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When we understand a Timeline: A Timeline is a linear sequence. Here on this planet, when we’re dealing with time, we’re dealing with horizontal fields that control what we experience linearly. And I know it’s very hard to comprehend from the brain-level here in the human level -- but understanding that we have Trigger Events that exist in a timeline.

We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth. If we do not clear the past issues recorded in our timeline we will repeat the same patterns until we learn the spiritual lesson or clear the trauma of the original causal event. Everything repeats itself in the persons timeline until the spirit of the person resolves the energetic conflict issue or trauma that is recorded in their consciousness memories. When we clear and thus change the past timeline in the current present moment, we change the current timeline we have been traveling. This allows the creation of a new timeline and future direction to travel for the consciousness. When we clear the past, we move outside of the trauma timeline and this changes the persons timeline for the future, that further changes the probability of the future cycle of time.

Like a tri-athlete running and jumping over the hurdles, we connect with our lost aspects to merge with these time fields, whereby reclaiming and collecting our spiritual bodies, to make it to the "planetary ascension" finish line. What is being accomplished during the spiritual ascension process, especially now with Guardian GSF Ascension Timeline, is that humanity has to move through all the Artificial Machinery, the inorganic time fields (negative alien timelines with their inorganic and artificial Hologram Inserts that program their false selfish enslavement agendas NAA). As we clear false and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, Alien Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the seven higher universes.

So, when you’re thinking of a Timeline, think of a Point A to a Point B. And through this timeline, there are Events, in that probable Future of time that trigger certain reactions or directions in history. Now, a part of ES, when we work with some of our meditations, we may be clearing ourselves; but some of us that go on these trips or are working with HGS, we work with planetary projects, so we can override these timelines. [1]

Understanding the Group Consciousness and How We’ve Come Together

The original intention of ES was about overriding timelines. When I formed this community under the direction and partnership of at the time the Aurora Guardian Host and the Sirian Council, little did I know the adventure and journeys that we would have, and where we would be taken!We have undergone several Timeline Projects. I’d like to give you a little history of some of our projects, because they all intersect with each other. They’re like links in the chain that are leading us into a spiritual purpose, into a changed future timeline for humanity. And that has a lot to do with Energetic Synthesis. We are a Group Consciousness Field, and those of us that are more sensitive and developing Higher Sensory Perception and Awareness to increase perception in the field, we may see some things that we don’t understand. The sensations we may feel from the field: What is it? Why do I feel this way?

As an example, because we are dealing with Crucifixion Issues in Portugal, there will be a lot of this sensation in the community field. You may start to feel a sense of the Crucifixion Implants, becoming aware of them in your body, what does it feel to be crucified. Not that any of us want to really relive that, but many of us in the spiritual path, as we go through the development process, we relive these places where we have pain, or memories that have been suppressed, and these memories come to the surface and we start to experience them in our world. When we pay attention to these patterns, we can see patterns in the Architecture impacting the world around us. When we interact with these subtle forces, we are influencing the field. And this is really the goal of Energetic Synthesis, is understanding that each and every one of us is a holographic projector of God Consciousness potentially. And where we put our intention, what we allow our body to be a conduit for, we can interact with the subtle forces of the planet, of this world, of this higher consciousness, and we can choose to participate with a higher expression which supports the planet and supports humanity. That has a lot to do with our community.So, as we go on these particular projects, our first projects were the Six Timeline Projects that began in 2007. And then, as we completed that project in 2008, we went to a place in Italy that’s called Damanhur, which is based upon temples that were built from the Atlantean Architecture period, and they’re underground.

