Holy Mother and God Seed

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The Holy Mother principle is an aspect of the Cosmic Trinity that holds the God Seed. It down steps into the sound vibration of protons that further open into the zero point through her tri-wave 13th pillar gateway accessed through the Aquamarine Ray. When this connection is made with our Holy God Parent, we are blessed with their interaction made through hierogamic union or sacred marriage and this consciousness alchemy takes place inside of our physical body. The Mother’s God seed is ignited by her union with the Holy Father, and this creates the Solar Egg which holds the Golden Embryo within the hara complex of the auric body. This embryo gradually births into the liquid solar plasma waves of the Golden Child of Christ Consciousness within an ascending human body.

This holy union fertilizes the God Seed within our lightbody, which births the Solar Egg and this runs the Christos plasma light which begins to germinate under the navel from deep within the sacral center. The Solar Egg is created inside of our human body as the God seed germinates from deep within our hara complex, to recreate our highest spiritual identity as directed from the Christos blueprint which is powered by the Solar Logos. This is an ascension stage of transfiguration that corresponds to the element of activating the inner Solar Fire, which burns away the shadow forms and the lunar imprints from deep within the lower chakra centers. This process alchemically shifts the entire sacral area into the holy illumined spiritual light of the risen Solar Christ. Transfiguration of the sacral center into the RA Center happens in gradual stages, in order for the physical body to acclimate itself into the higher frequency of embodied plasmic Solar Light.

The Solar fire plasmas released from the Solar egg consumes the sexual misery programs placed in the sexual centers by the mind control programs, negative forms and lunar forces. The lunar forces have been connected to the Dark Mother aspects. As these plasmas increase, we may feel these lower shadow forms and previous traumas start to rise inside of our body in order to be consumed in the transfiguring Solar Fire. This process of purging shadow and negative forms from the sacral areas has also been referred to as the activation of the Solar Sacrum, which purges out the Lunar principle and its artificial connections and programming that are designed to control the divine feminine and the sexual organs. When this stage is occurring, many unusual ascension related symptoms may start to appear in the sexual organs. There may be a sudden awareness of sacral center blockages, or the necessity to focus clearing and spiritual healing on the male and female sexual organs. Sometimes both male and female organs will ask for clearing, from other lifetimes of carried over sexual traumas.

Within physical matter, the mother principle represents the core polarity of negatively charged fields within a base magnetic field, thus it is associated with the manifest elements of protons, gravitons and positrons. When thinking about the primary forces and elemental forces that represent the mother principle in matter, this is directly related to gravitational forces, particle mass, nuclear forces, sound and thunder, as well as all forms of magnetism. As we discover more about the distortions impacting the divine mother principle that further generated the dark mother reversals in the planetary architecture, it is helpful to consider the means and technological methods that have been used by the NAA controllers to purposely spread misogyny in the earth.[1]

Severing Holy Mothers Bond

On planet earth during the dark age of NAA invasion, earth inhabitants have been existing in a structure of creation in which they had no direct connection in their lightbody to their original God parents, the Holy Mother and Holy Father principles. The Cosmic Mother and Father God are that which we return to in order to lead us back into the God worlds of humanity’s true spiritual home. Without access to our Holy Mother principle, we did not have access to the Cosmic structure of the God seed blueprint for embodying Christos-Sophia, which comes through our Mother’s body as we are born into the manifest worlds as the offspring of our Holy parents, as the Solar Christ Child. The Holy Mother’s bond to her off spring was effectively severed, and this disruption between the Mother-Child bond became an inherited genetic distortion on the earth, into which the Lunar Forces were rapidly inserted. The Christos blueprint could not be organically embodied during gestation, and so the incarnated female had no conscious control over her body during impregnation or during the birthing process.


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