Double Diamond Sun Body

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Mother and Father’s Sun, a Diamond Krystal Sphere of Liquid Plasma Eternal Light. The Double Diamond Sun Body is the Krystal Star matrix from the Seven Higher Heavens, the next Universe. Mother and Father have returned their Diamond Sun Oraphim to this Universe, through their Heavenly House, with the return of the liquid Christos light upon this earth.

Starseeds and Indigos have come to this earth at the Ascension cycle, to help build this “house” in order to embody this eternal Christos plasma light, as the first ascending waves, for this planet and for all human beings. One may request that your body be constructed to be built in the mirror image of this rainbow eternal vehicle, which is the house of God, the embodied light and Spirits of Christos. This is a powerful physical body healer, and when in use with the 12D Shield, will start to automatically build in your Lightbody aura, as it is the organic matrix of light body. This is the amplifier for physical pain, sickness or rehabilitation of the “vehicles”. Charging objects for children or pets with this frequency, is suggested, when feeling ill or during sleep time. Christos embodies his parents, loving compassion, and lives in perfect peace and harmony with all things. When desiring to feel any of those qualities or to feel more “unity” with any parts that feel separate, this is the amplifier to bring the sensation of unity with life. This Tetramorphic Symbol is a Perfected Eternal Human Being, that is both male and female, wearing a haloed Aurora Crown, emanating a rainbow Aurora Krystal Shield, holding the Earth Globe in both outstretched palms (Resonant Tone).


Also, as an Amplifier (Talisman) for HGS session it is defined as: Krystal Rainbow Body – Diamond Ball Krysthala.


Page 161, HGS Manual

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Term first found: Page 30, HGS Manual