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The recent shifts of collapsed base 10 architecture has generated a ripple effect throughout the Artificial Timelines and the explicit technological hardware that is used to enforce the Phantom Matrix constructs. This specific holographic technology has been referred to as the Grey Alien Military Technology, which is more precisely known as the Looking Glass technology and Yellow Cube networks that are used by both human and non-human entities in the Controller groups for overriding and manipulating Timelines.[1]

A technology variant of the Looking Glass Grey Alien Military Technology that was called Yellow Cube or Yellow Disc.

Whistleblower Testimony

Dan Burisch transcript- "However, while the Looking Glass shows probabilities, or has shown probabilities, the Yellow Cube would react with the people present, so there was an alteration, if you will, over what you were seeing from it. It would actually spin out as a yellow disc out of the top of it, this is where the word “Yellow Book” originally came from."

Yellow Cube (Yellow Disc, Yellow Book)

This cube served as a communication device for the surviving extra-terrestrial which we now know to be a time traveler from earth’s future. The cube was also a recording device of Earth’s history up to the evolutionary point in time of the Orion visitors. The Orion cube could be used to view events and places in time through a holographic projection that would be projected just above the top of the cube once activated.

This technology does not utilize portals or wormholes, but rather it accesses the field of consciousness in order to show probable outcomes via a hologram. The technology was purported to be given to Eisenhower by the Orion Group’s in goodwill to be used by the UN authorities. It never arrived at the UN. The Yellow Cube when used would react with the consciousness level of the people present viewing the possible future. Human interaction and human emotions would bring instability to the providence of the information that was seen. It’s whereabouts are now unknown. [2]


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