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Geomancy is the study of the Cosmic, Solar, Stellar and Planetary energy bodies, and how these collective energetic forces are configured within our bodies consciousness and within the planet, as well as the practice of interacting and communicating with this living intelligent energy matrix.

As we are birthed into this level of the Golden Embryo in the latter stages of the spiritual Ascension process, the body starts to prepare for the impending birth of the Golden Child or Cosmic Christ Consciousness. (See Hieros Gamos). This level of consciousness knows the earth is imprinted as a living holographic reality of our multidimensional Universe in Geomantic Structures. The planetary architecture is a Universal holographic template that can access certain qualities of multidimensional Consciousness on its surface geography. The Golden Children (Holy Sons and Daughters of the Sun), are naturally evolved into studying forms of Geomancy and Geomantic Structures through the Unity Field consciousness platform of which they are apart.

The Golden Child perceives these complex energetic configurations between the Cosmos and the planetary body. The NAA has attempted to damage the human neurological system, erase memories, and shut this higher knowledge down through Mind Control and victimization. However, the embodied Krystic consciousness brings these matters into increased awareness and attention when the being has devoted themselves to be of service to the planet and humanity. Many of these Krystic beings are Starseeds and Indigos that came to earth, to remember to do this geomantic work, and to anchor cosmic energies on the planet at the end of the Ascension Cycle.[1]

Consciousness Gridwork

As a part of serving the Cosmic Christos family, we learn that this esoteric energy field and spiritual current is the way to ground the Seven Higher Heavens into the Earthly plane, enabling the planetary consciousness and human race to ascend. As a part of the Christ Consciousness, this fact of living in a holographic reality becomes a living, breathing part of our daily existence on the earth. We are here to unite the heavenly spheres with the earth, thus we may travel physically or spiritually to these places. When we give up the ego, we are able to communicate and interface with the various geomantic structures, spiritual forces, entities and holographic geography. We have deep knowing that we are in service to help activate the divinity on the planet via the consistent interaction with these levels of consciousness. Through the acknowledgment of our interconnection with all life and the Universe, we recognize the necessary liberation of our essential spiritual nature as the goal for all human beings.When we reach this level of self-realization, the Planetary Logos will communicate with our consciousness and help to direct us to specific locations of geography and geomantic structures. We can unlock our Consciousness from being trapped or oppressed by directly interacting and meditating with these sacred and holy sites on the earth and by directly working with energy configurations in our body and with the many different vortex points on the planetary body that hold geomantic form. These sacred and holy sites are geomantic markers made by our ancestors, many of whom were extraterrestrial, to help us remember who we are as spiritual beings. Many of these places are nodes for intergalactic networks that allow communication links into other dimensions of time and space. Contemplate the World Wide Web of the internet. Think of how we surf the web and how that data is programmed, collected and distributed. That process gives you a clear example of how these consciousness grids and Planetary Gates on the earth actually work.[2]

Holographic Geography

Holographic Geography can be thought of as somewhat similar to a sound recording of the intelligent energy of the earth. These sound field recordings, made throughout the timelines of history, are created from vibrating matter, like musical instruments or vocal cords. They are encoded in such a way that they can be reproduced later, without the presence of the original vibrating matter. When we have developed Higher Sensory Perception and have devoted ourselves to serve the planet, our consciousness can discern or decipher the many different kinds of imprints made in the holographic geography throughout time. At the end of the Ascension Cycle, we are called to help activate these Cosmic Energies into the planetary grid to help her ascend that location (Ascending Hubs) and to offer spiritual current to that geographic level of inhabitants, both human and nonhuman. As our activated consciousness allows our body to be a divine vessel for light transmission, the potential of our service is limitless. We may be able to transit souls, Fallen Angelics, deliver demons, correct geometries, perform recon work and take inventory of the grids for the Krystal Star Guardian teams.


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