Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff

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Thothian Leviathan Anti-HG AI Cube System

Anti-HG Technology is short for Anti-Hierogamic Technology which is a gender splitter weapon that has been identified by gridworkers which note that it has impacts upon the Lightbody and is a form of targeting individuals with assorted Electronic harassment designed for Mind Control. This technology targets Starseed or Indigo groups that are embodying sacred marriage or hierogamic union, generally targeting spiritual couples that are motivated to serve the Christos Mission and support planetary liberation for Ascension.

Black Dragon Trident, False Rod and Staff

Transcript: The black dragon trident false rod and staff architecture for the Anti-Christ male and female principle run reverse rod lunar rods through a Black Cube metatronic cube in the centre of the Earth. This is the driver for all black cubes in planetary grid and the most prominent is black cube matrix in Mecca. In the Middle Eastern area there are powerful Stargates, they hijack the religion of Islam in order to get the Loosh energy to power up this black cube device which is connected to the feedlines of this entire anti-Christ structure.

The lineages connected to Akhenaton and Hatshepsut always seem to explode with black magic curses as this black dragon trident structure supporting the Leviathan groups includes a Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon with a hierarchy of cloned Egyptian identities. This is to control those identities because the Egyptian civilization is connected to the Master Serres race on Tara. And so they want to control that 10th dimensional system through the Serres, through the Vega lines, the gold ray aspects; they have taken that and stolen that genetic lineage, and so it's a part of the control over these body parts, DNA, bloodlines, etc.

The 4, 7, 10, Mars cubes has a twin partnership with Ceres. Mars and Ceres act as a base, the twinning that creates the support for the secret space programs, the MiLabs, the black projects in the breakaway civilizations. There's a German breakaway and a Nazi kind of breakaway and the different factions that are out there. They have created artificial timelines through Mars and Ceres and these are actual colonies that are secret space type of programs and both have human military. This is where we get into that language of Dark Fleet and white hats and people defecting from various groups. But understanding that Mars and Ceres is a partnership in its energy architecture. The top of Mars capstone is Azazael and Black Lilith. So that is the Anti-Christ couple running the anti-hierogamic structure to split gender in order to stop Christos-Sophia from embodying on planet; everything in ES that we talk about, this is the Anti-Christ structure which allows cloned identities to incarnate onto the planet.

Saturn is the seven dimensional and is sending out, and was responsible for, false feminine inverted Violet Ray false feminine problems coming from Saturn, and the anti-Christ couple is Osiris and Isis that hold together that balance. Anti-Christ 7D Isis was connected to lunar demon Nefertiti clones. This is a trinity of Anti-Christ entities that are imposters of the masculine and feminine. In this principle these are entities in themselves. And the thing that's really strange about this as well is that what we are coming to learn is that the Anti-Christ entities like Enki embody into and through this structure. Over the years you may have heard me say, we embody our creations, right? The Christ embodies their creations. The Anti-Christ did the same thing, they cannot embody or exist in our organic creations so they made an AI version with inverted codes in order to exist in our world. This is an Anti-Christ structure. And this is a level of embodiment that is inside Anti-Christ entities that are living inside the structure which is an artificial system for powering their AI Timelines.

Enki, Enlil, Thoth groups. Think of Thoth as an Ai run program. Thoth’s mind, his consciousness was uploaded into an Ai system with the information that he stole from the Emerald Tablet and the Founder Records when he defected. The Ai program of that information became the basis of how they built these extensive and complex anti-Christ structures into our time matrix. So this is a part of timeline control and creating an Anti-Christ that is in control of these timelines so that we are experiencing these timeline reversals and the inability to evolve and expand forward into higher frequencies and so on. This is a part of that construct as well, in that those who control or hold Rod and Staff, control time. So this is an Anti-Christ version of rod and staff to control timelines, and it's also referred to as Red Trident.

Enki signature embodies lunar male rod black dragon that lives in the anti-hierogamic Leviathan black dragon trident false staff and false rod structure with a serpent tail. The Enki body connects through a part of 11 D distortions connected to typhon tunnels in Lyra, and is connected to hive mind constructs in the Ai system through black cube and red cube spawning. So the black and red cube they multiply or maybe replicate would be a better word. Red cube Ai cloning and soul capturing of 18th dynasty identities along with human soul snapshots brings up Baphomet forces. As you know baphomet is all inversions of Sophianic consciousness that uses the reversal 10:10 or electrified reversal current that powers up the base 10 structures.

The Anti-Christ lunar staff is represented on top. And this is fed through the trident, which then sends power into the hierarchies underneath it. Remember every dimension has hierarchies of demons and entities that answer to Moloch-Consettia, it answers to this construct in the 10D Pluto Matrix. So, there's a downstream of many demonic hierarchies connected to this which power up satanism. We had to go get through all of these fallen hierarchies to finally get to the big cheese, get to the capstone that's in control of all of these other fallen hierarchies. This construct is in control of the lunar demons. This construct is in control of Dark Mother. The dark Ai mother lunar constructs that hijacked the solar female and that we have lived with since birth on this planet has been controlled by this Anti-Christ lunar staff construct.

Then you'll see the red cube. Red Cube is all about cloned identities, cloned holograms, cloning everything into virtual realities in order to lure unsuspecting souls into the virtual realities of false light matrices through whatever means of trickery, deception, and manipulation. End Transcript. [1]

Cosmic Clock Corrections

The return of Christos Mission representatives hierogamic union through corrections in the Cosmic Clock have recently reunited Akhenaton and Kiya, Hatshepsut and Ezekiel family of consciousness streams from the Earth-Tara-Gaia histories connected to original Krystallah Suns.

Akhenaton and Kiya seem to have embodied the Krystic solar overriding forms for the Egyptian pantheon genetic tree used in AI cube systems and their red wave identity clones, and this acts as the repelling force of the Red Cube false identities of 7D inversions of Isis-Osiris Cloned Hierarchies that were bonded in Saturn-Moon matrix. This inverted 7D based unholy union was generated from Saturn-Moon blood worship rituals, and was instrumental in powering up many of the antichrist obelisk pillars used for marking cardinal directions in the Artificial Tree AI timelines and Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff Trident architecture, which are impaled across the globe in the ley lines.[2]

Artificial Tree of Life

Tree of Life Blockages (art by Sequoia)

An Artificial Tree of Life was cloned into a sub structure in which this Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon tree is used as the main grid architecture for cloning Serres-Egyptian identities from Tara that are connected to the Azurites on Gaia. These red cube cloned identities are used to power up the black magic money debt enslavement structures put in place by the Orion Group, and used by the cabal bankers to manipulate financial markets and maintain global wealth in the hands of their satanic and luciferian bloodlines.


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