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Cosmic Father's Ruby Templar (art by Sequoia)

Cosmic Father from the 1st Creation returns during the Cosmic Energy Cycle to set into motion and to guide humanity’s Ascension during the planetary liberation events. There will be ongoing spiritual revelations occurring as the consequence of anchoring the authentic Cosmic Father's Ruby Templar into the Albion network, which sources from the 48D Cosmic Father Universe in the God worlds. We have learned that the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar installations denote the restoration of the Northern Pillar position of the Temple of Khemalohatea connecting into the Triple Khemalot White Rainbow Templar in the Addondra. Which is the 48D Ascended Master rainbow capstone linked between the Solar Logos and Founder Solar Rishi that protected the entrances and gateways of the entire planetary stargate network that was functioning during the pre-cataclysmic flood timelines of angelic humanity’s Golden Age of the Atlantian global civilization. See Return of the Ancient of all Ancients. [1]

Amethyst Order Universal Father

Amethyst Order Ramas (Art by Sequoia)

The third emanation of the Primal Sound Field which represents the third individuation of the God Source is the Amethyst Order. A part of the Cosmic Trinity. See Threefold Founder Flame.

The third light manifestation of the Amethyst Order are Violet Ray orders comprised of Cetacean, Avian Pegasus people, and aquatic Braharama seeded in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Aveyon through Universal Stargate 11.

Amethyst Dragon Kings

Cosmic Father Shield (art by Sequoia)

Recently the Amethyst Dragon Kings hosted a pale magenta violet vertical pillar as support for the Cosmic Holy Father Principle within the multidimensional layers of the Albion Lightbody. Amethyst Order hosted Kingship Arcs were anchored which brought the next stage of corrected Solar Masculine Christ and Solar Feminine Christ principle through Newgrange, Ireland, which is a Mother Arc Stargate. The 15:15:15 Rod Code pattern is the organic Christos alignment of the Solar Masculine Christos Rod architecture from the Rha God World Creation of The Amethyst Order Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas. This Rod correction contains the Cosmic Solar Dragon King body parts with organic Violet Sun alignments that allow for the mathematical merge with the vertical Solar Female Christos pattern in order to resurrect herself fully through the magnetic properties of the female 13:13 Staff architecture, which formed into the Universal Ankh Body. Through the sacred scepter flame codes of our Cosmic Holy Father which includes the 15:15:15 coded Magenta Sands of Time, this coding is the basis of the sacred math of the Ancient Cosmic Christos Builders from the God Worlds. These Cosmic Father codes from the Amethyst Order anchor the organic feedback loops of the Kryst-Krystallah architecture to transmit organic violet rays that are sourcing directly from the Amethyst Order.

Cosmic Elohei Father Suns

Holy Father Pink Lilac Sun (art by Elizabeth)

The Cosmic Elohei Father Suns entering Pegasus constellation brought assorted solar light corrections that reanimated dead sections of the space-time field as the result of the Metatronic Reversal and fallen matrices. These metatronic corrections have greatly improved the light quotient within the quantum spaces of the planetary architecture, as well as several interconnected constellations damaged by Lyran and Pegasus inversions, which was similar to a spontaneous and rapid detoxification to purge out shadow bodies from the Earth. This shadow purge may have brought on very intense inner Armageddon sensations of explosions along with spiritual Kundalini activations for the inner birthing of the solar egg, or assorted dragon egg activations for rebirthing the Metatron Sun for those that are directly connected to the Elohim lineages that are being liberated. The Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Sun takes expression inside of us by weaving into the Scepter Codes in the Rishic 15D layers, to alchemically birth the inner sun of the Holy Father’s presence upon the Earth plane, as he embodies fully through his Cosmic Christos Metatron Pink Sun. Essentially these function as a lightbody upgrade for the Amethyst Order and Violet Flame in multiple dimensions of time in order to embody the direct connection with the Cosmic Holy Father. This is a Cosmic Elohei Father override of the alien machinery and shadow forms which have acted as his imposter intermediary force in his absence, by removing those false father God distortions such as the False King of Tyranny archetypal shadows in the Church of Rome narratives that put the crucifixion wounds into the planet to persecute and twist the meaning of Christ.[2]

