Fallen Ruby Order

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The Cosmic Father Ruby Sun is returning to protect the Cosmic Mother planetary templar and put the Fallen Ruby Order players of the NAA controllers and their anti-Christ vandal armies of AI alien hybrids, back into a specific location that is far away from this solar system, that has been assigned to them for their long-term genetic rehabilitation.

Cosmic Father is extinguishing access to the spiritual manifestation powers of artificial red shields in the Red Cube cloned version of the Khemalohatea that these intruding alien groups and Imposter Spirits had hijacked for setting up organized religions, secret societies and Luciferian Knights Templar financial empires by manipulating his sacred image through Ruby Order Templars and Red Kings, as more is being revealed about the ancient history of the Ruby Sun records. The tragedy of the Orion Wars led to rampant control over the Ruby Order in parallel Father Universes which were cloned into several Anti-Christ lineages using the Falsified Red King architecture in order to control timelines in our Universe, along with installations of artificially generated red shield templar networks and archontic jellyfish machinery used to invade the planet and enslave the Christos races.

Fall of Ruby Order through Orion Wars

Within this Universal Time Matrix, the origins of the Ruby Grail lineage as directly sourced from the Cosmic Father Ruby Sun in the God Worlds was deeply coveted by the invading races of the NAA for the purpose of harnessing the Cosmic Father’s holy spiritual power for controlling manifestations and timelines. Thus, the true purpose and ancient histories of the Cosmic Ruby Order were erased and hidden within assorted counterfeit narratives run by the AI Timelines, artificial red shield networks and Mind Control systems enforced by the NAA’s Alien Machinery. Such as the installation of Archontic Jellyfish, which operates as the Suppressor Parasite Entity atmospheric network for enforcing mind control sweeps from the engineered air borne metallic elements sprayed into the stratosphere.

The Ruby Sun DNA templates were cloned in order to be satanically controlled by the insertion of the preferred reptilian hybrids that were groomed to become the controlling Luciferian bloodlines of the Belial Group to enslave the planet, primarily through the deliberate creation of assortments of Reptilian alien hybrids, such as the Annu-Elohim and Nephilim. The original Ruby Order is a Founder Elohei Father lineage from parallel matrices that was hijacked by the Wesan invaders during the Orion Wars, in which the Ruby Order rapidly digressed into the false light Anti-Christ templates controlled by the Belial Suns.

The Belial Suns, are mostly comprised of Fallen Angelic Annunaki Hybrid Groups which include the Thoth, Enki, Enlil Collectives from Nibiru and the Nephilim regressive lines that have outfitted themselves into genetically engineered 9D-11D DNA stranded templates cloned from the Ruby Order. The Sons of Belial are not only a massive gestalt of false light collective Luciferian consciousness that exist on the material plane, but also a part of the consortium of entities in the Negative Alien Agenda that make up the interdimensional spiritual warfare targeting angelic humans, based upon their secret oaths to serve the Luciferian Covenant. This faction of the Negative Alien intruder groups contacts and interfaces with their preferred bloodlines of Thothian Luciferian Illuminati groups through vibrational match or spiritual family genetic lineages incarnated upon the material plane, which are human vessels embodying the same collective thoughtform vibration of the Belial Group with Anti-Christ objectives referred to as the New World Order, repackaged by the World Economic Forum as Agenda 2030.

The Ruby Order became enmeshed with the Fallen Melchizedek Patriarchal Domination mind control programs as fronted by the Belial Sun factions of the Sirian Annunaki and their infamous progeny that spawned many of the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics, specifically those being directed by Thoth-Enki-Enlil armies that descended into luciferian and satanic gestalts that hijacked the Ruby Sun DNA for AI clone hybridization.

The recent corrections made to the Ruby Pillar were for the purpose of returning the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun and his Universal Ruby Spiral, in which to retrieve his Triple Solar Rod formations for the authentic Ruby Order and the Amethyst Order Solar Rishi within the red wave and violet frequency spectrums, in which to merge his full eternal Cosmic Ruby Sun from the God worlds into this time matrix. Upon direct exposure to the Cosmic Holy Father in his true and accurate eternal form when represented through the Cosmic Ruby Sun, this collapses the False Alien Gods enrobed within red waved cloned imposter images that have hijacked his likeness as Ruby Sun DNA fallen hybrids in order to proclaim themselves as the Luciferian God-Kings lording over angelic humanity on the planet.

