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Cosmic Spirit Body (art by Elizabeth)

Through the Universal Rose breath spiral, the three halls of record for Earth-Tara-Gaia, and the appearance of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers, humanity is aligning with the Solar Symbiosis star born cycle that has brought on the long-awaited return of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Triple Solar Reisha or Yanas. This is the representative merge that is made between the eternal spirit body in the seven heavenly worlds that are finally being reunited with the divine counterparts of their physical incarnates located in timelines of the matter worlds. The long-awaited healing of the Christos-Sophia hierogamic template for sacred marriage between the divine masculine and divine feminine principle was required to heal the Wall in Time to reset the particle spin that would be required to reset the Planetary Grid Network. And so, the new stage of Solar Symbiosis planetary ascension initiation into the starborn level of the Diamond Sun template connecting to the Cosmic Spirit Body begins.

This brings forth yet more comprehension of the complexity occurring with the birth of the Triple Suns with the 12 vertical lines of the Hara Krysta Staff that are holding the creation doorway open, which are currently announcing the arrival of the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body that has assembled itself from out of the Rasha dark matter layers. The building out of repair sequences during the planetary Eukatharistic Activation last year has resulted in the next stages of Emerald Guardian Ascension Hosting mission upgrades, with our direct attention being placed upon the Cosmic Spirit Body which is connected to the Elaysa Staff, which is the authentic Cosmic Spirit Sun down stepping into the Universal Melchizedek Solar Mother principle of our time matrix. [1]

Elaysa Calls the Cathara, or Solar Feminine Melchizedeks

Elaysa Melchizedek (art by Elizabeth)

This recent development with Elaysa has informed the Cathara families, or the Solar Female Melchizedek lineages of their sophianic embodiment mission to link up the dimensional spans between the Rasha body and the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body, and to embody the circuitry into the Albion Lightbody via intersecting Dragon Nodes. The ancient wisdom of the Cathars was protecting the sophianic wisdom hidden in Elaysian fields, where they have retained the Universal Rose codes of the Mother of Dragons, which create the inner musical songs woven in tri-frequency links of Rosetta breath spiral. This is the sacred rose breath that nourishes the crystal heart complex, which functions to recode the genetic bonds in Diamond Sun body DNA required for the Cosmic Spirit Body to merge with the matter plane. This Rosetta frequency link is accessed directly through the Universal Female Melchizedek sophianic diamond heart running Solar Reisha tri-wave staff frequencies that make up the Cosmic Kryst Seed Atom, which project out from smaller nested spirit cells activated by those embodying Triple TA musical sound tones of the Cosmic Mother lineages that had been dormant on the tailbone.

The Cosmic Spirit Body is comprised of a massive sun-star network referred to as the Suns of Eire-Adonis, which transmit the eternal spirit sparks through the Elaysa Code. They are hosting the Triple Suns of the creation door as their solar rays are filled with permanent light seeds that give birth to the eternal spirit fire that ignites the collective and individual levels of the Eire-Adonis body. This is the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body emerging from out of the Tri-Matrix of Rasha that has formed into the starry night dark matter firmament that births out assorted Sun-Star networks, and is the result of the ongoing Emerald Order Eukatharista planetary activations. These include the building out the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon Ankh body and Solar Dragon Ouroboros Rosetta rings to circulate the Universal Rose or Rosetta breath spiral.

The outer Cosmic Spirit Body activates the permanent Kryst spirit light seed for the Cosmic Kryst spark which begins to grow through an activated individuals’ breath channel or breathing tube that is internally laying upon the inner vertical channel of the spinal column and cerebrospinal fluid. The current embodiment process for first wavers entails intermittent phases of heavy purges of toxic, reversed or imbalanced energies, and begins to reconfigure the entire bone, blood, tissue and skin matrix composition, which may result in some heavy physical and neurological challenges of ascension symptoms. The Cosmic Spirit Body and the Mahara Reisha Suns of the Triple Solar Reisha and Yana forms were severely damaged from artificial machinery systems used to produce assorted AI harnesses and sound template distortions that accumulate mesh like sticky membranes of black goo miasma and inorganic dark matter. This artificial overlay with dark matter and black subtle forces has been manipulated with the Controller’s assorted electromagnetic weaponry and technology aimed at humanity to spread satanic entities for colonization. These are made of the inorganic AI hybridized substances used for the purpose of spreading energy parasites and opening dark portals into neighboring artificial systems.

