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It also is clear that all matters of Blood Sacrifice, whether human, animal or of any living thing, are made to the conjuring of elemental forces that directly connect into this collective Satanic force of the Baphomet field in the underworld realms. Satanists, witches, Santeria, voodoo, violent religion or other related rituals involving drugs or killing, one is allowing their body to be possessed by lower spirits and are being controlled, addicted or feeding into the spreading of this Satanic force field. It is like an viral infection.

The act of feeding this force through ritual offering and Blood Sacrifice is purposed to produce Satanic humans running the earth and to keep enslaved the female Christos-Sophia from reclaiming her body parts and creations in the earth. This is enslavement of the Mother principle.

Satanism effectively is the worship of earthly forces through patriarchal domination and their False Father earthly conjured gods for selfish material gain. The world of forces can be ritualized through offerings, Blood Sacrifice SRA and its intentions made manifest through superimposing forces or binding others energies without their consent or free will in physical matter.[1]

Soul Emancipation from Binding

All Blood Sacrifice is SRA and requires much soul retrieval and soul healing work on a planetary scale during the Ascension Cycle. These suffering souls, having being killed over the wars over God, or made as a blood sacrifice, were the energetic power source harnessed to retain the crucifixion insert and its violent religious belief system architecture. One of the main systems of planetary control is the religious fundamental Christian programming. It was these programs that were manipulated to condition the planetary field and the collective human mind into believing these as Truths and revelations from God. These were the mind control manipulations to worship a False God, and the energetic results were vampiric to the group human divine soul.[2]

Religious Violence

May we consider the source, origin and basis of Religious Violence and how this has impacted our culture, society and belief systems that transcend any and all Religion. Inner violence towards the self and others, promotes external methods of violence, there is no possibility of knowing God through intentional and premeditated violence, and the Blood Sacrifice of a human being. There is no such thing as a Holy War or Just War. For the last two thousand years the agenda has been to spread violent religions across the earth with the primary use of Christianity and Islam worshippers who are numbered in the billions. [3]

Crucifixion and Blood Ritual

The purpose of the artificial cross architecture (See Crucifixion Implants)is to enslave humanity through the crucifixion and blood sacrifice of their inner spiritual being or Christ self. Religion was created by the NAA to keep these cross implants and their religious belief systems of Mind Control in place to continually commit offerings or Blood Sacrifice so that, humanity would live in fear of the retribution from his False Father Alien God. This Archontic controller mechanism Archontic Deception Behavior was to keep humanity subservient to the continual feeding of their False Gods Vampires by invoking a variety of religious rituals for offering, binding or blood sacrifice. One of the most prolific ways to feed the bloodthirsty vampires is mass killing in wars, or making blood Sacrifices especially in the name of God or Religious Violence. Blood Sacrifice in all cases is Satanic Ritual Killing SRA which feeds Satanism as well as Satanic forces to spread on the earth. The NAA entities are in the majority a Satanic force, so this way of life of Blood Sacrifice is aligned to their vampiric killing mentality.[4]

Disassociated from Killing

To understand the polarity of the world of forces on earth and identify how Satanic force methods are used every day to destroy the feeling heart and soul of human beings, the first priority is to disassociate human beings from feeling remorse by killing which creates psychopaths. The first Archontic Deception Behavior is Disassociation and Narcissism: Humanity is disconnected from life through repeated traumas and abuse which create split personalities that develop defense mechanisms and perversions to cope. The rampant defense mechanism caused from soul-heart damage is ego Narcissism. Dissociative behaviors cultivate sociopaths and psychopaths, many of which replicate feelings of expression because they can no longer feel from spiritual disconnection and Soul Fragmentation. This weakness allows for easy satanic binding and manipulation. This is especially progressed in the practice of violent religions, whereby killing is done in the name of God. Psychopaths have little to no care about life, causing pain and killing is done with methodical delight or heartless efficiency.[5]

Obviously, violence and killing are introduced into society in a variety of ways through the Archontic Deception Strategy as acceptable or necessary behavior, whether it is considered appropriate for enforcing liberty or territory in wars, enforced programs of genocide, or killing life forms (animals, plants, natural kingdom) without any regard for life, remorse or consequence toward action.