If you haven’t heard about Damanhur, Damanhur is a very interesting place. We’ve been there in 2008, and in 2011, as that area of the earth in Turin, Italy, in Northern Italy, is actually the subconscious layers of the brain of the planet. You could equate it that way, that the synchronic lines that connect at that location actually impact the core of the earth. So that was part of the reason we went to Damanhur. Then, in 2009, what was very relevant to our trip to Portugal, we went to John of God’s in Brazil. And so a lot of the elements that started five years ago in January of 2009 when some of our community went to Brazil is coming into conclusion and pieces in Portugal. We’re bringing some pieces from Brazil over into Portugal.So, as well, we can see this purposeful chart through a sequence of time of which is impacting timelines that are related to what we call, here in our language with ES, the Negative Alien Agenda for a program called the Armageddon Software.So, as Portugal is very relevant to Brazil, and also in between that we went to Egypt, you can see if you pay attention to the Timeline of the trips that we have physically taken, that they are in direct relationship to (LOUD motorcycle goes by!) energies that became available to the planet at a certain point in time, where an opportunity was available to interact with that vortex of energy, to collaborate with the Guardian Host, in being the conduit of that frequency that code that geometry in that particular space of land.So now we’re going to Portugal. This is very interesting for me also, because this is the first place we have been assigned, where I feel my memory was purposely erased from. I’m reclaiming those pieces slowly. I’m hoping after this weekend, and the intensity of the last 12 days of needing to get the Portugal travel itinerary and package together, that we’ll be able to research even more deeply more history about the Knights Templar, about the Order of the Christ, and as well how this fits into many of the secret societies that are being manipulated through the Illuminati, who disseminate certain levels of information, and use certain levels of information, which originally came from these Templar mysteries.So there’s a lot of adventures in discovering ‘What Portugal Really IS’.When we understand a Timeline: A Timeline is a linear sequence. Here on this planet, when we’re dealing with time, we’re dealing with horizontal fields that control what we experience linearly. And I know it’s very hard to comprehend from the brain-level here in the human level -- but understanding that we have Trigger Events that exist in a timeline.

So, when you’re thinking of a Timeline, think of a Point A to a Point B. And through this timeline, there are Events, in that probable Future of time that trigger certain reactions or directions in history. Now, a part of ES, when we work with some of our meditations, we may be clearing ourselves; but some of us that go on these trips or are working with HGS, we work with planetary projects, so we can override these timelines.In fact, last year we worked for 12 weeks with the Planetary Emancipation Gridwork Project, which was a “pre-Gridwork” for this project, that we were not aware of at that time! So we can see that we’re building a House of the Krystal Star by creating the architecture which allows these forces to interact with us in our purpose of consciously participating with influencing the architecture into the Organic God-Creations, Organic God-Fields, which are the natural part of Creation, and the original Divine Blueprint of this planet and humanity.[2]

Trigger Events

So again, Timelines have sequences of events that we call Trigger Events. And a lot of the time-- -and those of us that are seasoned and that do session work, we know this well-- there is a Trigger Event in a Timeline which creates a probable reality at a certain position, of what’s known as a Time Vector. So it’s a certain location in time, an event, which is a trigger, which will create a domino effect of a direction historically; or a group of people will follow based upon the influence of that direction.A lot of the work is going back in time. I know this is another thing that’s challenging to recognize as part of the limited information we’ve been given on this planet, but human beings are actually Time Travellers, and once they develop their meditation skills and their mental focus, can actually influence time.So a lot of what we are doing is that. We go back in the Timeline and we clear certain events, identities, we may transit beings that are stuck at that particular position in time, as again a service to God-Force, a service to the Christ-Force.And when that is removed, when that is erased, it changes the future.
So this is the strange game that’s being played on planet earth with the Negative Alien Agenda of controllers pushing an Armageddon Software, which includes cataclysm, terrorism, sickness and pestilence; because that’s a part of keeping the planet oppressed and disconnected from their own spiritual source-light. It’s a means of controlling the masses.So a lot of the information we have in Energetic Synthesis is learning how to empower yourself by making the choice to participate with your own spirit, and with the subtle energy forces, the World of Forces, around us. And then, once you feel more confident with that understanding, knowing that You are, through your higher consciousness, completely able to make influential changes for the highest good: for yourself, for others, and as you learn how to balance that power within yourself, you’re given more power.So it’s very clear, that’s the process of Initiation. Once we go through processes of Initiation, we develop levels of self-mastery, we earn certain morals and ethics spiritually, which become integrated as a part of us. And these then become inseparable in the way we direct our consciousness energies.So sometimes we may get to a certain stage in which we need to learn a lesson to develop a higher ethic, to develop a higher skill-set, in order for us to continue on the path.So it’s very clear, this Portugal trip is the Next Level! It’s an intense type of energy; and yet, the privilege that we are being given to participate with this honestly is beyond expression. It is an incredible privilege and opportunity to be able to participate at this level.We are going to Portugal to work with Timelines, we are going to Portugal to work with Reversal Networks.