Cosmic Father Pink Suns

These gorgeous pastel rays of pinks, lilac and periwinkles are the organic consciousness of the newly formed Metatron Sun as gifted from out of the Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Elohei, which include the sustenance for spiritually healing the masculine principles of the Mer lineages. Cosmic Father merges his Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Sun with the Cosmic Mother’s White Diamond Elohei Sun, and this further announced the sacred marriage between Metatron finally united with his beloved, Solar Dragon Queen Meritaten speaker of TA Dragon tones. Beloved MeTAtron and his counterpart MeriTAten awaken to embody the sequences of the Christos-Sophia Solar Dragon aspects into direct unification with their Cosmic Holy Parents of the Emerald and Amethyst Order and return their organic Christos-Sophia consciousness to the Earth. [3]

Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Dragon Shield

Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Shield (art by Elizabeth)

The Easter Pearl Activation began the first of three events for Cosmic Dragon Awakening which included the birthing of a White Diamond Elohei Lyran Sun into 11D Aveyon and the reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine Christos template through the Cosmic Holy Father Rod Code, which forms the Universal Rod Trinity shield for Cosmic Christ Suns, Cosmic Christ Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek. The Solar Logos White Elohei Sun is the emanation of the Cosmic Mother Dragon of the 1st Emerald Sun, in which all of the feminine and masculine counterparts of Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Solar Dragon family that were cloned or enslaved through the Alpha Draconis network are being recovered and reunited with their hierogamic partner via the Cosmic Emerald Order Ankh Body.[4][5]

Amethyst Order Pegasai Father Elohei

The Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races are parents to the Violet Flame Azurite Ascended Masters, and thus have been instrumental in ongoing negotiations and meetings with assorted fallen species, as well as instigating various genetic healing strategies while carrying out the Emerald Covenant. They have been especially busy with recent captures and defectors. Recent events in Lyra have further highlighted the role of the Cosmic Holy Father’s Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion lineages which seem to be the forefathers of the Merlin Azurites, Metatron Sun and the Pegasai races in Pegasus constellation. This has revealed more of the Cosmic Elohei Father principle forms, such as those represented as the Greek Gods of the Sea like Poseidon, Neptune and Mer-people. These extend into Mer-Horses, Mer-Deer, Winged Pegasai, as well as different forms of aquatic flora and fauna we would consider to be sea creatures, sea shells and sea urchins. Thus, current events of the Christos Mission have brought to our attention the role of the Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion races that have come into our time matrix to reunite and gather the Elohei Mer lineages through the 11D-12D layers of the Pegasus constellation’s alpha star Markab.

Essentially, the Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Father embodied his Pink-Lilac Suns into Markab star, which began the revelation of systematic liberation of the Pegasai winged races and assorted Elohim families from their entrapment within Metatronic Reversal matrices that were steadily falling into the trajectory of the neighboring black hole system. See Liberation of Pegasus. [6]

Reclaiming Alnilam and Ruby Records

Orion's Belt

There has been much positive movement forward in regards to the return of the Cosmic Holy Father principle in Orion's Belt with the main focus upon reclamation of Alnilam, which is restoring his Magenta Pink Solar Rishic Rose flames and 15:15 rod coding into all seven particle dimensions, 1D (red) through 7D (violet). The reclamation of Alnilam generated the perfect alignments needed between the vertical and horizontal axis mundi and Unis Mundi converging into the planetary core and anchoring into the central higher heart of the 8D Albion sphere in the United Kingdom. [7]

Father Arc

The Cosmic Monad of Father God emanates as the Father Arc, sending transmissions of the next phases of the liquid plasma waves of the Cosmic Christos which are returning now to activate or return the Permanent Seed Atom to those human beings who the Permanent Seed Atom should belong to through plasma Lightbody and Emerald Crystal Heart activations. The Cosmic Monad of Holy Father God merged with his beloved Holy Mother God Wife is Emerald Green or the twinned Emerald Ray and is the spiritual meaning behind the Return of Emerald Order. This Ascension Cycle phase restores energetic balance and begins the process of Return to Rightful Owner to those human beings that have developed their heart and true spiritual consciousness in Love. The Permanent Seed Atom is located in the Higher Heart Chakra center or 8th Chakra of the Monadic layers and is the recorder crystal, the Emerald Crystal, within every human being which holds all consciousness memory in the Universe. If this has been stolen, damaged or abused by another, it will be repaired and returned whole to the rightful owner RRO as one seeks to be a knower of God and truth. The higher heart center is also called the Crystal Lotus Heart, while the reverse condition of a shattered or imploded heart is called an Anubian Black Heart or metatronic heart.[8]


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