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The next generation of this Alien Machinery and Psycho-Spiritual Warfare related military technology is being developed for use in this timeline. The next generation technology is to splinter the 2nd Chakra and Solar Plexus, so that the Soul body cannot connect into the Hara Center and into the still point areas of the Lightbody. This works like a reversal clamp with teeth, inside the lower chakras, solar plexus or genitals with its focal point where the Soul and spiritual energy bodies actually embody in the physical biology. There is a point inside the solar plexus that functions with the heart and still point that needs to be open to “receive” the spiritual frequencies of its own soul body. If they are successful in blocking the lower chakras this way, the person will not be spiritually activated in the coming months and the soul can be captured and harvested without any resistance or fight from the person/being it actually belongs to. This way their “negative form clone” is safe and working for them in the parallel dimension, of which the person who has been captured will eventually meet his destiny to merge with that “clone” in the future lifetime in synthetic timelines. This would also create potential bodies for takeover to possession, depending on their future anticipated “needs” of the NAA. Additionally these technologies manipulate time and space, and create spin offs of artificial realities and artificial timelines, which in itself create damage in the organic time and space fields.

The design of this is called Looking Glass technology and it’s a time travel system given to the military complex and is being used by both Grey Aliens and Human Military in this timeline.

Since its inorganic technology, when they time travel many times what they see as probable events are limited to their current mental perception. Many do not know their limited mental perception is not the organic ascension timeline that trumps their artificial technology. Still, they do significant damage in the field and a consequence of subsequent actions, have been taken and are being monitored by Defender Guardian Forces. [1]

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