Reversal Networks

So what are Reversal Networks?

In our planet today, we have levels of geometric architecture-- for example in ES, you might hear about the “Vesica Pisces”, or the “VP Network”. What that is is a Binary Bi-wave Geometric System that has been installed in the planetary brain to create a certain field, or movement in the Field, in terms of how current is projected on the planet through the ley lines and meridian systems. So these geometries actually are a part of the governance of where these energies go, how they’re directed and what they’re used for. This is the game with the Negative Alien Agenda NAA of course, with the artificial architecture which collects energy, harvests it, and sends it to off-planet sources, or to their preferred people here on planet Earth that are carrying out their agenda, namely the Illuminati and the New World Order beings that are carrying out the controller agenda. [headquartered in Denver, btw] So those energies are collected and basically given, with preference, to beings who serve whatever their agenda is.

So a Reversal Network is also collecting life force, and impacting the planet by sending life force, in a reversal pattern. So we can call that an “Anti-Life” pattern, we could also call that an “anti-Christ” pattern, if we consider Christ as a part of the God-Force, it’s anti-God, meaning it’s moving in the Reversal pattern, which disconnects itself from the Organic Supply, the Chalice of energy which allows the Flow of Energy to be present on the Earth. That energy is being collected and harvested for certain preferred groups [by the Reversal networks of the NAA].So these Reversal Networks, also, another name we call them are the NRG (Nephilim Reversal Grid) grid. That’s a harvesting station in the center of the United Kingdom. And there are many Black Heart Systems scattered in cities, generally bigger cities on the planet, throughout the Earth. Portugal has one in Lisbon.So Lisbon is a Black Heart Reversal Network and additionally, the complexity of this Black Heart Network, is that it’s holding a Crucifixion Implant in a geometry called Rosy Cross. So this is a type of ritual that is used by Rosicrucians and Knights Templars that have been distorted as a type of Crucifixion Implants through the many beings that have been slaughtered, murdered, and tortured on this land. I’m sorry I can’t sugarcoat this for you. This is an area of tremendous suffering. There has been a tremendous holocaust on this land. Of course, we know that holocausts happen on many places on this earth. It’s very challenging, it’s very hard, to address the pain that is involved in that. However, going to Portugal will be to witness these timelines of events that have been erased from human history.[3]

TOS Technique

The Timeline Override Sequence Technique (TOS) The quick process of the Timeline Override Sequence for the Starseed or Energy Session is:

  • Observe the Experience.
  • Hold Neutral as the Compassionate Witness of God.
  • Synthesize the Opposing Polarities by Loving them Equally.
  • Internally Unify inside your Body through Applied Acceptance and Forgiveness.
  • If Asked, Release the Mental Bondage Memory (Soul Retrieval, RRO)
  • Cellular Embodiment of the Unified Experience takes place.
  • In Gratitude, Peace and Balance is Restored.

Tip: A Starseed (or any being) must perceive the Infinite to be within the Oneness, a state of consciousness which opens the doorway to the Law of One. So in many cases the Starseed will be exposed to negative polarity systems and “perceived” negative experiences in order to override the timeline of destruction, as well as source the causation in the timeline where the destructive event has applicable relationship to current outcomes. It returns to the Oneness to override the destruction created in polarity.


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