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Some of these Hieros Gamos unions which balance the inner Rod and Staff are genetically purposed to work on templating the transfiguration Orb architecture in the Merkaba body, as both Rod and Staff corrected principles are required to enable this function in the Diamond Sun Crystal Body. As the Female principle (Staff) holds the Monadic Blueprint architecture to infuse the Mother Arc Aquamarine 13th Gateway, the Solar Father RA Rod principle unites with her to open the Inner Stargate within a 45 degree spinning field that collapses into a Transharmonic Orb body. That Inner Stargate is located inside our core Double Diamond Sun Body and enables complete transfiguration of our physical and auric body to occur. As the physical body dematerializes pulling its particle mass into the center of the body core, the mass is pulled into the core at a 45 degree angle from four sides. Upon the dematerialization collapse, the Orb field spins in 360 degrees aligned to zero point/144. The inner spinning core opens into the Universal Monadic Core and every direction and movement (into any event horizon) possibility opens into the consciousness awareness field. Moving around from inside of this Orb Body feels like “sliding”. Similar to a slippery monorail, there is a directional movement of the consciousness field perception of “sliding” back and forth. It’s a little like having sea legs after sailing on a boat and returning back to walk on land. This experience has a definite change of “grounding” as your sense of self perception and “whereabouts” is nothing we know here on Earth![1]

Krystal Star Slide

The ability to change the Angle of Rotation of Particle Spin of one's atoms and molecules into the natural Angular Rotation of Particle Spin that the Ascension systems work upon.

Aurora Platforms

When on Meditation journeys the Aurora Platform allows us to take a portion of our Consciousness and a portion of our body into projection, or Glide. The first consciousness projection glides are to the closest safe zone spaces, the Aurora Platforms in our earth atmosphere. This is the ability to move one's etheric body out with one's consciousness in it and to go to visit places that are in the Ascension system. Practicing meditation techniques with gliding on the platforms progresses to learning how to align with the Organic Orb/Slider ability of the KRYST HALA Eukachrist layer of the Diamond Sun body. One must fully be in the consent, intent and authority of the Krystal Star or on the dedicated path of serving Unity for this to be possible.

Orb Body

As a result of the bifurcation, some inhabitants of this earth exist in what would be known to us now, as the old Chakra model. ON the path of Ascension, the unified chakra system breaks down into orbs now. Our Lightbody is evolving to become an orb body. The chakras do not create the orb body, but they create a spinning vortex of energy. The orbs also function as a spinning vortex, they are spherical, and the sphere or the orb that is created fromm the spinning field, is generated from the three chakras unified into one energy center, and then reconfigured into an orb. The three chakras energy centers reconfigure to become an orb, and that orb becomes a unified communicator for the entire body, and not only just the Consciousness and energy coming through the orb that is nourishing the physical self, it also has to do with the many bodily interconnections, such as communication between the organs and glands.

The orb system seems to be much more coherent when it comes to inter-connection and communication with Plasma. As we talk about the old chakra system, and all the difficulty with it, as in each chakra system you have to think of it as an energy system, like a little computer that is sending a system of energy, to be allocated to a specific function in our body. Such as our kidneys get x amount of energy to function, the chakras are modulating that energy. Last December this started changing at planetary levels, where the gland was taking over the instruction set of managing the energy for the body, and this is new. In the old chakra system, it was the chakra governing where the energy was being directed, allocating the life force and vital force that is generated for the body's functioning. In the old chakra model, most of that energy was being siphoned off by Alien Machinery. The chakra had the instruction set to tell what the kidney gets, what the adrenals get, how much energy is being managed for the entire body's system.

In December I started to notice there was a change happening en masse on planet, where the chakra filter and looking at some of these distortions as the chakra was being broken down and assimilated, in the world scape. Seeing that say, Saturn had a filter on the first dimensional chakra and these are connected to that planet in the solar system. It seems like those of us that are going beyond the solar system (the seven main planes), are starting this reconfiguration and upgrade in Lightbody. The orb body may be a galactic body or universal body, where the seven-chakra system may be a system for the lower density of the planetary body, at the third dimensional level of earth.

So as we move into a higher frequency foundation, people making the shift in the bifurcation to the ascending pathway, potentially what is happening, is that their body chakra system is being evolved into an orb body. Where there were three chakras, the energy centers become one orb, and that orb has a spherical movement that is a part of governing the energy system of your body, as well as your consciousness. But this feels a lot more synthesized, a lot more coherent, and a lot more interconnected than the old system, the old chakra system.

This orb body seems to be coming online, and making itself known at the macrocosmic level. It's related to the shift to this next harmonic universe, and where our new foundation in time is located. We've been in a shift with the foundation, because we are on a 3-D Earth and yet the 3-D Earth is merging with aspects of the timelines that exist in the 5D earth location. This is creating these Ascending Hubs in different parts of the planets body that are existing in the higher frequency, yet there are other parts of the planet that are still existing in that older timeline of lower frequency. So it's quite surreal what's happening. I suspect that our community, and maybe those of us ot he path of Ascension, may be sensing the building of orb bodies. These are, we could consider them the new reconfiguration for the old chakra system. I am not sure what to call them beyond orbs at this point. Maybe it’s an orb-chakra, because it's an evolution of our previous chakra system. The energy system is still needed, but the energy wave spectrum, the way the energy system is controlled to manage energy for the consciousness in the body, and the links that are connected to it, are very different. [2]

Cosmic Citizen

Transmigration: This is the third and final stage of developing full consciousness freedom as a Cosmic Citizen This is similar to the process of Translocation, however, the person does not have to come back to the earth at all. Now the person can go anyplace in the Cosmos that they choose to go without limitation. (However, if they go to another planet, they will be subjected to the laws of that planets inhabitants). This is the status of having a cosmic identity and being a full Cosmic Citizen. This has been accomplished a few times on the earth historically, but the current planetary miasma mutations can make this very hard, although it may become easier in the future. Transmigration is one way to describe what it means to be free. That when we project our consciousness body out, we don't have to come back to the earth, nor do we have to incarnate back here. In order to be able to achieve a full transmigration of our consciousness body and physical body, we must have released the miasmatic record and the cell we inherited from our biological parents. There is a cell that is carried from the family of origin that is recorded into the physical body at birth that was inherited from the biological parents. It is a cell that was created in the chromosomes at the time the egg and sperm of our biological parents united. This cell becomes a part of the seed of the physical body that we are incarnated in. Once the family of origin cell is freed, it gets cleared from the body, and as it releases, it vaporizes. At this point of Transmigration, the person is now a Cosmic Citizen. They may hold memories of being on the earth, but their identity isn't necessarily that. This third stage is something that is very special, unique, and specific to the Diamond Sun body and Krystal Consciousness in order to achieve full sovereignty and spiritual freedom.[3]


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September 2011 Newsletter

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Term first found: Page 86, HGS Manual