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Sapphire Diamond shield (art by Elizabeth)

This is the Solar Star Chakra, located 6 inches above the crown and is Sapphire in colour. The 10th Chakra has lines around our Left side and its main portal is a network from behind the left ear, to the crown chakra 7th Chakra and into the Soul Star directly above our crown, about 6 to 8 inches above our head. This is a Triad Communication Station portal from our Avatar (triad) Christ consciousness intelligence, and without this communication hub in our Lightbody, we cannot sense communication from the Krystal Star at that frequency level. The Thalamus is connected to the 10th axiatonal lines and the 10th Chakra.

Fourth Harmonic Universe

Fourth Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody.These aspects are called the Stations of Identity. See Solar Logos.

  • In the Fourth Harmonic Universe in 10D-11D-12D exists the three layers of the Christos Avatar Matrix.
  • In the Fourth Harmonic Universe in 10D-11D-12D the future earth blueprint in its crystalline form in the exists the three layers of the Aramatena or Aurora Earth Matrix.

Krystal Star Communication Frequency

Without the Mother Arc or female principle able to manifest into form through the destruction of the Planetary Logos and 5D planet called Tiamat, we were unable to have our 10th Chakra and all its functions work in our bodies, as she was the Mother frequency link to communicate with our Christos Avatar self on 3D planet earth. She is a part of the Triple Goddess Formation of the Mother of God principle, and apparently the Merging Shield is the Living Creature Matrix to remind us that we are to rebirth her tri-essence again onto our planetary body, and then hence into our own physical body. Because we went through the wall in time on the 10/28/11, we are able to gain access to this incredibly ancient part of ourselves through the wormhole leading into the Timelines of Tiamat.

The 10th Chakra has lines around our Left side and its main portal is a network from behind the left ear, to the crown and to the Soul Star directly above our crown, about 6 to 8 inches above our head. This is a Triad Communication Station portal from our Avatar (triad) Christ consciousness intelligence, and without this communication hub in our Lightbody, we cannot sense communication at that frequency level.

So it is like expressing that our 10th Chakra the 10th Axiatonal Lines are the network in our Lightbody which decodes the language to hear or directly sense that communication inside our own body, directly. That process of HSP is called direct cellular cognition. The destruction of Tiamat (like a heaven and earth principle living together in perfect harmony) is synonymous with the destruction of sacred marriage (union of opposites), the destruction of the Hieros Gamos, thus splitting apart the consciousness of the Christos-Sophia.

False 10th Gate Network

The Family of Michael are Blue Ray descendants of the First Order Founder Ray. They were a part of the The Family of Michael agreed to be a part of the rehabilitation of the Fallen Angelic (Seraphim) races by agreeing to be the support to the Guardian of the Horizontal Grids of this Earth System, known as the Golden Eagle Grid Pylon Network System. The Golden Eagle Grid is about 57% infiltrated into reversal code system ( reversal 10 D Current) as instituted by the NAA Controllers or Reptilian Intruder Races. The major gate of the Golden Eagle stronghold infiltration is the 10th dimensional Gate located in Iran/Iraq. (see Iran Gate) The war, strife and death of many humans in this area of the planet is used to keep the dark energy circulated and in control. The NAA controller agenda of the False King of Tyranny is and always will be “divide and conquer” through the Victim-Victimizer strategy. This area is the most prominent to institute False Michael “sightings” and broadcast usurped channeling into the Golden Eagle Grid Network. It also has circulatory system linked to Giza, Egypt at the 4D gate level, Phoenix Grid and others.

When working in this Iran Gate or working to open communication Hub Handshakes with Krystal Star many of us have had experiences with the Insectoid Races, as the NAA Mantis and Grey entities work to control this Stargate with many of their underling workers, the Grey Aliens. There are both regressive Mantis people with Orion Group and those working with Guardians to help the Ascension. In my experience the Aethien Mantis are Tall White and very compassionate and loving, while the brown and dark grey Mantis are not.

Morphogenetic Chakras

In higher spiritual development (begins at Monadic Integration), the particle and antiparticle (Morphogenetic Chakras 8-15) merge together into one Unified Column. This is another example of gender unification between the male and female principle chakras in order to create unity or a unified consciousness column.

Level Three Triad: Hieros Gamos

Level Three of Sacred Marriage is Hieros Gamos, the hydroplasmic liquid light of the Risen and Embodied Christos Principle. Level Three Triad: Hieros Gamos Union or the Risen Christos-Sophia.

  • Stage 1 – Solar Egg (10D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equals integrate Solar Illuminated Light).
  • Stage 2 – Buddhic Egg (11D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equals integrate Lunar Reflected Light).
  • Stage 3 – Cosmic Egg - Christos Embodied (12D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equal synthesizes the Solar and Lunar Light which when integrated Embodies the Cosmic Christos Avatar of Liquid Aurora Light. Together they share One merged Double Diamond Sun Body and One HG Crown.[1]

10D Sapphire Body Activation

The building out of the organic repair sequences for the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host mission upgrades are continuing with excessive speed and substantial intensity, to anchor the Sapphire Diamond Shield architecture into the 10D gateways for the return of the Cosmic Mother’s Solar Reisha sophianic lineages throughout the planetary matrix.

23D Founder Sapphire Flame

It appears the Cosmic Mother Rainbow Dragon’s relationship to the Mahara Reisha Blue Sun is the generator of the 23D Founder Sapphire Flame, the 10D Sapphire Crystal Body and Solar Star, as well as the sapphire architecture that makes up the planetary shields for the 10th Stargate in the Middle East. [2]

Aton Solar Disk

The Aton Solar Disk becomes an embodied shield in the ascending Starseeded and human Lightbody, into the solar sacrum and RA Center of the Krystallah Double Diamond Sun DNA Template during the Ascension Cycle as part of the restoration of the Solar Sacrum in the gender center. This disk when activated into the 10-11-12D Solar Logos base shield, underneath the feet on the horizontals, aligns with the 10D Solar Star above the head, which continues to repattern into the higher crown center. As this is restored through the personal Lightbody of an ascending male or female, the crown is shifted into the organic North star, which is leading home back into the God Worlds.

Khem Code Planetary Activation

Thus, it is the Khem Code or stages of activating the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea musical codes into the 10D Solar Star above the head of awakened humans that begins to release corrected gender pairing of Christos-Sophia electrical patterns into the head and heart complex. This is focused into the 8D Permanent Seed Atom and 9D base of the skull and occiput for those with Diamond Sun DNA imprints, the musical subharmonics run up and down the spinal column and oscillate throughout the skeletal bone matrix, as well as running the correct 7D Planetary Logos Khem Code Ketheric Mind-Monadic activations throughout the 11th Stargate Network.[3]


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