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Christos-Sophia reflects the perfection of the Law of Gender inherent in the Solar Logos principle made manifest, it is reflected as the sacred masculine and sacred feminine unified and made whole, that which is made in the true image of the Godhead. Christos-Sophia is the path of spiritual Ascension that leads to the inner discovery of the spark of divinity that exists within the Sacred Crystal Heart, and is found within all creation. The inner path of Christos-Sophia is taken through gradual spiritual initiations that are designed to unite the polarities that exist between the inner and outer, in the world of forces, that alchemically shift our Lightbody into stages of increasing Energetic Balance and hierogamic union. The inner path of Christos-Sophia leads us to seek our own inner wisdom through divine Gnosis within our Soul, ultimately helping us to achieve spiritual freedom through attaining Unity with the Godhead. When we are at one with God, we exist in the virtue-ethics of the Spirits of Christ, emanating the pure love and wisdom consciousness state of perfected sacred marriage or Hieros Gamos.

The word Christ has been distorted in its use on the earth plane from being integrated into Violent Religions manufactured by the NAA to create harm and division in the human race. We endeavor to use the word Christ, Christos-Sophia, Krystal and Krystallah interchangeably to return the real meaning and use of the word to denote the unifying principles of the Law of One as they are intended by the Eternal God Source. Christos-Sophia reveals the true nature of sacred marriage and the presence of the feminine Sophianic consciousness that is unified with the state of Christdom.

The source code or Unity Field intelligence field is a Krystal Star (Christos Consciousness) hub accessed through the merging of manifested bodies holding trinity wave formats that connect directly into the Eternal Source light (Godhead). The three sound-wave-tone parts when merged into internal energetic balance become designed as one component that access directly into the feedback loop exchanging with the Eternal source supply. This exchange with the Threefold Founder Flame godhead is the principle of Christos, an inner sustained eternal source light which signals the end of vampirism or consumptive modeling on planet. This is what it means that the Godhead cannot be reached by anything but the Christos Consciousness Krystal Star Tones although this process of unifying consciousness with the Godhead is known by many different names.

The Krystal or Christos-Sophia architecture is that which allows the synchronic phasing of inner/outer/in-between currents of energy to be inhaled and exhaled circulating the eternal life spark of creation throughout the entire organism. Christos is the unified state of energetic balance between the masculine and feminine, and thus we refer to the completion of the three layers of sacred marriage merged as the Christos-Sophia to denote the state of energetic balance between the inner masculine and feminine principles that are manifested in either a male or female body. On the path of Christos-Sophia we consciously participate to transform and build our lightbody, and collaborate with the Spirits of Christ to serve the Law of One, which is fulfilling our spiritual purpose to achieve unconditional love, peace and to exist in harmony with all creation.

Base 12, Natural Order of Christos Blueprint

The divine blueprint which holds the original intention for the natural order of consciousness evolution within our Universal creation, is encoded in the base 12 mechanics of the Christos Blueprint. At a cosmic level this same open source architecture is referred to as Kryst-Krystallah, the unified masculine and feminine consciousness energy that exists in perfect harmony and balance within organic creation. The base 12 Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christos-Sophia are also referred to as Kryst-Krystallah architecture, as they make up the instruction set for all merkaba fields within all the timelines and densities throughout the Universes.

Thus, the term Christ or Christos used in this context is not denoting the individual being referred to as Jesus Christ, as taught through the world religions. Christos extends way beyond all meaning associated with planetary consciousness and actually describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free Cosmic Citizen. [1]

Sophianic Body Correction Begins

The sacred Aeonic Pair of Cosmic Aurora Christos and his wife, the Mother Sophia, are reunited through their Heavenly Hierogamic union as it has been made possible through their combined consciousness in physical embodiments on the earth now. Their sacred marriage to the Eternal Living Spirit of God is As Above, So Below; which heralds the beginning of the material body restoration.

The return of the Sophianic consciousness by recognizing the importance of the divine feminine is needed to the shift the consciousness of humanity and is essential if we are to effectively deal with the ominous problems facing the world today. In order for humanity to fulfill their evolutionary potential, we must learn how to fully actualize both the human and divine aspects of our spiritual nature.

The Restoration

The restoration is the animation of the Holy Spirit of God to inspirit throughout elemental matter and to collect its pieces to return them back into wholeness. Thus, we begin the spiritual correction of the Sophianic Body in this earth through the divine marriage made with her husband, the eternal consciousness of the Aurora Christos. Throughout many dimensional worlds, together, the Song of Christos Sophia may sound to play the Heavenly Music of their mutually twinned heart chord. The Song of Christos Sophia is a magnetic sonar sound field which generates organic Plasma Waves light from the female principle. It is the true Diamond Heart tone music of the Universal daughters of God. It is born from the sacred heart aspect of the Holy Mother Arc which embraces the Crystal Heart of wisdom for her daughters the Christos So|Phi|A.

Through this cycle of correction of the Sophianic Body in the earth, the spiritual essence of the Cosmic Triad God the Father, God the Mother, God the Children of the Sun, Christos, are unifying with their wives and genetic equal, the Solar Feminine or the Risen Christ Sophia.

