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Cosmic Father's Ruby Templar ( art by Sequoia)

Cosmic Father's Ruby Templar are corrected instruction sets for the Ruby Order records for re-aligning spiritual architecture governing the quantum fields that are currently reverberating shifts throughout the 1D-4D-7D atomic cores of the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices. This appears to further activate the planetary Ruby Crystal Network in the Solar-Galactic Gates which are extending into the Metagalactic Core through Ruby Spirals that are transmitting from the 22D Ruby Ray Capstone.

Thus, we enter a very special time of the planetary liberation and spiritual Ascension with the return of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar initiating the planet into the phase of unraveling the 1st creation core memory cell of the Cosmic Ruby Order. This event is reorganizing all spectrums of frequency, especially impacted by the Ruby Ray Spiral which re-encrypts the red wave and violet wave spectrum out of AI generated frequencies. See Fallen Ruby Order.

Ruby Order Maji Grail Lineages

More recently, it became apparent that the authentic and ancient Ruby Order Melchizedek lineages are directly connected to the bridging sequences of the Holy Father Arc transmissions from the parallel matrices in which to embody the corrected Cosmic Monad and Ruby Spiral, bringing with them the corrected Ruby Sun records for restoring planetary Ruby Crystals. Along with their mission to correct Ruby Sun DNA distortions for the return of the Cosmic Father's Ruby Templar into this matrix, sourcing directly from the eternal Cosmic Father’s 48D Ruby Sun and administered through Solar Ruby Dragon Kings. The real Cosmic Father 48D Ruby Order has an extensive Cosmic Ruby Sun network in the God Worlds, in which the Cosmic Father has down stepped his Cosmic Ruby Sun network into the Solar Rishic Ruby Templar for the Holy Mountain networks, running Ruby Rainbow Arcs for powering up the Cosmic Ruby Diamond Heart in ruby crystals connected to the Temple of Khemalohatea and in the Solar Stargate system.

The rebuilding of the Cosmic Ruby Diamond Heart matrix is what supports satanic and luciferian lightbody rehabilitation for the Ruby Order, Gold Order and Amethyst Order lineages impacted by these Enki DNA Overlays and their red wave distortions running throughout the Universal Time Matrix. Ruby Order Maji grail lineages have been instrumental in the polarity integration and spiritual healing required for Indigo 3 Contracts utilized for hosting assorted Fallen Michael-Nephilim-Dark Avatars that were major players during the Orion Wars, in which they embodied artificial or damaged Ruby Sun Melchizedek Templates and are being prepared by the ruby grail lines for assorted transiting protocols being overseen by Emerald Guardians.

Ruby Diamond Krystal Cathedral

Ruby Order EO Mission

The corrected Ruby Templar is a massive Ruby Diamond Krystal Cathedral in the Albion, which returns to rightful owner the organic consciousness parts that were stolen by the NAA and fallen Nephilim lines for the purpose of cloning them or splicing into inorganic consciousness parts. This has new applications in correcting an assortment of Alien Hybridization damage that resulted in the AI controlled fallen aspects of the original organic Diamond Sun consciousness that was cloned out millions of times in the warring histories. This includes the genetic damage in the planetary grid that resulted in the hybridization of the Oraphim with the Reptilian Annunaki, that generated the Nephilim Wars. Where the Nephilim and False Michael consciousness from Aldebaran were forced to merge with AI hybrid program, which resulted in the inverted solar templating (false light) of the Belial group.

Corrected Ruby Order Records, Rise of Atlantis

Currently, the planetary body is undergoing a space-time reorganization that ripples out many strange anomalies that greatly influence the quantum field into the subatomic layers, generating confusion and some panic for those entities who were regularly using interdimensional Portals or jump gates. Some of the ancient portal systems used for centuries by dark cabal or illuminati groups are no longer working or are sending the entities into spaces and places they did not expect.

Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar are corrected instruction sets for the Ruby Order records for re-aligning spiritual architecture governing the quantum fields that are currently reverberating shifts throughout the 1D-4D-7D atomic cores of the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices. This appears to further activate the planetary Ruby Crystal network in the Solar-Galactic Gates which are extending into the Metagalactic Core through Ruby Spirals that are transmitting from the 22D Ruby Ray capstone. Universal Ruby Pillar activations began building out the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar clockshield for the returning Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh Body components, such as linking into Ruby Diamond Hearts coming from the Cosmic Ruby Sun. Which are anchoring within his newly appearing spiritual fleet of Solar Ruby Dragons that are defenders protecting the North-South-East-West pillars and horizontal shields that are being built out for the planetary KA Body and the authentic Temple of Khemalohatea.

