Blue Tara

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Blue Tara

Blue Tara, or Ekajati, is associated with the transmutation of anger. A Protector expressing ferocious, wrathful, female energy who destroys all learning obstacles producing good luck and swift spiritual Awakening. She removes fear of enemies, spreading joy and good fortune. She also removes personal blockages on our path to spiritual awakening.

She can be visualized as deep sapphire-blue or midnight-blue. She is seated upon a Blue Lotus Seat with one leg half extended (active pose), and holds a sapphire-crystal vajra dagger in her right hand, to pierce and cut through all energies opposing your Liberation from karma and samsara. In her left hand, She holds a sapphire-crystal bowl filled with lapis-blue Amrta or Elixir, to heal beings from all illness and suffering. She is the Mistress of the Blue Protector Wolves, Dogs and Hounds of Heaven, who are her assistants and messengers in protecting beings.

In her Blue Tara incarnation, she frees mankind from both mental and physical constraints. The Blue Tara is the defender, eliminating the bad elements of life so that the good ones may flourish.[1]

Ellora Caves Yantras

The same templar knowledge existed all over the world in the ancient human culture and extends into many of the most ancient sacred Buddhist and Hindu temple sites. Such examples can still be seen in the remaining spectacular artifacts and Yantras found at the Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra. It is not an accident that Maharashtra is one of the most industrialized areas of India. Major cities and financial centers have been purposely set up near powerful dragon lines and Yantra Geometric Grids for the purpose of harvesting their powerful energies for the elites, as well as for obfuscating their natural spiritual benefits from public knowledge. The ancient templars and builders set up spectacular divine architecture and geometric designs of Yantras within this local grid network to flow dragon energy into the temples, underground caves and tunnels.

This area of the grid contains multiple intersections of dragon nodes that were being utilized for the purpose of creating powerful links for communicating directly with the Gods above and for reaping their higher energy benefits. This particular grid location holds many yantra configurations that link into the powerful portal openings of the Triple Solar Goddess principle of Tara that embodies the higher qualities of truth and liberation, currently being reclaimed for supporting the planetary collective consciousness. The Ellora Caves and tunnel system have spiritual yantra links with the Cosmic Mother’s planetary consciousness within her triple forms; in the past as Green Tara, in the present as Blue Tara the liberator and in the future as White Tara, who is representative of the Cosmic Mother Sophia risen that exists as an eternal pillar of divine grace beyond all time and space. [2]


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