We begin a phase of externalizing the esoteric mysteries through our own spiritual capabilities; through our enhanced capacity to feel, share and circulate genuine heart based love as human beings. As we circulate and know the feeling of the Love of God in our heart, we develop increasingly higher sensory perception HSP abilities. As we develop the heart language to deeply and profoundly "feel", we sense way beyond this material reality, way beyond what our physical eyes see. As we listen to these inner subtle heart vibrations, we gain access to deeper and deeper vaults of spiritual knowledge through direct and personal cognition. As we consciously choose to fill our inner heart chambers with the Love of Holy Spirit and Virtues of Christos, we are flooded with the direct, personal and intimate relationship with the essence of God's Holy Spirit.[2]

Reversal of Christos-Sophia

The reversal of the unification principle of Christos-Sophia has manifested in various levels on the earth body and these distortions have been passed into the thought-forms and belief systems of humanity since the invasion of the NAA happened 5,500 years ago. See Ages of Humanity and Anti-HG Technology.

The Anubian Black Heart networks, the Negative Form, the Baphomet network in 2D to promote Sexual Misery, the Dead Energy compacted from the NRG, Addiction Webbing, False Umbilicus, Alien Machinery and Alien Implants and Miasma have all resulted as a part of the anti-christos sentiment held by the Imposter Spirits of the Satanic and Luciferian races of the NAA since they began to deceive and manipulate humans on the planet. Their goal was to eliminate all the Indigo Races, Oraphim and to destroy the capacity of humans to access and evolve into their inner Christos light potential and live as GSF beings throughout the Timelines.


Through the perfect union of the two forces, as an example of the Gender Principle with Adam and Eve in the waters of sex with chastity, the pillar of the hermai is perfected and made into the image of God through the hierogamic union of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in Alchemy of unified polarities.

Explosion of Planet Tiamat

The planet Tiamat is related to the destruction of the Sophianic Body and the inability of the Christos-Sophia consciousness to incarnate in human forms on the 3D earth in Hieros Gamos. The female consciousness of the planet Tiamat was Sophianic, so when she exploded, her consciousness descended into a collective form body which is known as the Achamoth. Achamoth is name for the the wounded goddess fragmented body parts which were collected and trapped by the NAA and Fallen Angelics in the 2D Underworld of the planetary body, which became the Qlippoth area of Negative Forms.

Refugee Races

Due to explosions or cataclysms that made certain planets uninhabitable in our Solar system, such as the planets' Tiamat and Maldek, our planet has been used as a relocation destination for beings, referred to as Refugee Races that were beings that have been displaced from their own planet because of an event of destruction on their planet. This relocation of other races on the earth contributed to the hybridization of the original earth human bloodlines and damage to the original DNA Silicate Matrix, effectively making it impossible for higher consciousness embodiment of Christos-Sophia. Although, many of the refugees were genetically similar to the original humans, they were much more aggressive (Patriarchal Domination) and had destroyed their civilization through abuses of technology. The Refugee Races began to interbreed with the earth based humans and their higher ups organized Breeding Programs which are considered the mixed race of the hybridized humans upon the earth today.

Spiritual Marriage Mathematical Pattern

The Spiritual Marriage mathematical pattern of 13:13 Female Spin and 12:12 Male Spin.

On top of all of the exciting developments of God's Consciousness Technology returning back to our planet through our Mother Arc herself, we are getting ready to understand the Unity architecture in its Trinity Wave pattern and its direct relationship to manifesting true spiritual marriage on the planet. As Mother brings back the Krystal Star Frequencies, the Seven Sacred Suns, it is bringing the template of Sacred Spiritual Union between the Rod and Staff functions of our Lightbody's Merkabic Field.

It is the spiritual mission of recently assigned Rod and Staff couplings to template the prototype blueprint to achieve spiritual marriage or Hieros Gamos, and work to bring this into a physically manifested accomplishment. This is happening at various octave levels (relationship assignments, Soul, Monad and Avatar Christos-Sophia dimensional levels) to eventually achieve a complete re-encryption of the masculine rod function to the spinning 12:12 electron pattern, that merges perfectly into the female monadic core, a 13:13 field. This is a template prototype that is called the KRYST HALA or the Krystallah Pattern, which is the Krystal Gene Gender Merge between genetic equals.

We are moving to another level of experience within these Rod and Staff Sacred Unions, and many males are also feeling reconnected through these new patterns of heart-brain integration, as they are becoming available in the planetary architecture, to those who have harmonic resonance to the unity frequency and the Christos-Sophia. This is a wonderful development. [3]

Personal Christ

From the Guardian Perspective, the Personal Christ is defined as the entirety of the Personal Christos identities reunited throughout the simultaneous 12 Planetary Time Cycles in the Triune of Universes.

The Personal Christ identity is reintegrated and embodied within the Krystallah eternal lightbody template in which was reclaimed on planet earth in the cycle of Morphogenesis, or Rise of Paliadorians that began in 2018.


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