Guardians further mention that the rebuilding of the Ruby Rod for the Temple of Khemalohatea, and securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Solar Rishi-Reisha, for the restoration of the primary Gender Twin Matrix in the Triple Khemalot, aligns angelic humanity back into the pre-fall timelines of Atlantis. This surfaces the esoteric meaning behind the prophetic term for the end of times, the Rise of Atlantis.[1]

Guardian Akhenaton's Ruby Order Mission

Through the deeply personal spiritual connection and many communications with Akhenaton, it became apparent to discern the artificial messages of his many implanted imposters that pretend to wear his identity across the planet, some defiling his image through the blood rituals of Luciferian high priests. There are many holographic clones and implanted false identities with Sirian Annunaki Enki DNA Overlays designed to obfuscate the truth about Atlantian-Egyptian histories, in order to hijack his authentic timelines for correcting Cosmic Father Ruby Order genetics. Along with the specialized Emerald Guardian mission to embody the 5D Realm keeper position with his divine counterpart and genetic equal, to help guide the planetary Ascension and now, return the Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh Body, Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod to the planet.

Rehabilitation of the Red King in Khemalohatea

For many years, the Emerald Guardian Paliadorian teams have been working behind the scenes to build out the corrections required for expanding the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway to run Dual Krystal Spirals for the Rosetta currents, which ignite the Crystal Lotus Heart and Crystal Rose Heart flowers throughout the Albion Lightbody. Each of the Universal Diamond Pillars contain the records for the Universal Melchizedek Collectives and their true genetic origins, those spiritual families from the God worlds that have incarnated through the Emerald Order, Ruby Order, Gold Order, and Amethyst Order lineages at every developmental stage of the Christos Diamond Sun DNA template and its fall and progression throughout the Universal Time Matrix. During the rehabilitation of the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea for the 7D-8D-9D Pink Lotus Temple being hosted by the Family of RA in the Metagalactic Core, the Pink Lotus Heart synchronized with the 8D Golden Sun in the Galactic Center, in which the Ruby Order came through and anchored Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar instruction sets into the Temple of Khemalohatea. See Rehabilitation of the Red Kings.

Reclaiming Alnilam open Ruby Sun Records

The correct unis-axis mundi and umbilicus alignment is surfacing additional awareness of the next stages of Ruby Sun DNA template corrections that are connected to the divine masculine layers of the Celtic Maji Grail bloodlines of the original Hyperboreans. These recent shifts have sent ripples to the surface of all things Ruby Sun DNA, in which to organically heal all that is connected to the histories of the hyperborean bloodlines of the divine masculine rod holders from the Gaian Matrix, or the authentic Maji Grail Kings from the pre-invasion ancient histories located on the United Kingdom land mass. The emphasis was made that this correction was required to continue the build out of Emerald Order Cathedral architecture in partnership with Ruby Order Cathedral architecture, which is required to extract cloned identities and seat the massive sized consciousness of the Universal Triple Solar Christ King Arthur in the Albion.

The progressive development generated by the corrections made to the Ruby Sun DNA appear to have specialized functions that operate in the Albion Lightbody as Ruby Templar restorations in red and violet crystalline networks, supporting the organic timelines to rise in the Albion and United Kingdom landmass.[2]

Ruby Sun Distortions

In the second harmonic universe, the Ruby Sun DNA became further mutated through the Draco-Annunaki 9 Strand digressive DNA. These race lines were used to infiltrate the Power Elite or Illuminati blood lines in order to incarnate the Fallen Angelics onto the earth plane, that would serve the NAA to gain full domination on the earth, and to enslave the planet and her inhabitants. We have learned that this was further designed to stop lunar transfiguration in the Buddhic Body of the female principle preventing female Solar Consciousness rising on the planet, in which King Arthur, Guardian of Cathars, plays a very special part in performing the alchemy for the ‘solarization’ of the Sophia in her Christed ritual.[3]

Solar Ruby Dragons Defend Rama Passage

These corrupted sound wave programs were interfering with the Family of RA Cruxansatea teardrop templates in the RA Center, that support the rehabilitation of the Ruby Order and Gold Order family lineages from out of the red cube cloned identities and artificial timelines embedded in the inverted violet ray found running in the False Khemalohatea Network. Thus, these genetically engineered Fallen Angelic entities with reverse Tribe 6 Rama coding are actively being tracked, captured in stasis fields and then routed into another location off planet.[4]

Rebuilding Ruby Rods, Red King Restoration

During the Sagittarian Cycle in 2023, it was revealed the Godhead Founder Capstone of the parallel Universal Twin Matrix was the 22D Ruby Flame, 23D Sapphire Flame and 24D Emerald Flame and those flames were reconnecting into the Planetary Logos. During the Sagittarian Solar Cycle in 2024, it reveals the mission of the Ruby Grail lineages and Indigo 3’s to embody the incoming Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar instruction sets for the incoming Ruby Rod, accessing the genetic time codes of the Cosmic Father Universes to return organic Khemalot coding. This is to restore the Red Kings and rebuild the Ruby Rod architecture that overrides the AI Red Cube systems installed by the NAA throughout the Telluric field ley lines to enslave angelic humanity, collapsing the Fallen Ruby Order and hijacked Ruby Sun DNA histories of genetic hybridization and cloning into the Enki DNA Overlays.[5]


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