Spiritual Terrorism

If our marketed and sold version of God performs human and Blood Sacrifice, cannibalism of Christ, misogyny, and yet humans are supposed to have a spiritual goal to be as virtuous as Jesus Christ, this is one clever way to promote spiritual terrorism. This is the persecution of the true spiritual nature and the intentional consciousness crucifixion of any human being that is aligned with real Christ virtues. This is the strategic and deliberate spiritual oppression of humans that want to live in accordance to Christos attributes.

To worship the tortured body of Christ as a bloodied sacrifice on a Cross made by Gods will, promotes fear, terror and the continual rhetoric of violence throughout the subconscious and conscious minds of all people on the earth.

This violent agenda and belief in Blood Sacrifice and "holy wars" spreads into other World Religions and Cultural belief systems like Islam. The result of promoting human violence as an acceptable means of "survival of the fittest" for any human culture is designed for the same anti-human agenda for spiritual oppression and enslavement. Spiritual oppression is to spread and promote separation, fear and violence throughout the cultural landscape of all human beings, thus descending our planet into a barbaric race with low morality, no reverence or ethics for life, nor accountable to the future direction and evolution of the species.

Child Sacrifice

There is a clear relationship between satanic ritual (Black Magic Money) and child sacrifice and pedophilia. The possessing parasitic entity in its human host uses the pure essence of a child's life force and soul energy to feed, siphon, usurp or bind into servitude. Practicing satanists are educated how to create dissociative identity (DID) and mental body fragmentation in their own children and child relatives in order to bind the soul body to an extradimensional satanic entity. Through the binding of servitude, the parents, the bloodline lineages are allowed to remain in power of the financial and economic resources on the earth. This occurs either by killing a child in ritual sacrifice, or binding the child to a possessing Satanic entity. This binds the child in servitude to that entity throughout its life into adulthood. This is the diseased seed of the Negative Alien Agenda.[6][7]

Golden Eagle Grid

So, in the last 26,000 years, since the Luciferian Rebellion the Golden Eagle Grid became controlled and was primarily used as a mind control broadcast station, literally, that would send out false information or manipulated information. It was sending out information that was about the program that the Annunaki would wish us to continue into which is one of darkness, enslavement and separation. The Golden Eagle Grid literally became like a Mind Control weapon because that is what they were using it for. It had been reclaimed back a few years ago in terms of the Guardian races. But there’s still clean-up work to do with the grids themselves because the grids were actually conditioned by the Annunaki. A way to say this is that this grid was being energized by the blood of human beings through blood covenants and Blood Sacrifice. One of the major grid points of the Golden Eagle Grid is actually in Iran Gate/Iraq, the Middle East, as well as portions of Egypt.Fallen Angelics became distorted Negative Forms of the original perfection of the Seraphs, a part of which Quetzalcoatl became one of those so called Creator Gods that was inappropriately being distorted into Blood Sacrifice or human or animal sacrifice to support the Quetzalcoatl grid of the Golden Eagle.[8]

Animal Sacrifice

Animal sacrifice is the ritual killing and offering of an animal to appease or maintain favour with a divine agency. Such forms of sacrifice are practised within many religions around the world and have appeared historically in almost all cultures, including those of the Sumerians, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Germanics, Celts, Aztecs, and Mayans.[9]

From the Guardian perspective, ritual animal sacrifice or slaughter (that is not explicitly intended or designed for food-nourishment) is the same method of binding life force of the animal for vampiric use in SRA methods. This takes into consideration that not all humans on the earth have the option or choice to be vegetarian, and thus the importance of having appreciation and blessing the foods that are consumed.


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