Thus, when we are initiated into Elaysa coding or Reisha frequencies which contain essences of the Cosmic Spirit Body, there are intensified clearings of embedded lunar forces to bring correction into the Triple Solar Feminine Christos-Sophia patterns. The disharmonic distortion of satanic imprints made in the water-sound lightbody template is lodged in the fascia crystalline matrix and this content will start to purge out toxins and assorted releases everywhere in the physical matrix, primarily arising from the back side areas of the human body.

Universal Mother Principle

To even begin to understand this vast history, we must first awaken to remember that the authentic Cosmic and Universal Mother principle was missing in this reality until very recently, when the first stage of her return was secured through the 13th Pillar of Mother Arc and the tri-waves of Aqualine Suns that were woven into the crystal cores of Earth-Tara-Gaia. Holy Mother Sophia and the Solar Christ Marys are not sourced from the Lunar Consciousness of the Dark Mother, that which functions as the spiritual imposter of the organic female principle. Solar Christ Marys are the pure sophianic diamond heart principle of Solar Dragon wisdom along with the sacred purity of the Universal Rosetta Breath, as the Sophianic Eye of the Godhead’s loving flows of the consecrated rose breath and living holy spirits that connect the eternal Cosmic Spirit Suns into our time matrix.[2]

Sirian Crystal Temples

The planetary failsafe mission activations continue in order for the planetary architecture to have the triple solar masculine and triple solar feminine foundational structures which form into multiple layers of nested Krystal Cathedrals, within which Emerald Guardian Host and Christos Solar Dragon teams can work in order to support the ongoing build out for anchoring the Cosmic Spirit Body layers. The Cosmic Spirit Body is the eternal spirit body that has emerged into matter from the Sirius B support infrastructure that was built through the Sirian Crystal Temples in the hosting platform section of Andromeda, which run into the spanner arc gateway system that straddles the particle dimensions of our planet from the 1D to the 7D layers. Corrections reaching a particular threshold of rehabilitation in the magnetosphere and planetary logos body from the damage generated by the Inverted 7D Violet Ray network, has been critical to the success of the Sirian Crystal Temple hosting infrastructure helping to bridge the Albion network into the Rasha layers and Cosmic Spirit Body.

Universal Melchizedek Hierogamic Union

When the Melchizedek Logos appeared in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Masculine body during Summer Solstice, and then Elaysa-Melchizedek joined him during the Winter Solstice, this opened into the cosmic spirit body cell clusters that completely merged with the massive body containing the Cosmic Hall of Records. The particle records of Akashic layers and anti-particle records of the Ecoushic layers merge together into the center core of the Cosmic Hall of Records. Then the center core of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers open into the spirit cell clusters, which further open the doorway into the Universal Mother’s Dark Matter Matrix which holds many Solar Reisha worlds filled with assorted mother lineages of Yanas ascended masters. This Universal hierogamic event appears to have completed the tri-matrix merge in the Cosmic Hall of Records, formed when the Ecoushsa, Akasha and the Reisha worlds linked together and united in the central core of the Cosmic Spirit Body, as the result of Staff of Elaysa flame activation.

Triple Solar Reisha

Additionally, Guardian teams have been repairing these vertical lines which have Triple Solar Reisha coding held within them, and further support the generation of the 12 Hara Krysta vertical staff lines. These vertical staff lines go directly into the center of the Hara Krysta Sun body which further opens the creation doorway that leads directly into the Cosmic Spirit Body. The Hara Krysta lines have a central staff column ignited with Azothian flames of clear blue-tinged spiritual fire which opens access into the central heart of the Mahara Reisha body, which further leads into the larger matrix of the Reisha Worlds.

