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The Princess Code is an collective planetary archetype “filter” that was inserted technologically by the NAA into human consciousness to purposely distort the female principle and female gender roles. As a result this archetype can also be referred to as stemming from the “dark female” or “dark mother” Baphomet forces that are manipulated by the Satanic and Luciferian spirits (Imposter Spirit) in their ritual alchemy to impose their timelines and future probabilities upon the current earth consciousness. The timelines used to feed this false female archetype are related to the painful histories of Tiamat. This is a False Female consciousness program designed to inflict pain and suffering upon the earth. When the NAA invaded the planet during the Atlantian cycle, the consciousness program installed in the Planetary Logos was designed to enslave the inhabitants of the planet based in Orion Patriarchal Domination through a strategy of shaping mind control through Archontic Deception Behavior. This began the planet’s dark age of misogyny. The Orion group was aware that to manifest creation they require both male and female counterparts to merge with each other, just as the reversal electrons were manipulating the male principle, the protons were removed to descend the female principle energies into the underworld dimensions. To keep the false female energy trapped in the lower dimensions, the Princess Code hologram was installed to be used by the NAA forces as the counterpart to the False King of Tyranny. The False King of Tyranny archetype mates with the Princess Code archetype to maintain the control through the Power Elite, and the belief systems are promoted throughout media, society and as an inherent part of grooming both boys and girls to adopt this abusive behavior and belief system as adults. This dysfunction further promotes the sexual misery program and the Moloch related soul abuse in so that children will not grow into well balanced adults capable of creating truly loving, healthy, happy spiritual marriages. Sexual Misery manifests genetic distortions which are generally known as "sexually transmitted diseases".

The Princess Code Narcisstic Profile

1. Astral fantasy that the Knight in Shining Armor will save her from doom, poverty, low status and unhappiness.

2. Superior beliefs that she is a “Princess” and then “Queen” thus she makes demands of self-entitled treatment.

3. Beliefs she has to manipulate the male target of her “Knight Fantasy” in order to marry her and become the “King”. Sexual manipulation is common.

4. Generally feels that she is deserving of wealth, jewels or status symbols and will blame or use others to get these material goods.

5. General disregard for others, even those she is close with, in the relentless pursuit of her fantasies and personal goals.

6. Cosmetic surgery or extreme manipulation methods to make her appear to be a “princess” to others.

7. Spin doctors the reality (creates self-promotion stories) to suit her image of perfection, or image based on her reality bubble which is based in delusion.

8. Narcissism through emotional fracturing is masking her outward superiority complex and potentially, tantrums, hysterics and upheavals.

9. Refuses to listen to facts and may lash out when her delusion or reality bubble is being threatened.

10. Key themes: manipulator, seducer, jezebel, Femme Fatale, Victim-Victimizer, lasher/slasher, guilt trip punisher, man-eater, strings attached, conditional

Sexualization of Cartoon Objects

In order to separate humans from true sacred marriage (Hieros Gamos) through divine union, the NRG Grids promote Sexual Misery and disconnection through all means sexual, such as internet porn, the sexualization of inanimate objects and the belief that the grass is always greener with another sexual partner. Once a person becomes addicted to the bait of this rapidly descending pathway, the architecture of this fantasy control system hooks into all of one's lower energy centers (Three Layers of Ego) to capture one's vital force. When something vampirizes one's vital forces (sexual chakra) all one will instinctively want is to get it back, so commonly people will seek the next “seduction” to vampirize someone or something else. Through this continual addictive behavior of energy drain, one never succeeds in feeling satiated or fulfilled and so the person may become addicted to all things external. The mind becomes obsessed, fixated on latching into another external outlet, sex, food, drugs, clothes, or any object or person to experience instant gratification and a moment of "astral bliss". In its advanced stages the fixation becomes obsessive compulsive in order to relieve the discontent to the level of anxiety experienced, courtesy of the NRG grid.

As an example, at this time the Asian grids are feeding “Princess Code” female principle distortions as well as “sexual robot” fantasies through the Seducer Archetype. Hello Kitty products (princess code) and Anime cartoons (sexual robot) have extensive architecture powering into the NRG networks as a battery source. This means huge Asian populations are feeding distortions to power this NRG in the same way the reptilians NAA are using, this does not mean these items in itself are “negative”. It means these items are being exploited into shaping trends or beliefs which create massive deviations that are imbalanced and unhealthy to the human being who is unaware they are being negatively manipulated through these mind control systems. During this time, many young Asian girls have decided to have radical cosmetic surgery on their features to appear like their favorite or adored anime or manga cartoon character. Sexualization of cartoon characters also has themes that lead to the progression of the sexualization of children. This is a Archontic Deception Behavior method and NAA strategy to traumatize children as young as possible into Sexual Misery programming and further, produce pedophiles. Traumatized and abused children grow into traumatized and abusive adults that feed the cycles of the Victim-Victimizer mind control programs, thus making it excessively easy to control the mentally and emotionally traumatized population through Addiction Webbing.[1]

