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The planetary grid amplifies the intelligence streams into higher consciousness connections that can be achieved by constructing spiritually designed buildings onto these Dragon Nodes which act as the supernatural transformer of converging grid line energies. These energies form into consciousness intelligence streams that are transmitted directly into the human lightbody’s Nadial Structure when in that location. We have also referred to the converging intersections of certain powerful grid lines as chalice points, which are energy flow fountains of Zero Point energy that pour into the ley lines. Such beautiful spiritually enhanced structures were built with the comprehension of the complex mathematical knowledge of divine architecture that function similar to a musical instrument playing musical tones.

Solar Dragon Body Parts

The Solar Rishic Dragons are the celestial form representatives of the Cosmic Christos Suns from the God Worlds when they enter the time matrix and become dimensionalized, meaning they take a more physicalized form to become embodied within that time and space. The Solar Dragon Christos Races are the actual Ancient Builder Races and Guardians of the creation of this matter realm. Thus, many are specifically intertwined within the planetary landscapes, as remnants of their dragon body parts can be found in many wondrous geographic features of majestic mountains, canyons and seas. The dragon bodies, dragon lines, Dragon Nodes and Dragon Eggs are spiritual features that have been relatively dormant until recent solar activations radically shifted the magnetic field and the planetary eukatharistic initiation began.[1]

Dragon Templar Knowledge

This same templar dragon knowledge was applied in the design of many examples of ancient architecture and in the building of stunning structures such as the many Gothic Cathedrals. Many were originally designed as sacred ritual sites for dragon mystery schools and as healing temples purposely built upon powerful planetary grid lines that converged into energetic nodes and portal systems. Currently, many of these ancient Gothic Cathedrals are undergoing specific attunements to the ongoing planetary grid solar activations to ignite the dragon lines, Dragon Nodes, dragon wings, dragon domes and Dragon Eggs. These are the organic energy components of the Holographic Geography of the planetary body that is awakening now, which comprise the frequency currents running within multidimensional energy systems forming the light language patterns into geomantic electromagnetic designs.

Yantras and Dragon Nodes

The ancient templars and builders set up spectacular divine architecture and geometric designs of yantras within this local grid network to flow dragon energy into the temples, underground caves and tunnels.

This area of the grid contains multiple intersections of Dragon Nodes that were being utilized for the purpose of creating powerful links for communicating directly with the Gods above and for reaping their higher energy benefits.

13 Dragon Beings

Each of these primary creator Dragons can reproduce themselves through Dragon Eggs which are anchored on top of Dragon Nodes, which are at the intersection of the dragon lines that they generally embody as an energetic principle in the planet.

Cathedral Activations

The reanimation of the Triple Solar Goddess in her Solar Christ Mary form has been actively involved in the sequential activation of many Gothic Cathedrals across the globe that were originally built on Dragon Nodes in her name and Mary Magdalene Sophia lineage.

Thuban's Role in Hijack of Earth

This takeover of Thuban was critically important in the hijack of the Earth’s energy currents running throughout the thousands of Pyramids and Sun Clock Monoliths, and other holographic grid features built into the planetary Ley Lines by the Emerald Founder Elohei. These structures functioned as harmonic resonators and cellular memory record keepers for synchronizing timelines with the celestial star patterns gridded in the plasmic webs of constellations. During the final setback events, these plasmic webs and grid constructs were repurposed with Alien Machinery to control all related Egyptian symbology and tetrahedron geometries, through satanic blood rituals that were conducted on major Dragon Nodes across the globe by the Black Sun Power Elite. Over many years, Guardian Host has been connecting with their angelic human Diamond Sun counterparts on Earth in order to reverse engineer how this extensive AI architecture held in Thuban star was being used by the Black Sun entities to invade our planet. This was powered up in part through Egyptian based black magic sorcery, used for siphoning massive amounts of collective Loosh energy to build their phantom systems and AI time loops.[2]


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