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Timeless Templar (art by Sequoia)

The planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of multiple energy spectrums of consciousness filled with intelligent geometric patterns of Universal Creation code. The planetary grid is organized intelligently into layers of geomantic blueprints holding living consciousness geometries which perform specific functions within a precise layer of multiple webbings of energy. The platonic solids are the fundamental shapes which impact the morphogenetic field of the planetary grid and its variety of Geomantic Structures.The planet’s geomantic structures represent connection points to certain holographic realities of places, such as spiritual locations, sacred temples or events happening in other dimensions of time. It is possible with a prepared consciousness to interact with these realities in other dimensions, through a form of remote access or virtual reality, at that certain position of planetary geography. Grid-workers know this to be true and factual. When we are called to serve the planet at the geographical position we have been directed to, the location turns into an interactive environment. This is the holographic geography of the planetary field communicating with us. We can feel the many forces of nature working with us to achieve a unified goal that supports activation of Consciousness and light.

Many ancient cultures knew the power of the earth grids and placed geomantic structures on specific locations in order to mark the area, and to amplify the forces there. There are thousands of these sacred sites marked with geomantic structures, however, the most obvious examples are the Pyramids in Giza and Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. Geomantic Structures are based on comprehending the geographical energy configuration, thus designing the building of that architecture on the site, to amplify the configuration of that specific energy to expand consciousness. Geomantic structures can be both physical and etheric structures on earth, and can be seen in one form or in both. This means that sometimes there is a physical building that is a geomantic structure on a power point that may be currently, energetically dead. This location will not have circulating energy or be connected to its etheric structure in another dimension. We may be guided to power up that etheric structure and reconnect the circulation of energy to the physical marker, or geomantic structure. Our body may act as an anchor for the frequency that is required to rebuild and repair the etheric structure so that it can be energetically re-circuited. Geomantic structures hold specific kinds of intelligent energy, as well as timelines, and interaction points that access virtual reality in other dimensions. Further, they hold archetypes, symbolism, mythological and creation codes. All of these are factors in spiritual activation, initiation and elevating consciousness for humans and the planetary body.

When we are pulled to a certain location of geography, or to a sacred site, the mythology that is related to that area has direct revelations of the nature of subtle energies present. The ancient history is recorded from various cultures, and their myths of creation will be found within that geomantic structure. This acts as a type of holographic record for consciousness key-coding. This may be very relevant for certain genetic lines and yet, for others, it may not be relevant at all. Stargate areas have genetic key codes, which we may return to for re-imprinting of that genetic key memory, in order to continue expanding our consciousness on our ascending journey. We may be there to reclaim aspects of our Soul identities that we must integrate before we can continue to expand consciousness and build parts of the Lightbody. There are a host of potentials and possibilities that may happen, that impact our expanding consciousness when we are devoted to Service to Others and Spiritual Ascension.[1]

Holographic Geography

Holographic Geography can be thought of as somewhat similar to a sound recording of the intelligent energy of the earth. These sound field recordings, made throughout the timelines of history, are created from vibrating matter, like musical instruments or vocal cords. They are encoded in such a way that they can be reproduced later, without the presence of the original vibrating matter. When we have developed Higher Sensory Perception and have devoted ourselves to serve the planet, our consciousness can discern or decipher the many different kinds of imprints made in the holographic geography throughout time. At the end of the Ascension Cycle, we are called to help activate these Cosmic Energies into the planetary grid to help her ascend that location (ascending hubs) and to offer spiritual current to that geographic level of inhabitants, both human and nonhuman. As our activated consciousness allows our body to be a divine vessel for light transmission, the potential of our service is limitless. We may be able to transit souls, Fallen Angelics, deliver demons, correct geometries, perform recon work and take inventory of the grids for the Krystal Star Guardian teams.


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