Article Reference

Why is Anime Overly Violent and Sexual? [2]

Men in Japan have it tough. The typical “salary man” is frustrated at work, constantly pushing himself and getting almost no satisfaction from his job. Marriage is a kind of serfdom for women, and men are culturally conditioned to regard women as servants and brood mares, so wives have no emotional outlet. Young girls are encouraged by the intense consumerism to date older men, sell their underwear on the internet and engage in all sorts of prurient behavior because of the need for that new trendy purse. The Yakuza gangsters feed this emotional vacuum with prostitution in a myriad of forms, and there is some indication that incest is a problem under the refined surface of Japanese culture. These three demons: emotionally unsatisfying marriages, grueling and grinding work, and rampant consumerism, combined with the absence of a Judaeo-Christian antipathy towards licentiousness fuels the need for sexually oriented anime, so there is a very grim dark side to anime.

Healing Destructive Archetypes

Breaking Away from Destructive Archetypes: No partner, or casual relationship that you have intimate relations with, either sexual or platonic is accidental or by chance. We are ending casual relationships and all relationships will be first and foremost about personal transformation and spiritual development. The new Hieros Gamos template will emphasize this change in human relationships this year and ongoing. Relationships entered into with a basis of pathology, such as astral delusion, addiction or fantasy (Princess Code, Hero/Savior Knight, Tyrant King, Ice Queen) will create the most emotional pain through event backlash. We are being taught to move away from destructive archetypes that play mind games and delude our perception between our intimate relations.

Once it is realized that all relationships are about spiritual growth through applied life lessons, you can participate with that comprehension in order to easily graduate to the next level. Applying nonattachment and unconditional forgiveness in your relationships will allow you to skip the harder (more painful) lessons. Eventually through your balanced self-mastery, you will have access to create the most loving, spiritual marriage you ever could imagine. However we have been manipulated and lied to about our sovereign right to experience a balanced, loving and glorious sacred marriage. We have been filled with shame and guilt from painful distortions promoted from the reptilian control and patriarchal domination. We will have to overcome our emotional pain and our memory of inner spirit crucifixion to be resurrected into the Light of Truth. To become whole again, we will need to relearn and remember our sovereign right to access inner and outer Hieros Gamos. This year we have this possibility and it will continue to grow stronger as more of us wake up and remember to live our divine purpose and love again. [3]

Healing Inner Violence

Take steps to clear and heal your emotional state, as well as mind, body and spirit, when you recognize inner pain, or inner violence towards self or others, to inquire on the nature and source of the pain or fear. Continue to develop skillset to transcend pain and fear and improve communication skills and lifestyle habits. We have a bevy of tools here in ES to help with that process.

When these skills are mastered as a way of everyday life, they are much easier to apply in husband-wife/partner/spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend/Alchemical union. Some changes that are unique in these types of Krystic partnerships extend further to extremely deep transparency, honesty and intuitive knowing in the evolving dynamics of the relationship. This new type of Christos based relationship is ever evolving. Some key descriptors of a Krystic union are included in this article: [4]


Seducer Archetype is very energetically profitable to siphon for an Negative Ego controlled by sexual addiction and hooked into the mass consciousness Sexual Misery program and belief systems. When a human being is “choosing” to play out the game of seducer, they are in unconscious consent to be energetically implanted to feed the NRG network and spread its NRG Implants. The NRG and the Michael-Mary Reversal are systems of which are designed to split apart male and female energies in so that internal balance is not capable of being achieved through the consistent abuse of one's sexual energies or gender energies. The Seducer Archetype is enmeshed with the Baphomet reversal mother or Satanic fields in the earth layers at the 2nd Chakra and 2nd dimensional layers.

  • Seducer: (i.e. Surface: Oooh.You're cute! Flatter, Flatter. Hidden: Let me tangle you in my false flattery webbing and cord your 2D centers for my insatiable vampire and lure you into Sexual Misery)

A Femme Fatale or “player” is very good for an ego addicted to receive external attention or energy cords from the opposite sex to feel loved or worthy of attraction. This is related to the Seducer Archetype.

Archetypes of the Seducer include Charismatic Leader, Fame Seeker, Status Seeker, Publicity Seeker, Escapist, Princess Code, Pathological Liar and Sociopath. These are listed in the HGS Manual under the Victim-Victimizer 3 clearing under Addictions/Phobias.


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Term first found: Page 102, HGS Manual