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A Magnetosphere is the area of space near an astronomical object in which charged particles are controlled by that object's magnetic field. Near the surface of the object, the magnetic field lines resemble those of a magnetic dipole. Farther away from the surface, the field lines are significantly distorted by electric currents flowing in the plasma (e.g. in ionosphere or solar wind). When speaking about Earth, magnetosphere is typically used to refer to the outer layer of the Ionosphere, although some sources consider the Ionosphere and magnetosphere to be separate. [1]

Planetary Brain is Magnetosphere

When the upper atmosphere (Ionosphere-Magnetosphere) is undergoing heavy ionization (Solar activity is a key to Human DNA activation) therefore changing portions of the fields particle charge, the lower atmosphere on the surface of the earth will be impacted through exposure to the changed electron-proton ratios. The attempt to control the rate of the charged particles created through the ionization field as it enters the lower atmosphere to the planetary surface, is one of the negative agendas for the sprays of Chemtrails. This is an attempt to block the natural connection that exchanges between the Upper Atmosphere and Lower Atmosphere of the Earth, as these are areas of NAA attempts to maintain their frequency fences. These fences have specific electron ratios that will be compromised if those ratios change. The N.A.A. manipulated the magnetosphere (in the upper atmospheric layer) to invade the planetary brain thousands of years ago by using technology to control the magnetic field. When the magnetic field is controlled, the mind control begins; hence this is the power source of mind control programming (enslavement) on the earth.

The Magnetosphere is similar to understanding the functions of the spiritual-energetic body that power the entire planetary brain. The Magnetosphere is the power source of the planetary brain which is the area the magnetic field lines impulse information (instruction sets) to the collective consciousness. What impulses the collective consciousness of humanity then manifests at the microcosm level through the impact of the individual human being’s thought process and autonomic functions. These planetary impulses impact a person’s thoughts, behaviors, perception of belief, some bodily functions and the choices they make as a result of this new parameter of information. Therefore many people (as well as other life forms) are having a reality shift, body changes, and major change of perception in their world. Depending on many variables, but especially dependent on the individual’s neurological and brain capacity will determine how these shorter wavelength’s and higher frequencies impact the individual.[2]

Planetary Brain

The term “Planetary Logos” is also a way of describing the processing functions that direct messaging into the planetary “brain”. (This is similar to a computer processing unit/CPU chip used in computers [3]) These messages in the planetary brain influence and control every living thing on this planet. There are message impulses being artificially programmed to create mind control, brain dysfunction and nerve synapse blocking. If we are informed and aware of these energy assaults against our consciousness, we can override them by maintaining inner spirit connection as the priority message received and 12D Shield shielding our energy aura.[4]


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