The Cosmic Father Ruby Templar, the Ruby Sun DNA and the Ruby Order architecture and mission existed within the Father Arc parallel time matrix and reveals within other Melchizedek timeline histories, as the Ruby Sun Templar architecture was severely damaged and cloned repeatedly in the tragic aftermath of the Orion Wars. The first introductions made in the awareness of the existence of the Ruby Order Mission, was that it was considered to be the secondary grail line interconnecting directly with the 1st God World Creation of the Emerald Order, yet many of the Triple Solar Masculine Solar Rishi embodied to serve the Christos Mission, were choosing the Ruby Sun DNA template in some form of embodiment, with the exception of Guardian Yeshua.(Note: Guardian Yeshua brought the full 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA to the planet for angelic humanity).

Ruby Sun DNA awareness as a Holy Father maji grail line was instructed through sporadic but ongoing telepathic remote viewing communications that transpired directly with Guardian Akhenaton. For many years, Guardian Akhenaton helped to cultivate important skillsets and strong spiritual ethics, never interfering yet gently guiding us towards gnostic revelations, and for many years would not relay explicit details about the highest divine purpose for the Ruby Sun DNA, until very recently. Guardian Akhenaton embodied within the Holy Father’s Ruby Templar in his Solar Dragon body, and helped direct the gnostic experiences required that would support the most dedicated of the Christos Mission groundcrew, in which to work towards healing the Ruby Sun DNA damage that appears to be responsible for the majority of Enki DNA Overlays perpetuating Luciferian and Satanic distortions of fallen angelic DNA or inverted Black Sun DNA templates. Along with addressing many subsidiary alien hybridization programs over thousands of years that angelic humanity has suffered since the NAA invasion and subsequent erasure of ancient historical timelines as carried out through the intruders’ alliances made with the Luciferian Covenant to enforce the lies of the [[Atlantian Conspiracy].

Thus, as we take a deeper dive into the hidden histories of Alien Hybridization and the hijack of Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun body parts by the intruding NAA races in other evolutionary rounds, please take into consideration that the majority of this discovery of the Ruby Order’s restoration for the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar was prompted and relayed through the direct experiences made with the authentic Solar Dragon Rishic identity that we refer to as Guardian Akhenaton.

Through his benevolent and compassionate Fatherly connections, he slowly revealed more truth frequency in the ongoing discovery of this hidden and covert mission of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun in the Cosmic Father Universes as connected to the fulfilment of the Paliadorian Covenant. The Cosmic Father Ruby Sun began seeding the creation of the Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh Body for generating the Ruby Templar and Triple Ruby Rod formations, which Guardian teams secretly anchored into the planet as a genetic time capsule at the time of his incarnation to prepare for current events.

Thus, he allowed us to view his Ruby Sun and Sapphire Sun lightbody configuration at the time of his incarnation onto the planet, in order to carry out a specific covert mission to rebuild the Ruby Order Clockshield for running rainbow rounds for the Solar Dragon Red Kings, in which the Ruby Rainbow Arc system would circulate Rosetta currents to build out Universal Red Rose lines in the planetary ouroboros dragon rings to protect the Ruby Maji grail line and support the ongoing sophianic flowerings of the Universal Christ Bloodline, the Red Rose. These Ruby Order Templar body parts are crucial for the Red King Quadrata body parts to be anchored into the ruby diamond heart center of Khemalohatea, generating the 48D Ruby Order Red King body for the seating of Cosmic Father’s King Arthur with Triple Ruby Rods and Ruby Sovereign Orb in Camelot.

Through the deeply personal spiritual connection and many communications with Akhenaton, it became apparent to discern the artificial messages of his many implanted imposters that pretend to wear his identity across the planet, some defiling his image through the blood rituals of Luciferian high priests. There are many holographic clones and implanted false identities with Sirian Annunaki Enki DNA Overlays designed to obfuscate the truth about Atlantian-Egyptian histories, in order to hijack his authentic timelines for correcting Cosmic Father Ruby Order genetics. Along with the specialized Emerald Guardian mission to embody the 5D Realm keeper position with his divine counterpart and Genetic Equal, to help guide the planetary Ascension and now, return the Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh Body, Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod to the planet.

