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Sophianic Grail Coding (art by Sequoia)

The Sophianic Template contains sequential stages of reassembling the Solar Feminine Christ architecture that is designed to repair the lunar distortion imprints, which include the magnetic reversals embedded within the female principle structures on the planet earth. The potential resurrection of the Solar Feminine Christ is made possible through the recent activations and anchoring of several Cosmic Diamond Sun body structures, such as the Holy Mother’s God seed code (the perfect proton) and the Krystallah matrix within the earth’s main Grail Point and Stargate system. The instruction sets for the reclamation of the Solar Feminine Christ have begun to spiral through the energetic current traveling throughout the Planetary Grid Network. As the female biology is able to pick up these transmissions, they begin to naturally repair the magnetic imprints of the Lunar Woman distortions in her physical matrix. The DNA-RNA imprint in a female biology is more suited magnetically to embody the Solar Flame codes first, that further ignite the inner vertical channels and this potentially ignites the Keeper of the Flame blueprint and thus, may further activate female Staff codes.

Holy Mother has returned to us the spiritualized feminine principle of the Cosmic Solar body which holds the keys that open the gateways into the God worlds. One must cultivate a loving relationship with the Holy Mother in order to embody Sophianic consciousness and to access the timeless and eternal wisdom of the entire Universe. It is She who holds the true knowledge and power in the secrets of animating creation as the prima materia itself, the divine quintessence that breathes eternal life into form.

Sophiology is the worship of the solar female aspect of the Christos, it is the inner revelation of the Godhead’s wisdom as it has been imparted to humanity, to love your Mother and Father equally, which has influenced many ancient Essene and Christian mystics over the ages. May we come together to celebrate the Solar Feminine Christ and reconnect more deeply with our Holy Mother presence, through our shared devotional prayer.

Solar Female Melchizedek

Subsequent to the Atlantian Cataclysm, the Keepers of the Blue Flame and the females with original Staff Holder genetic codes underwent a series of genetic digressions, breeding programs and deliberate targeting to disrupt the solar female principle, by connecting the female principle and the human lightbody into the lunar matrix. By destroying the Solar Logos architecture and inserting a Lunar Matrix to hold the energetic placement of the planetary female principle, this lunar distortion would prevent the natural Rod and Staff gender principles from activating in the human DNA. The first Staff Holders were originally embodied as Solar Female Melchizedeks, and each had a genetic equal male partner that embodied the reciprocal Rod masculine principle, thus were genetically key coded to be the Rod holders. Over the course of many incarnations, the original Solar Female Melchizedek and the Sophianic principle on the earth rapidly digressed into the lunar distortions and Dark Mother reversals, which fragmented and captured the solar aspects of her original identity, pulling them into the black hole to become trapped within phantom systems.

Correction of Lemurian Timelines

Paliadorian gridwork projects designed to recover the Solar Feminine Christ template have been on turbo speed since the 8D Yeshua Rod and Staff codes began transmission in November, an anniversary celebration to remember when Yeshua and Guardian teams successfully brought back the 12 strand DNA Silicate Matrix to the earth. This stage of Immanuel coding unleashed waves of galactic activations that laid the ground work for several upcoming Stargate and timeline retrieval projects from past destructive events, bringing awareness to the next stage of recovering the Solar Feminine and Cathar templates in the South of France and in Notre Dame, Paris. This involved returning to the timeline of the first wave mass genocidal event on the earth, which is the Lemurian Holocaust.

Solar Christ Mary Template

Solar Female Mary template. This ascending collective female aspect is an important Lightbody component for embodying the Solar Feminine Christ, as well as reassembling her corrected light body parts and spiritual wings. To restore the Solar Female Mary template to this earth, has required the re-building of a completely new Diamond Sun Body for the Gold Ray Seraphim lineages. There is one design for the Solar Christ Michael and another template for the Solar Christ Mary.

