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Tiamat was the Living Goddess of the 10th Gate of planet earth, in what was formerly Sumeria, and is now Iraq. Tiamat is the female Planetary Logos principle and was a 5D planet, her principle was the living intelligence gatekeeper to the Christ-Buddha-Avatar matrix on our planet and in our Solar System. She was exploded into bits by the Moon Chain lineages and Nibiru who used her essence to recreate the lunar forces and to replicate her female essence to force her to birth creatures in reversal formats (anti-life). The planet Tiamat is related to the destruction of the Sophianic Body and the inability of the Christos-Sophia consciousness to incarnate in human forms on the 3D earth. The female consciousness of the planet Tiamat was Sophianic, so when she exploded, her consciousness descended into a collective form body which is known as the Achamoth. Achamoth is name for the the wounded goddess fragmented body parts which were collected and trapped by the NAA and Fallen Angelics in the 2D Underworld of the planetary body to incubate or impregnate Archontic creations. Thus, she was imprisoned in the earth body in the Negative Form body which manifested as the Baphomet realms when the lower spirits of Satanic nature abused her forces. All Satanists use the Baphomet fields trapped in the earth as the female principle used in their conjuring or worshiping rituals.

This is the source causation timeline of forced Breeding Programs and the loss of freedom for women to consciously participate with the choice of pregnancy and birth. The Achamoth parts were used in reversal formats to manifest creations for the NAA and was the destruction of freedom for the Mother and feminine principle on the earth. Thus, this event impacts all women, which led to the harnessing of her body parts in the Underworld which created the Baphomet realms and the Leviathan Races which are used by the Satanics. These lower realms manifested their Satanic forces in a variety of ways upon the material world, and that appears as Sexual Misery and misogyny in all of its forms. One known alien architecture that exploited this underworld damage as a Phantom Matrix was used by the NAA Religious models, such as the Black Madonna Network which feed into Baphomet.[1]

Womb Worlds/Achamoth

I would also describe the womb worlds is something that we have named in another term, which is synonymous with womb world which is Achamoth. So in the Templars' Gnosis, again understanding Gnostic material of what Sophia is. The reversal Christos-Sophia in her negative form is the Baphomet, but the fallen consciousness, the aspect of the mother, that was used to impregnate was the Achamoth. So its like saying the fallen body parts of, when we call Tiamat the planet, Tiamat is a goddess consciousness but its understanding the planet, this is the stellar body consciousness of Tiamat. So Tiamat as a planet explodes, parts of the mother principle are in there, this part that is split into its forms is called an Achamoth, its fallen. Its now connected to our particular planet. These levels because its the female, its the mother, it has the parts of her womb, of creation, the Creatrix parts. So they start impregnating it with creations, like, well this is the Archon parasites. The archon parasites, the Controller entities start impregnating this womb world or this Achamoth to generate these extremely low astral spirits....[2]

Refugee Races

Due to explosions or cataclysms that made certain planets uninhabitable in our Solar system, such as the planets' Tiamat and Maldek, our planet has been used as a relocation destination for beings, referred to as Refugee Races that were beings that have been displaced from their own planet because of an event of destruction on their planet. This relocation of other races on the earth contributed to the hybridization of the original earth human bloodlines and damage to the original DNA Silicate Matrix. Although, many of the refugees were genetically similar to the original humans, they were much more aggressive and had destroyed their civilization through abuses of technology. The Refugee Races began to interbreed with the earth based humans and their higher ups organized Breeding Programs considered the mixed race of the hybridized humans on the earth today.

Marduk, Son of Enki

Marduk a planetary Logos aka Nibiru gave this intelligence to Enki/ Ea who decided he would invade Sumeria and play Annunaki God to the humans and gave his version of accounts that the Anu created the human beings and therefore they were the Gods of this planet. This was a way to create humans as slaves. Somehow Marduk did this to the Kumaras whom he was showing his anger, (who are the Chohan Ray Masters, otherwise known as the partially Ascended Masters of the New Age – El Morya, Kuthumi et al, there was some bad blood about Human-Orion Wars brought karmically to this planet with this complex situation). Without Tiamat we were unable to have our 10th Chakra and all its functions work in our bodies, as she was the frequency link to communicate with our Christos Avatar self. She is a part of the Triple Goddess Formation and apparently the Merging Shield is the Living Creature Matrix to remind us that we are to rebirth her essence again onto our planetary body, and then hence our own physical body. Because we went through the wall in time on the 28th, we are able to gain access to this incredibly ancient part of ourselves. The 10th Chakra has lines around our Left side and its main portal is a network from behind the left ear, to the crown and to the Soul Star directly above our crown, about 6 to 8 inches above our head. This is a Triad Communication Station portal from our Avatar (triad) Christ consciousness intelligence, and without this communication hub in our Lightbody, we cannot sense communication at that frequency level. So it is like expressing that this is the decoder of language to hear or directly sense that communication inside our own body, directly. That process of HSP is called direct cellular cognition. The destruction of Tiamat (like a heaven and earth principle living together in perfect harmony) is synonymous with the destruction of sacred marriage (union of opposites), the destruction of the Hieros Gamos, thus splitting apart the consciousness of the Christos-Sophia. This also manifested the split in the wall in time, and the shift to patriarchal domination and/its electron distortion that was exploited by the False King of Tyranny and the Imposter Spirit. The shift to patriarchy domination was inevitable and planned through the last cycle by the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group, however the levels of destruction nearly took creation to annihilation.

