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The first Staff Holders were originally embodied as Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and each had a genetic equal male partner that embodied the reciprocal Rod masculine principle, thus were genetically key coded to be the Rod holders. Over the course of many incarnations, the original Solar Feminine Melchizedek and the Sophianic principle on the earth rapidly digressed into the lunar distortions and Dark Mother reversals, which fragmented and captured the solar aspects of her original identity, pulling them into the black hole to become trapped within phantom systems.

This Paliadorian soul would have to incarnate as a female and work to activate the 12 strand DNA template within her lightbody, by reconnecting with her original Melchizedek or Paliadorian identity before being able to fully embody the Blue flame again. Until she embodied the Blue Flame and activated the Staff codes of her original Solar Feminine Christ, she would be unable to find and attract her genetic equal partner. Her genetic equal held her matching Rod and Staff genetic coding from the first seeding, and she would need to remember her mission to act as the main spiritual catalyst, for help in activating and building the Rod in herself and her partner. Also, she would have to wait several lifetimes during the dark ages for the end of the ascension cycle, when the planetary frequency would be high enough for the Staff codes to be reclaimed and activated safely. These specialized groups of genetic equals would carry the original Paliadorian seeding genetic coding packages, and would need to incarnate on the earth within the aligned timeline cycles and within specific family of origin lineages that would give them the necessary genetic imprints, in order to fulfill the Christos Mission of gradually embodying the entire hierogamic package of Rod and Staff codes. The Rod and Staff coding would ignite in the genetic equals who would be reunited once again into sacred marriage couplings during the Ascension Cycle, and whom had retained the genetic code of their original Christos blueprint.

Blue Flame Staff Codes

The lengthy process of repairing the earth grids to ignite the Blue Flame Staff codes of the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks and then activate the Arc of the Covenant networks and Arc Zone into the earth body has required an incredible amount of intricate planning and orchestration. This has required a massive team effort on behalf of many Christos Mission team representatives that has spanned multiple dimensions of time and into multiple incarnations that include the parallel reality. After millions of years travelling in the evolution cycles of this fallen time matrix, this great work of retrieving the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks from the black hole system has been achieved. The next stage of the great work is to fully embody the Staff codes and send out the call to our genetic equal that holds the Rod codes, thus embody the true destiny of the divine feminine on the earth, as a fully realized Solar Feminine Christ.

This reclamation of the earth grids has begun the next stage of embodiment of the cosmic origins of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek Staff codes, which resurrect the Mother principle into the Sophianic Template, which further transfigures the Lunar woman into her true identity as the risen Solar Female Christ.

Lemurian Holocaust

The Lemurian Holocaust was a direct planned assault on the matriarchal society and Solar feminine, in which many of the inhabitants were direct descendants of the original seeding of the Paliadorian races, and were tasked with the important job as Keepers of the Blue Flame. These main groups were Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and they were protectors of the crystalline network of Mother’s Sophianic Template and Guardians of the North and South Ley Lines.

Through the correction of the Lemurian timeline, many fragments in the 2D layers which represent the split body parts of the Mother known as the Achamoth, were reintegrated back into the Arc Zone. Starseeds with this lineage as the Keepers of the Blue Flame may have undergone deep emotional processing with the sensations of being tracked and hunted down, feeling the hatred directed to the divine mother principle, and the waves of grief and sadness from this particular event. Through this event, the earth came to know Misogyny and extreme levels of hatred directed towards the divine feminine, as carried out by the NAA invaders.[1]


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