeline are starting to embody this Lightbody rehabilitation for humanity.

Note: The context of which blank slate is being referenced above is as a clearing of ancestral miasmatic memory and is not to be confused with the BST alien technology which is called Beast Machine or also referred to as a Blank Slate Technology that is used to destroy the planet field Morphogenetic Fields through the NAA. [3]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 43