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Diamond Sun 12 Strand DNA

When the Crystal Body light and sound layers unify into one body, this stage of Lightbody development opens up the possibility to generate different sound light emanations into liquid light Plasma Waves. This is the generation of hierogamic crystalline blueprints in the crystal body that further activate the Crystal Gene in the Silicate Matrix which then catalyzes a range of Bio-Spiritual Plasmas. [1]

12 Strand DNA

All 12 genetic components of the 12 Tribes hold one strand of DNA code for reassembling the Crystal Gene for the Diamond Sun body or Silicate Matrix, that is key coded to activate the 12 layers of the planetary stargate system. This provides the means to contact our higher Stations of Identity as spiritual bodies, and to connect with the conscious living light and sound frequencies in the holographic matrix. The instruction sets to rebuild and reassemble the 12 Strand DNA pattern, are held in the genetic keys found in the Cosmic Kryst-Krystallah blueprint which makes up the 12 Tree Grid manifestation template.[2]

Mothers Missing Chromosomes

Most of our genes are stored in our chromosomes, which sit in each cell’s headquarters or the nucleus. We also have some genes in small structures in the cell called Mitochondria, which hold an active potential for igniting the Crystal Gene.[3]

Crystal Gene Gender Merge

It is the spiritual mission of recently assigned Rod and Staff couplings to template the prototype blueprint to achieve spiritual marriage or Hieros Gamos, and work to bring this into a physically manifested accomplishment. This is happening at various octave levels (relationship assignments, Soul, Monad and Avatar Christos-Sophia dimensional levels) to eventually achieve a complete re-encryption of the masculine rod function to the spinning 12:12 electron pattern, that merges perfectly into the female monadic core, a 13:13 field. This is a template prototype that is called the KRYST HALA or the Krystallah Pattern, which is the Crystal Gene Gender Merge between genetic equals. [4]

Keepers of Blue and Violet Flame

The Keepers of the Blue Flame and Violet Flame hold the genetic configuration of the Crystal Gene in their Mitochondria and this holds the entire 12 Strand DNA imprint. This is designed to help support the Paliadorians with the ongoing planetary grid repairs necessary for correcting fallen and artificial timelines and remaining on the Cosmic Father’s divine plan for ongoing planetary Ascension.[5]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 134