Universal Diamond Pillar

Universal Diamond Pillar (art by Elizabeth)

Recently, we learned that this configuration of the Universal Pillar Gateway in 2017 was for the purpose of administering blueprint corrections that supported the reconnection of the Planetary Staff into the Universal Staff, that which would help unite the matter worlds Maharata with the spirit worlds Maharata. Further linking the Universal Staff into the Hara Krysta Staff of the Hara-Mahara Reisha world’s that are interconnected as cell clusters of the Cosmic Spirit Body, and which are the location of the Mahara Reisha Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis.

When the Universal Diamond Pillars twinned themselves recently, this synchronized with the Emerald Sun DNA quad template of the Cosmic Starhuman and formed into a tesseract God cube that fully synchronized with the Eye of God between the Akashic, Ecoushic and Reisha matrices. The hierogamic merge that occurred between Emerald and Sapphire pillars, along with Diamond and Ruby Pillars shifted the Universal Diamond Gateway to the Emerald Pillar as the 12 o’clock north position in the Cosmic Clock, that links directly to the Emerald Founders in 24D and the extensive circuitry of the Cosmic Emerald Crystal Heart and purified 24D Emerald Ray. From the synchronization of these three matrices, the center Hara Krysta began transmitting the Universal Rose Spiral Breath pattern which began to pour through the central Azura heart of all three matrices further linking them together in the Rosetta pattern, also fondly referred to as the Universal Breath of Roses.

Mahara Reisha Sapphire Sun

The Mahara Reisha Blue Dragons are the holders of Hara Krysta staff into the Cosmic Hall of Records through their embodied Azura Dragon Hearts of the Cosmic Mother Dragon. There is a Tri-Matrix of Suns protecting the creation door out of this Universe that is leading into the Cosmic Energy Matrix, and the only way that happens is by entering on the vertical staff lines of Hara Krysta anchored by the Mahara Reisha Blue Sun. The Mahara Reisha Sun, a Blue Sapphire Sun of Cosmic Spirit Body is also stepping down into the Mother Arc principle, that further down steps into the lower harmonic universe as the main Amoraea blue flame holy spirit body. This Mahara Reisha Blue Spirit Sun is where the eternal spirit body template or Tauren exists.

Through the entrance to the cosmic energy cycle, we bear witness to the reclamation and repair of the 23D Sapphire body as connected to the Mahara Reisha Sun in the Tri-Matrix of the Cosminya, and as the living consciousness spirit suns are being reunited with their divine masculine solar light or rishi partners in hierogamic union or Aeonesis through the 10th stargate.[3]

Cosmic Energy Cycle

The planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle during the hierogamic event of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns earlier this year, with the center core of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers opening to transmit spirit cell clusters that contain the 1st creation core memory cell of each unique individual’s eternal spirit family. This event further opened the doorway into the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix which holds many Solar Reisha Worlds filled with assorted mother lineages of Yanas ascended masters, many of which are connected to the original Blue Flame Melchizedeks, Mu’a and Aquaelle lineages that serve as Keepers of the Crystal Core. Subsequent to this, the building out of the organic repair sequences for the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host mission upgrades are continuing with excessive speed and substantial intensity, to anchor the Sapphire Diamond Shield architecture into the 10D gateways for the return of the Cosmic Mother’s Solar Reisha sophianic lineages throughout the planetary matrix.[4]

The Universal Mother of Life is Tiamati

The Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon family from the Cosmic Spirit Suns of Eireayanas are the Triple Solar Goddesses of Tiamat, they are the Universal Mother of Life principle embodied in the sun-star networks which spoke the Cosmic Mother’s genetic language of the Emerald Crystal Heart, as utilized by the Emerald Order Kristos God World Creators. Those species who were not sourced and embodied in this Emerald Order Arayanas lineage, were supposedly forbidden to access or learn how to speak this creation matrix language from the God Worlds, thus this generated great conflicts and resentments towards the inhabitants of Tiamat, that were assigned to protect the Mother language and its cosmic records. The Mother Language was considered to be intrinsic to the creation of the Universal Mother of Life principle, connecting to Elaysa Sun and her Emerald Crystal Heart genetic language of White Sun Arayanas, the Anuhazi origins of 12D Aramatena, which was holding the organic creator code and Cellular Alphabet that formed the Emerald Sun DNA language of the Emerald Order Cosmic Christos Ancient Builder Races. [5]


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