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Yesod means foundation. It is the 9th sphere of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.[1]

The Sephiroth meaning emanations, are the 10 attributes of God as described in the Kabbalah, part of the esoteric teaching of Judaism. Judaism's Kabbalah is based on the teachings given by the Yahweh Collective located on Saturn.

Number: Nine

Titles: The Foundation; Eternal Foundation of the World

Divine Names: Shaddai (The Almighty); El Chai (Mighty Living One)

Archangel: Gabriel

Angelic Order: Cherubim

Archdemon: Lilith (The Seducer)

Demonic Order: Gamaliel (The Obscene Ones)

Heavenly Sphere: Moon

Part of Man: Genitals

Baphomet, Moon and Yesod

In the esoteric study of the Sephiroth of the Hebrew (Hibiru Tribes) Kabbalah, this is relevant to the sphere of Yesod, the Moon as well as the archdemon Black Lilith. Baphomet is intricately involved in all deceptions and trickery relating to the Seducer Archetype which promotes the Sexual Misery Programming of the lunar forces or Moon Chain Lineages.

Adverse Sephiroth

Kabbalah of The Qlippoths; 9-Yesode- Gamaliel-(The Obscene Ones) Qlippoth that initiates and ends cycles of magick, finalizing things that was created by the beginning of the initial work, blooming and getting ready to complete, reflects the Qlippoths work, expresses it, Qlippoth of silence, stillness and foreboding, moving towards a result, astral magic and travel, invisibility and walking unnoticed, protection of working, prepares for manifestation, to bury the old, to bury the dead, temptation.(The Qlippoth is the Negative Form shell and/ or Imposter Spirit negative force of the Sephiroth)


Polluted of God, “Yesod is the place of the final forms that become matter in Malkuth. The Gamaliel are the Misshapen and polluted images that produce vile results. The outer form is the order of Ogiel, 'those Who Flee from God'.” Lilith: Night Specter

To Gamaliel, Lilith is attributed and “is the grand lady of all demons. The demons are sometimes considered to be the children of Lilith and is said to be the woman who comes to men in their dreams.”[2]


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First Found in HGS Manual on Page 75