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Golums were created to collect the life force, sexual energy in people or to manage the NRG center tributaries of collecting energy from the planet and human beings. There seems to be a special kind of Golum that works in direct alliance with “sexual predator” energy for the Sexual Misery programming, as it maximizes the energetic yield by numbers of targets or inducing addiction towards the deviant levels of behavior that yield the numbers they want. Their networks are heavily involved with various levels of pornography, strip clubs, sexual fetishes and perversions such as and especially child pornography and pedophilia.

These entities feed on Black Magic reversals so much of their playing field includes extreme levels of sexual depravity. Because sexual energy can be rapidly stolen by raping another, (such as stealing orgasmic energy) this is prevalent in many forms of disconnected robotic sex, online sex, or hateful sex. Such as with sodomy when used to humiliate another person into submission to the controlling entity in the NAA for reasons of stealing life force.

Through my observance – at this time – I have only witnessed males with this particular golum “possession”. Although females that work in the sexual industries are heavily implanted to pass the astral tags or implants to their customers, as the target. The male target is implanted to return repeat business to the strip club or pornographic provider and is possessed at the stage of "sexual trance" before the orgasm, where the possessing entity enters the vulnerable aura and steals the orgasmic energy. Usually, this is a repeated addiction to created extreme sexual distortions or induce other forms of addiction which can be harvested by these entities.


The sexual predator “golum” is a “brown/greyish flat face reptoid with no lips. It acts as the intermediary link between the Negative Aliens possessing entity and the human beings astral body. Its mouth is roundish and it has pointed razor sharp teeth that it will “bare” when seen.” This is like a dog who snarls at you and bares its teeth to provoke aggression (shark like). These golums are seen like transparent overlays on the human being's aura from the back, usually on the top shoulder areas, so far only males in my observance. They are often observed in states of expression of extreme lust and leering in the sexual possessions and are quite grotesque looking. The males I have seen with these Reptilian aura possessions are unaware this is attached to them and using them to commit disconnected, lustful, violent or robotic sexual acts. The males I have seen with these possessions are primarily Anunnaki hybrids, Nephilim bloodlines and are generally the “wealthy and privileged patriarchal dominate or alpha male”. Assuming they have the most disposable income to pay for sex clubs and expensive forms of prostitution or sexual services that cater to these men as forms of entertainment. In most cases the male is an alpha male, sexually addicted, into pornography, prostitution or strip clubs and seeks as many women to have sex with as possible. Usually this will have drugs or alcohol attached to the sexual perversion, which can become a fetish. Most of these males border to Misogyny and look at women first as sexual objects rather than any other redeeming qualities of personal character. Many of them have double lives, a happy smiling face with their wives and children at home, while they indulge this hidden secret dark life of sexual addiction.

The Golum is a conjured shadow creature used to collect sexual energies for the various NAA harvesting networks to siphon life force. These are complex cording systems that work in a type of fiber optics wiring that connects into the host lightbody or Chakras. Golums are used as the etheric cord to collect sexual energy can take on other conjured shapes, like lizards. This is a part of the Sexual Misery programming and the Moloch satanic SRA used to promote the Archontic Deception Behavior through patriarch domination and sexual slavery of humanity also known as the False King of Tyranny. [1]

Azazael Hierarchy

It seems this entity Azazael consciousness holds the seed of war against God (anti-god), in its archetypal forces, and yet it feels different than general hierarchies of "satanic force", so to speak. Some of these hierarchies appearing were the Golums of the NRG grid, the “obscene ones”. These are grotesque creations made from the Sexual Misery program distortions, they are both generated by humans and controlled by the negatives. “Yesod ( or the 2nd Sphere/2D) is the place of the final forms that become matter in Malchuth/Earth. The Gamaliel are the Misshapen and polluted images that produce vile results in Yesod or 2D/4D Split. The outer form or shell is the order of Ogiel, 'those Who Flee from God'.”[2]

Soul-less Being

When we are not aware of our choice to call back our own Consciousness power of our inherent divinity, our freedom and consciousness evolution is essentially stolen from us. Over time the repeated behavioral patterns manifest accumulated results of karmic imbalances increasing trauma, illness and degeneration. Over generations the karmic build of aberrant energies break down the genetic material and therefore the lightbody (manifestation template) of the human being. At a certain point the genetic material becomes so damaged, that a perceptible consciousness that can connect to its direct source through its own will is highly unlikely to impossible. This then creates the phenomena of an artificially created being such as a “golum” or soul-less (inorganic) being.

It has been noted that Golums are placed in servitude to Black Magic Grids to perform various tasks, such as to service the NRG grid in the UK. They appear to be directed by demonic families to do menial tasks at the behest of the group. Large amounts of golum creatures have been observed hitchhiking or influencing the Male body auric fields when engaged with the sexual predator force and the Seducer Archetype. It is of LR personal opinion that golums may be used as the vehicle for collecting sexual energy for their higher ups, may be a critical part of NRG functions and the creature itself feeds on and is dependent on portions of that sexual energy. It is a bottom feeder. Common golums are small, thin brownish green creatures, with an small round skull, with yellow eyes, black slit pupils and pointed razor teeth. They may be observed in lust energies and sexual predator motives, where hate crimes, prostitution and sexual slavery is used.[3]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 102