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Universal Diamond Pillar and Reisha Worlds (art by Tomás)

The Mahara Reisha Suns are connected to the Seven Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis that hold eternal living memory crystals in the Mother’s Solar Reisha spirit worlds in what is referred to as the Ecoushic or parallel layers of the time matrix. The Mahara Reisha is the central heart or core of the larger Mahara spirit realm body that exists in the Reisha worlds. Through the inner heart complex of the Kryst seed atom, the Krystic consciousness must enter the Ecoushsa spirit side and then into the Mahara Reisha Seven Spirit Sun layers, which further lead into the central core of the massive Cosmic Spirit Body that also functions as the Cosmic Hall of Records, or Cosminya.

As we are remembering and reacquainting ourselves with the Triple Solar Feminine Christ, or Solar Reisha of the Mahara Reisha, it is apparent that many of the divine female sophianic counterparts of our Emerald Order Christos teams were from the Mahara Reisha Suns and were doing all they could to defend the Hara Krysta Staff access that leads directly into the central core of the Cosminya.[1] [2]

Staff of Elaysa

The building out of repair sequences during the planetary Eukatharistic Activation last year [2022] has resulted in the next stages of Emerald Guardian Ascension Hosting mission upgrades, with our direct attention being placed upon the Cosmic Spirit Body which is connected to the Elaysa Staff, which is the authentic Cosmic Spirit Sun down stepping into the Universal Melchizedek Solar Mother principle of our time matrix.[3]

The Triple Solar Reisha from the Mahara Reisha Worlds are Spirit Suns that are from the dark matter layers and function as the spirit cell clusters that make up the massive eternal Cosmic Spirit Body of God source. The Cosmic Spirit Body is describing the function of a massive macrocosmic grouping of interlinked spiritual suns embodied into the smaller groupings of individual spirit suns embodying the Solar Reisha staff principle, in which the Elaysa Staff is required to gain access into the domains of the Cosmic Records. The Cosmic Spirit Body holds its own tri-matrix of Cosmic Hall of Records which then begin to rejoin with the matter worlds throughout creation in order to correct the instruction sets back into the Diamond Sun DNA pattern by restoring the Universal Laws.[4]

Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway

Recently, we learned that this configuration of the Universal Pillar Gateway in 2017 was for the purpose of administering blueprint corrections that supported the reconnection of the planetary staff into the Universal Staff, that which would help unite the matter worlds Maharata with the spirit worlds Maharata or Mahara Reisha. Further linking the Universal Staff into the Hara Krysta Staff of the Hara-Mahara Reisha world’s that are interconnected as cell clusters of the Cosmic Spirit Body, and which are the location of the Mahara Reisha Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis. Each of the four Universal Diamond Pillars contain the Emerald Order records for the Christos Diamond Sun DNA template at every developmental stage and its progression throughout the Universal Time Matrix; Ruby pillar is for Ruby Sun DNA and Rosetta, Sapphire pillar is for the family of Indigo’s Diamond Sun DNA and Mahara Reisha, Emerald pillar is for the founders Emerald Sun DNA for Cosmic Starhuman Dragons, and the Diamond pillar is for the Double Diamond Sun DNA template for Oraphim and other lineages requiring genetic rehabilitation. The Oraphim have helped bring through the expansions into the Cosmic Founder God Source Domains that expanded all the way throughout dimensions, 16D to 24D, in which they would eventually shift timelines in order to evolve into the Emerald Sun DNA.[5]

John the Baptist and Wife Mara

Recently, the Father of Dragons Emerald Order Solar Dragon Universal Rod holder who is one of the Ancient Holy Fathers of the original Melchizedek Logos, as the initiator of Yeshua the Christ into his Christos Mission, has finally been reclaimed and freed by the Emerald Order. His identity is known as John the Baptist, and he and his solar divine counterpart Mara of the Mahara Reisha, are currently undergoing intense stages of restoration and rehabilitation as their massive consciousness bodies are healing from the cloning and alien cube system infiltration, that was viciously targeting them from the black hole entities in Thuban. The Liberation of John and Mara, the hierogamic embodiment of the Emerald Order’s Blue Flame Mother and Father Melchizedek that were Rod and Staff holders of the Universal Melchizedek Logos shield principle, were instrumental in locating and rebirthing the Cosmic Melchizedek Sun that finally set free the Melchizedek Logos.[6]

Blue Tara, Blue Solar Reisha

Additionally, the next stage of repairing the Mahara Reisha body of Blue Tara’s eternal spiritual body that is connected to the Taran planetary body has been underway during assorted Sirius B 6D access line corrections recently made available through the improved access with Sirian Crystal Temples. Along with corrections being made with the Sirius B timeline records related to reseating King Arthur’s triple logos Universal mind.

Blue Tara is a Blue Solar Reisha Dragon that embodied the Mahara Reisha central azure heart that connects directly to the Reisha Worlds and the Cosmic Spirit Body, and is one of the Triple Solar Goddess Tara principles embodied within Elaysa-Melchizedek’s Universal Logos body.[7]

Mu'a Lemurian Holocaust

Observing the hijack of underground Sirian Crystal Temples with Black Dragon AI Hybrid Queens was yet another satanic ritual program customized to torture all things solar female, such as targeting the female sexual organs. This SRA program was also running in the Thuban network, and was being customized for spiritually torturing those that held 12D Stargate genetic codes and held cellular memories of the Mu’a staff holder females. This satanic torture program was particularly targeting the spiritual counterpart and hierogamic partner of John the Baptist, his beloved wife Mara. Mara or Mahara is the embodied Hara Krysta staff principle of the Mahara Reisha that sends all Mu’a back home to Cosmic Mother and is accessed by staff holders through the constellation Cassiopeia. see Mu’a. [8]


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