13th Solar Dragon Queen

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Through the Solar Anointing carried out in the Grail Cup of Heavenly Jerusalem, Solar Dragon Christ Michael was placed on a golden throne and given the title of 13th Maji Grail King of Kings, to begin his mission of restoring the Holy Grail Cup in the 2D-5D-8D-11D layers and to initiate the awakening of the other authentic Maji Grail Kings. He embodies the Kingship Arc that wears the Emerald Jeweled Crown, Holy Christos Scepter, Emerald Order Rod and Staff while surrounded in the White Wedded Garments forming into the Robes of Glory. Thus, the Emerald Order Elohim awakened the Solar Dragon Michael from stasis sleep within the Earth with Holy Rainbow Dragon Breath, in which he has been commissioned by Cosmic Holy Father to finally begin his Great Work. His divine counterpart Solar Female Christ Mary Sophia, also a Solar Dragon King, will be referred to from now on as the 13th Solar Dragon Queen or 13th Maji Grail Queen. This celebratory moment in time begins the first emanation of the Triple Solar Goddess returning into her female Solar Dragon form in matter to reclaim her rightful place as the Solar Feminine Christ, joining with her sacred husband Christ Michael in hierogamic union.[1]

Emerald Aeonic Pair

Thus, the Emerald Order from the Cosmic Founder God Domains have anointed the Solar Maji Crown of Christ Michael with the Cosmic Emerald Heart, which further merges with the Emerald Heart of Earth. Solar Christ Michael restores the Emerald Heart from Lyra which sings the heart song of Christos-Sophia, the announcement is made from Avebury Henge celebrating the reunited Aeonic Pairing.


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