Sophianic Body Desecration

Through repeated session work in the planetary fields and by remote viewing the grid network, the many layers of artificial Alien Machinery that have been used to spread Dark Mother reversals, that clone and replicate the Sophianic female principles via the Lunar Matrix and Beast Machine, have been revealed. The NAA have employed an assortment of artificial intelligence structures and Frequency Fences for enforcing technological abuses, in which they intended to eliminate and destroy the organic mother principle in creation, thus generating ripple effects and causing an array of genetic distortions in the Sophianic female principle embodiment on the earth. For this and many other reasons, this planet has not had access to the organic mother principle and Sophianic Template in previous time cycles, which prevented the full spiritual realization and embodiment of the organic state of the Solar Feminine.

Resolving Mother Issues

With the current Ascension Cycle focusing on the return of the Solar Feminine Christ, this is a time that many of us will be exploring more deeply what it really means to be a female and exploring what it means to embody the true female principle. Whether male or female, those of us at this stage of spiritual development will be spiritually working to resolve our Mother issues, our inner female archetypes and relationships. We have been born onto an earth with an imposter Lunar Mother ever present, carrying a Lunar Consciousness in our sex which is in direct opposition to our highest self, misunderstanding who we are as women in this world, and how that belief has shaped our role as Mothers, Daughters, and Wives. [1]

Lunar Matrix, Lunar Female Distortions

Thousands of years ago, the NAA and the Power Elite Luciferian bloodlines discovered that in order to gain access to the Planetary Staff and spiritual-energetic gateways, stargates, portals, interdimensional links into different timelines, they would need to find ways to capture the Mother aspect of the Godhead, by gaining control over Dark Matter, and gravitational or magnetic field manipulation. The insertion of the Lunar Matrix was accomplished in part by dragging in the moon satellite, to be used as a base of operations and for transmitting lunar broadcasts for achieving magnetic field manipulation and mind control. This makes the earth a bonafide Prison Planet. This also serves to gain control over the Solar Feminine Christ or the Sophianic female Christos expression on the earth, by inverting the solar female staff current in the human lightbody, and forcing the inner female principle to run energy reversals with lunar force overlays from the Lunar Matrix.[2]

Virgo’s Magnum Opus is Triple Solar Goddess Alchemy

Virgo's Triple Solar Goddess Alchemy (art by Tomás)

These are the tumultuous days of the final conflict when many of us have gathered to be awakened in order to take part in God’s most sacred spiritual mysteries through the Rise of the Holy Grail, which begins with the anointing of the Maji Grail Solar Dragon Queens on the Earth. Our Sacred Sophia’s are the Brides of the Triple Solar Masculine Christ that reunite with their divine counterparts and preserve the Emerald Sun DNA of the holy grail bloodlines of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon races for eternity.

The Spirit of Purity is one of the main Spirits of Christ that attract the moral powers of the Universe that are serving the Natural Laws of God in the form of expressed virtues, and these are emanations directly associated to the sacred divine feminine of the Triple Solar Marys, or the Solar Feminine Christ Sophia.

As Cosmic Mother returns to the matter realm, her authentic and organic dark matter parts restore the truth resonance and energetic balance to creation through the corrected sophianic female principle, in which the false, the artificial, the imposters of the sacred feminine cannot co-exist along with her emerging powerful presence.

Thus, the natural laws of the Virgo Sun hold the divine transmissions from the Triple Solar Marys and contain the instructions for accessing and obtaining that pure essence via the sacred heart chamber of the Inner Holy Spirit, by distilling its sacred feminine spirit substance into our physical body and then transmitting the intelligence streams as unconditional love from our sacred crystal heart into the earthly matter. The core stardust essence of Virgo constellation is representative of the fertility of the Holy Mother’s womb and her sacred role in loving creation as our Holy Mother, and when the stars align, she becomes pregnant with the holy spirit and divine fire waters through an immaculate conception in order to give birth to the Solar Deity, or the Sun of God.[3]

Sapphire Azothian Crown

Sapphire Crown Sophianic Coding

The Sapphire Azothian Crown comprises the krystic architecture brought forth through the hidden identities of the Solar Feminine Christ family, we recognize the Triple Solar Goddess formation through Hatshepsut's Christos Mission to protect the 10th Stargate and reclaim what was hidden in the Pluto matrix by the invaders.


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