Tiamat as Phantom Matrix:

This collision with Nibiru happened millenniums ago with a 5D planet that was between Jupiter and Mars referred to as the female principle Stellar body Tiamat. This collision was catastrophic and severed the consciousness units of Tiamat[3] and her Moon consort (Apsu, then son Kingu[4]) which were strewn into pieces of an asteroid belt. This asteroid belt changed the orbits of the inner planets and outer planets of our Solar System. The severed bodies and consciousness of the planet were absorbed into a Phantom Matrix and its physical remains plummeted into a descending orbit into the 3D density we now exist. It is a part of this planet that we now exist upon.

All of us on this planet have this trauma memory (Dead Energy and Miasma) in our planet body and cellular body of the Fallen Goddess the Binary Twin Stars of Planets Tara and Tiamat. We will experience this sensation in different ways depending on our developed consciousness and higher sensory perceptions. It is an incredible memory of destruction, cataclysm and annihilation of planetary life. It is the same memory the controllers seek to manipulate in the human race to recreate that terror and cataclysm on this planet today.[5]

Tiamat in Gender Reversal

Tiamat is the dark Fallen Goddess, wounded, enslaved and abused female archetype in the holographic architecture, which is used to distort women and female principle on this planet. Nibiru is the same, an architecture and archetype for patriarchal domination to distort males. These two planet bodies are like on a see-saw (an energetic elliptical trajectory that moves them in partnership) holding a balance between them except one body matrix, Nibiru, is here in our atmosphere, and the Tiamat exploded bits are congealed in a false phantom body being “used” as the dark Fallen Goddess and female counterpart to the masculine Nibiru.

There are artificial wormholes and parts of the time and space fabric that are vulnerable and weak from alien artificial manipulation, and it’s a connector between here in 2012, the Nibiru planetary body matrix and the Tiamat exploded planet, of which its combined memories are kept to inflict pain in the human soul bodies in the next density (and here). The pain of Tiamat is part of the construct used as a phantom system to artificially inflict these painful memories and its residue upon the human race. They squirreled parts of her wounded body bits in 2D, and use her consciousness to move in and out of time portals. This has been brought to my attention as this construct has something to do with the NRG Grid feed line in Stonehenge, and is something that holds the Vesica Pisces in harness through this construct which reversal feeds and distorts our true sacred marriage of divine equals, as in the Krystal Star, Hieros Gamos Union. Nibiru, the Annunaki planet has used the female planet Tiamat, post explosion, as the “female balance” to power its artificial machinery which keeps its movement to and with this earth, in an artificial orbit. This alien artificial machinery is called Wormwood.[6]

Leviathan Races

The Annunaki seeded hybrid, the Leviathan Races, is one such result from the disastrous implication of exploding a planet in another timeline, and further destroying with intended malice other races ability to evolve.The Leviathan Races are the demon seed of karmic Miasma holding extreme hatred and envy of the human race.

3D Planet Maldek

The planet Maldek is the counterpart of the bodily remnants of Tiamat in the 3D Universe of which the asteroid belt exists between Mars and Jupiter. This means that the asteroid belt we see in the 3D Universe is Maldek's exploded planet, and the same asteroid belt in the 5D Universe is Tiamat's exploded planetary body.

The Asteroid Belt with its comets move in a retrograde orbit, as does Nibiru. The Asteroid Belt has remained in the approximate place in the solar system as the former planet, Tiamat in 5D, and Maldek in 3D.

5D Tara Twin Sister Planet

The 5D planet Tara exploded millions of years ago and as a result, was sucked into a reversal black hole which fragmented the entire fifth dimensional planetary blueprint into 12 planetary bodies in our current third dimensional Solar System. This includes the 3D version of Earth we inhabit in this Time Vector of the Universal Time Matrix. Tara and Tiamat were companions in a Binary Star system. Binary Star Systems are common in ascending planets with advanced races. Tiamats explosion and destruction is the reason our 3D planet has an artificial satellite placed by the Moon Chain Lineages which is our Moon.


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 183