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Diamond Heart refers to both the Crystal Lotus Heart in the Lightbody of an higher heart activated human, or the Crystal Heart network that acts as a central hub that directs the many tributaries of energetic current and frequency throughout the planetary grid network. Many of the earth's major cities across the globe, have been purposely organized and built by the Masons to be centrally populated around the grid system of a Diamond Heart network.

The Diamond Heart or the crystal cluster networks of Crystal Hearts) in the earth grid has been either artificially programmed, dormant or cut off since the Negative Alien invasion. The crystal diamond heart bodies in the earth grid network used to emanate life giving pranic and spiritual force into the many layers of the human Collective Consciousness fields, giving energetic nourishment to all life forms, which increases Energetic Balance, Coherence and health. During the Ascension Cycle, the Guardian Host mission is to gradually support rehabilitation of the planetary grid network to conduct and transmit tri-wave fields, and as a result of running Trinity Waves these central Diamond Heart hubs are systematically becoming more active or brought online. The Diamond Heart crystals are activated within a human's personal Lightbody when during the monadic initiation the Thymus Complex activates and the inner spirit connects with the Permanent Seed Atom in the Thymus Gland. The planetary Diamond Heart's are systematically being reprogrammed with trinity wave coding to be able to transmit Cosmic Divine Mother frequencies back into the earth core, and circulate that on the surface grid and into human bodies.

The planetary circulatory system or Planetary Grid Network has accumulated massive amounts of Dead Energy and Miasma that has been built up in its network and this eventually kills the Crystal Heart and the Crystal Seed existing within. This dead energy structure damages or crushes the Permanent Seed Atom, it creates Metatronic Reversals and when the heart is filled with dead energy, it is called a Anubian Black Heart. We have learned the reversal life energy of the Christos-Sophia was collected into Negative Form bodies through the Baphomet or Black Magic Grid networks, which are Satanic in nature. [1]

Permanent Seed Atom

While embodied in the Ascension Cycle, Starseeds and Indigos are are attempting to embody as much of our Monadic Consciousness and activate the Permanent Seed Atom in our higher heart complex and Thymus Gland. As we activate the Permanent Seed Atom, we activate and change the pulse rhythm in the grid on the planet and help to build Diamond Heart networks for the planet. So many areas of the planetary grid are damaged, and the planetary heart is damaged by the Anubian Black Hearts, so the are running in energetic reversals that are called Metatronic Reversal. If we can hold this higher base pulse rhythm of the 12D Shield and above, we create a circumference in an area where we can literally create a safe zone on the earth surface. We are being asked to create safe zones on the planet earth surface grid by Guardian contacts. If we can embody this 12D Ray coding and above, we can create safe zones or Ascending Hubs on the planet. The more of us that can do this, the more safe zones we are going to have available on the planet. More people are going to have the opportunity to be able to pick up the DNA Activation coding they need and not get sucked down into the NAA controllers AI system where their Seed Atom could get shattered.[2]

Mother and Child Reunited

On the earth surface, the etheric filaments of the collective planetary field Ley Lines are filling with the imprints of corrected blueprint patterns containing magnetic sound vibrations. These also help to create chalice configurations for the Mother principle to run her life force through the smaller tributaries of the earth. These corrected configurations are intersections for flowing life force current that circulate throughout the planetary heart system, sonic waves through the oceans, waters and rivers, as they are pumped through the Aurora Portal Network and Mother Arc Hubs. The planetary hearts (circulatory systems of life force current) can be reversed, blocked, blackened (Dead Energy) or repaired to become conscious and living Diamond Heart body systems. The Diamond Heart in the earth body is essentially the definition of the Sophianic Body of Mother. These combined networks are sequentially being built into the planetary body to run re-encryption patterns from the Aurora Christos and Aurora Mother in tri-wave and plasma current. This is the process of sound waves creating light, in order to repair DNA mutations, mitochondrion and many levels of Miasmatic damage. This is spiritually symbolic to the understanding that the Mother of God and the Christos Child are being reacquainted and reunited on earth at this time. Unfortunately, not all children of earth will recognize their real Mother in this cycle.

Crystal Heart

Like a cross hatch pattern, there are vertical, horizontal and diagonal intersections of the planetary grid network. In some of the larger networks such as in Dragon Lines and Stargates there are massive spinning vortex fields that are directed by a crystal heart. The “crystal heart” is a crystalline network in the earth crust that gives the instruction set to direct the energetic frequencies through the planet’s energetic circulatory system. This works exactly like a human heart pumping blood into the veins and arterial system of the body.

The Crystal Heart is also referred to as the Diamond Heart and is also the same as to refer to the Sophianic Body. It is the Mother Arc principle that births the consciousness of Christos-Sophia as within their sacred marriage of Hieros Gamos they bring manifest the perfect Blueprint of the Diamond Heart of the planet and thus to human beings. [3]

Diamond Sun DNA

The Oraphim are a part of the Diamond Sun DNA Christos lineages, the original humans created from the Guardian Founder Races lines. The Diamond Sun refers to the original design of the angelic human 12 Strand DNA silicate matrix and the Diamond Heart is directly manifested from this Krystal architecture. This was the potential DNA and higher consciousness experienced by angelic human beings in previous time cycles on the 5D parallel earth, previous to its cataclysm. The Double Diamond Sun refers to the Original Founder Oraphim Christos design of a fully embodied 12 strand DNA and further access to 24 other dimensions of Consciousness while in a human body. When the Oraphim DNA potential is activated, it allows for physical body immortality and the ability for the consciousness bodies full transmutation out of dimensional time.

Neutralize and Clearing Planetary Miasma

Reversed electron networks or Metatronic Reversal current run these black heart systems and direct harmful energies and Miasma, a toxic waste product, into the planet. As the macro body relationship impacts the micro body relationship, this means some of us are undergoing massive shifts to clear this damage out of our own body from impacting the Permanent Seed Atom located inside our crystal heart, in the thymus gland area. As we move into 2012, Gridworkers will be made aware to neutralize or heal these Dead Energy systems as possible when the alignment to the right Timeline permits. Diamond Heart Transmissions come from the Aquamarine Mother Arc, Christos-Sophia and embodied Aurora Body Crystal pattern and these tri-wave patterns are a part of healing the Anubian Black Hearts in the planetary body, and thus, humanity.


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