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On Yom Kippur (2014), a massive field of transit was set up in the Krystal Star architecture to begin the process of shifting a Fallen Angelic Consciousness out of the earth fields from the 5D wormhole, that had a Gatekeeper named Azazael. This is a section of the consciousness field that has directly impacted the masculine principle, the male horizontal networks related to the energy used to fuel, feed and create the belief systems in war, killing, Blood Sacrifice and scapegoating. Feeling into this field it has a lot of residue that accumulates energy towards scapegoating and persecution complex, that is used and culled by the Victim-Victimizer and Mind Control software that is generated towards the divide and conquer of Christos and/or peaceful races. This is the consciousness energy that feeds the war/military program, it’s a consciousness, it’s an entity, and it has hierarchies of Satanic entities that work under it. It seems this entity Azazael consciousness holds the seed of war against God (anti-god), in its archetypal forces, and yet it feels different than general hierarchies of "satanic force", so to speak. Some of these hierarchies appearing were the Golums of the NRG grid, the “obscene ones”. These are grotesque creations made from the Sexual Misery program distortions, they are both generated by humans and controlled by the negatives. “Yesod ( or the 2nd Sphere/2D) is the place of the final forms that become matter in Malchuth/Earth. The Gamaliel are the Misshapen and polluted images that produce vile results in Yesod or 2D/4D Split. The outer form or shell is the order of Ogiel, 'those Who Flee from God'.”[1]

Black Lilith

In the esoteric study of the Sephiroth of the Hebrew (Hibiru Tribes) Kabbalah, this is relevant to the sphere of Yesod, the Moon as well as the archdemon Black Lilith. Baphomet is intricately involved in all deceptions and trickery relating to the Seducer Archetype which promotes the Sexual Misery Programming of the lunar forces or Moon Chain Lineages.

Third Hierarchy Fallen

Includes Human Souls in the process of earthly reincarnation cycles that have digressed in to Geni or Jin which is a shadow creature, no longer human, it retains a counterbalance in the higher spirit realms of which it has been disconnected, from its Soul matrix. This includes the anti-christ seeds of Azazael which form the Watchers hierarchies, these are Nephilim consciousness fragments bound in the earth. See Fallen Angelics.

Atonement of Azazael

We were in Portugal to view the Crucifixion Implants and black hearts of this NAA cross theology and to help release the martyrs blood - this is substance they had used to torture those people, such as the Christos Templars. It is the martyrs blood they use to BUILD and feed into these structures, and is why its important to dismantle martyrdom architecture. That crucifixion implant has a mirror in the United Kingdom, and the UK and Ireland act as the land mass of the anti -HG union in terms of the Reversal King Gog and Reversal Queen Magog. All of this feeds into and goes back into the UK areas. So if we remember the Cornwall PEG for BTR sessions, we got a glimpse of that huge and vast size of reversal male and female and that is the Satanic seed of Azazael. The gestalt of force that represent the reversal King and Queen on earth are a location and a consciousness force, called the Gog and Magog. They are Frankenstein-like creations of such vast and huge amounts of force, I believe we may be hitting into the source fields of Luciferian and Satanic gestalts in the earth matter and how these entities became "devils spawn". Thus they were able to inhabit this earthly plane through the war, killing, martyrdom and hatred for Christ races that they generated from their reversal parents. These forces were previously not capable of full embodiment in a matter plane, and seeing what they did here was to get a body, to make the undead shadows of the hell realms "come to life", in so they could "revel in its glory". Similar to a mad scientist who builds a Frankenstein body and thinks it is a "God-Creator" because it was able to animate life, but really unleashed a grotesque monster into the worlds. We are in a world where the mad scientist has invaded creation and run amok, to build Frankenstein like bodies, cyborgs, etc., where they can have dominion over their very own creations, the living dead or robotic.[2]

Book of Enoch

Enoch in his Gospel Book of Enoch suggests that this Kingdom of Ruling Aryans, proud, arrogant and cruel were stockpiling weapons of immense sophistication and power for conflagration - the Satans forces - or Saturnians as referred to in the Ethiopic Book of Enoch were fomenting rebellion and conflagration. Amongst them, the subterranean necromancers who created abominable things led by the group of Fallen Angelics such as Azazael, Samael. (See Watchers). The War between the False Gods of Eden and the Powers lasted thirteen years it is said, and Greek myth shows Athene dragging off the shape changing giants. The Titans (i.e. Nephilim) were defeated finally when two great meteorites struck the Atlantean kingdom of Thule, reversing climate and ocean and the continental plates. That place now known as Scotland, the epicenter Scotlands western isles at Staffa - near to where the evil capital was said to be.The leader of the Satans was imprisoned underground, though the evil machinations of the dark Cabiri sorcerers that practiced later in Denmark and founded the very early practices of masonry with which Solomon and David would become familiar - may yet to this day plan their revenge on the offspring of that very first interracial marriage. (i.e. human hybrids) [3]

Fallen Angelics

Demons or Fallen Angelics are a part of the human and nonhuman collective consciousness on the earth and exist as energetic interplay between human beings that were designed to manifest the required polarities that are necessary for manifestation in the material realms. In this density of the earth counterbalance points were required for the evolutionary process of “synthesis of these main polarities” through the three main sets of forces.

Demons, are a part of the Imposter Spirits, may have been either a human, or non-human, also comprise those separated from their souls, or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a human body. Demons may be regarded as material corporeal beings, as they are lower spirit beings, which are not inspirited by the breath of God, nor exist in the higher celestial realms. Humans and nonhumans can conjure these spirits and then become possessed by them and their material or negative nature, especially if they are not mentally clear and emotionally balanced.[4]


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