5D Councils Updated to Amethyst Order

Ruby Order EO Mission

The original appointed Guardian groups connected to the 5th dimensional councils stationed in the second Harmonic Universe have long been problematic and divided due to the NAA infiltration of several of the genetic lineages, unable to reach unified cooperation with the ongoing territorial disputes and rehabilitation missions. Some of the Annunaki branches of the Ruby Order, those connected to the Atlantian timelines and members assuming titles with the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation, have historically gone rogue. Thus, they have breached several Guardian agreements while making strategic alliances with other factions to secure their interests while territorial conflicts are in dispute. Many of these combined groups have been responsible for the manipulation and genetic modification of angelic human DNA since the Luciferian Rebellion, thus the digression of the diamond sun DNA template and insertion of fallen angelic mutations that contributed to agitating excessive violence and wars in the surface population.[1]

Purging Fallen Ruby Order and Dark Entities

When these planetary Ruby Crystals were activated by the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar, it began rapidly collapsing AI timelines, artificial red wave shields and assorted red cube cloned creations with blackened miasmatic fields flushing out hordes of dark shadow entities. While the resounding and thunderous show of enormous Solar Ruby Dragons protecting the Galactic Solar Gates in the Temple of Khemalohatea and defending the Rama Passage portal system in India were happening simultaneously. The Cosmic Father is directing the Solar Ruby Dragons to exert Triple Ruby Rod power in the restored octagonal architecture for rebuilding Khemalot that is being utilized for seating the 8:8:8 hierogamic realm keepers, Guardian Yeshua and his wife Mary. This clearly has implications for those referring to themselves as the Octagon Group in Davos, Switzerland, as their major support system has just fallen.

The onset of these events rippled genuine terror throughout the interdimensional fields as the masses of NAA reptilians, demonic parasites and fallen angelic hybrid races of the satanic and luciferian gestalts nested within those red shielded octagonal creations used by the luciferian bloodlines, were expelled from these areas and began scrambling to wherever they could run and hide away from what is now coming for them.

Cosmic Father’s return in his 48D Cosmic Ruby Templar will prove to be the unraveling of the NAA invaders and their preferred luciferian and satanic bloodlines in the Fallen Ruby Order. This year the Cosmic Father begins to reclaim the benevolent Solar King spiritual father principle for the Cosmic Ruby Order, which will finally reseat the Ruby Templar in the Northern Pillar of the Khemalohatea for the second coming of Cosmic Christos defending the Albion Lightbody with the Triple Ruby Rod through the starborn embodiment of the King Arthur maji grail lineage.

Knight Templar Invasion, Essene Templar Massacre

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 9,500 YA, Takeover of Celtic Templar lines, NAA attempt to create super-race of Controllers for earth, genetic elitism, lineage of Freemasonry, massacre of those who do not comply. Hidden esoteric knowledge agenda.[2]

Luciferian Covenant

Since the Luciferian Covenant was made on the earth there has been an ongoing battle for this knowledge, in which the true ancient wisdom keepers were consistently hunted down and massacred. A major timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the NAA and Illuminati groups attempted to create a super-race of genetic elites. This placed hijacked Ruby Sun DNA, through their propagated lines which evolved into Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian’s, Jesuits, and other secret societies that persist with a similar hermetic esoteric knowledge that is primarily used in the negative polarity of Service to Self.[3]

Red Nile Cube, Inverted Violet Ray

AI Redwave False Timeline Perception

Black Dragon entities attempted to hijack those with Azurite memories on Gaia by running the Red Nile Cube coding in their target’s lightbody, which includes Inverted 7D Violet Ray transmissions of phantom codes from the Gaian Shadow Body, and False Feminine Violet Reversals that run imposter identities using the Ruby Sun DNA, magenta beetle and red spider programing.

The Red Nile Cube matrix from Wesa generates an internal feedback loop in the crown area running into the base root of the perineum through the microcosmic orbit circuitry in the spinal column. This generates false timeline perception by altering the consciousness body north position to invert upon itself, so that the person perceives moving towards the future timeline, but they are actually facing into the past timeline, into an AI phantom time loop.

Humans running the AI red-violet-magenta wave programs are what feed into the AI Dark Mother lunar gestalts, spawning false holograms of Cloned Ascended Master identities which also power up the Azazael gestalt. This weapon is designed for the vilest NAA entities to station themselves in the artificial timelines pretending to be Ascended Masters or friendly advanced humans from the future, who mostly appear in Ruby Sun DNA cloned bodies with Azurite features.[4]

Artificial Ruby Sun DNA Signals

These are Cosmic Father 48D Ruby Order instruction sets for the corrected Red King position within the planetary Ruby Templar Master Shield for the planet, which are systematically collapsing and disintegrating assorted red shield networks, artificial red wave rod and staff, and red cube clones used by Fallen Ruby Order branches for hijacking the Ruby Sun DNA template that was running the false Khem-Khemalohatea. The cloned version of Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea was transmitting Artificial Ruby Sun DNA signals, lunar sound tones and archontic voices throughout the Stonehenge gateways and Grual points (2D-5D-8D-11D) which have been instrumental in enforcing Gender Reversals and transmitting assorted male and female Sexual Misery miasma into the Collective Consciousness of humanity.[5]


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