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Build the Rod, Triple Solar Rod (art by Sequoia)

Guardian Host over the years has referred to building out these particular instruction sets in the planetary Stargates and grid system as Build the Rod projects.

Building the Triple Rod for Planetary Christ

The seating of the Planetary Christ in the Albion via King Arthur and Queen Guinevere required vast amounts of planetary grid repairs to be made to the rod and staff architecture in order to host the Triple Solar Masculine and the Triple Solar Feminine Christ. This required the rebuilding of the Solomon Temple triple sun architecture to house the entire Christos Tribal Shield, for holding the complete Personal Christos Solar Logos records in the Albion. To build the organic rod architecture into the planetary matrix for the triple solar masculine through which to embody corrected timelines, it turns out it is the Holy Mother Sophia, Solar Feminine Melchizedek or Triple Solar Reisha that actually embodies and holds the triple solar rod instruction set within their right-side masculine embodiment.

Thus, the first Blue Ray staff holders were originally embodied as Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and they each had a genetic equal male partner that they would need to build the triple solar rod inside their beloved, during the integration phases of building the Solar Rishi-Reisha hierogamic union template.

Thus, after the Fall of Universal Melchizedek Logos, it was the remaining Solar Female Melchizedeks that were actually genetically key coded to be the Triple Rod holders for not only their divine masculine counterpart, but they also carried pre-incarnation agreements to build the rod into the planetary grid network. Their genetic equals are Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Triple Solar Masculine Rod holders of the 11:11 for the 11D Stargate and they were primarily from the Amethyst Order Pegasus Braharama Elohei Mer lines, that were lost to them through the alien invasion during the Lyran Wars. Thus, it is only through the Cosmic Mother Sophia’s diamond heart and our deep love and spiritual connection to her, that the divine masculine could awaken to build their corrected inner rod and achieve stages of building wings and inner hierogamic union. Or they would have to find the 11:11 rod template to reclaim their inner 12:12 masculine Christ electrical pattern through the spiritual love they embodied for the physically ascending female who was once a Solar Feminine Melchizedek that embodied the Blue Ray 13:13 Universal Mother Arc. Much of the “Build the Rod” was an ongoing Christos Mission project for the ascending family with Michael-Mary wing activations taking place on interdimensional planes and planetary stargates during sleep state. Solar Rishi - Solar Reisha flame bodies would act as spiritual surrogates for their genetically connected Christos family members in order to help them achieve the inner male-female balance that is necessary to build wings and the inner rod and staff without a physical partner available.

From microcosm to macrocosm, it was the small minority of Solar Female Melchizedeks who were building the corrected triple solar rod architecture into the Planetary Grid Network. This was until we could retrieve Amethyst Dragon King Ezekiel as the Solar Rod holder and the divine masculine could awaken to that consciousness level, where he could reconstruct the solar rod inside of himself through the divine reflection of the Sacred Crystal Heart of his genetic equal. Since approximately 2014, the triple rod instruction set is transmitted from the sophianic diamond heart principle in the Earth from 4D-7D-10D pillar gates, which acted as surrogacy for solar plasma transmissions when there is the physical absence of the beloved hierogamic partner. Thus, the Mind Control, victimizer targeting and alien love bite attacks made against the few Solar Feminine Melchizedeks on the planet have been and continue to be horrendous and incredibly challenging to overcome for this reason.

Additionally, Holy Father’s King Arthur embodiment with the corrected triple rod instruction set can only be built from within the Solar Female Melchizedek template connected to the Staff of Elaysa, and for the 11D stargate in the Albion, that Triple Solar Reisha is none other than Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida. This is why the invaders did unspeakable things to destroy her consciousness body and erase her memory record from the Atlantian timelines, as the NAA knew in the future timeline at the end of the precession cycle, King Arthur would need the Solar Female Melchizedek family to be alive and physically embodied for the reassembly of his hierogamic partner and for the return of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia to the planet.

Thus, the Solar Female Melchizedek family has had the perilous job of waking up to transfigure inner lunar satanic forces of Sexual Misery programming, while identifying inorganic female principles and alien implants that block sophianic triple solar embodiment. Further, to make these lightbody corrections within in order to find and retrieve the planet’s original Triple Solar Masculine rod holders, and as well to locate their own hierogamic partners. These are the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon Kings (Rishi-Reisha) that have been trapped, plunged into stasis or had their massive consciousness body parts split apart and strewn across the planet by the invaders. They remain in states of amnesia until their body parts are reassembled and integrated, and thus the stolen history of the red nile cube Egyptian pantheon that tells of Isis returning her husband Osiris’s body parts in order to reanimate his consciousness and give birth to the offspring Horus, was hijacked by the NAA and designed to be a mockery of the Christ. However, the Egyptian storyline has many truthful nuggets describing the search to identify and retrieve spiritual body parts for Christos Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha family, as the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, not the lunar form Isis, have been searching for their beloved lost husbands and their Christos Diamond Sun body parts for multiple millennia.

Once corrected Rod proportions were set for the Triple Solar Masculine at certain dimensional thresholds, then came the intense retrieval work of the Mother of Dragons and her Solar Feminine Melchizedek Mu’a staff holders of Elaysa. The game changer event happened during the Liberation of Ezekiel (January 2022), in which the Amethyst Order Dragon King who functions as the 8D Triple Solar Rod holder of our Galactic center, Ezekiel was finally retrieved out of Iraq, Orion and the Gaian Matrix. Then with great celebration, he was finally freed to rejoin with his Solar Feminine Melchizedek counterpart on the Christos Mission. Together, they hold the true north position in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons and help to direct further triple solar rod corrections for other Christos Founder beings that have been lost throughout the planetary matrix. Currently, the Amethyst Order headquarters in Pegasus constellation seems to be the main focus for current rehabilitation of the 11D Rod architecture, as it is connected to the Cosmic Father’s Elohei Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion dragon lineages and the Dark Matter Suns network.[1]

Dark Matter Suns

Currently, the Amethyst Order headquarters in Pegasus constellation seems to be the main focus for current rehabilitation of the 11D Rod architecture, as it is connected to the Cosmic Father’s Elohei Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion dragon lineages and the Dark Matter Suns network.[2]

12:12 Electrical Christ Male Spin

The 12:12 Electrical Christ Male Pattern is the organic horizontal Male Christ electrical Rod architecture that allows a mathematical merge with the vertical Female Christ magnetic Staff to actually occur. To speak the word as Logos, (Christos-Sophia) as the Holy Son and Daughter, are united in eternal core currents of Love from the Eye of God and bond in hierogamic union of the inner Rod and inner Staff.[3]

Return of Solar Rishi

With the return of the Solar Rishi, the Solar Rod Template in the planetary grid network could finally be seen and accessed within the Albion architecture at entirely new levels, which made Ezekiel’s embodiment as the Triple Solar Masculine Christ prototype in the 8D Galactic Core perceptible to those on the Christos Mission.[4]

Cosmic Holy Father Rod Code

Cosmic Father Shield (art by Sequoia)

Recently the Amethyst Dragon Kings hosted a pale magenta violet vertical pillar as support for the Cosmic Holy Father Principle within the multidimensional layers of the Albion Lightbody. Amethyst Order hosted Kingship Arcs were anchored which brought the next stage of corrected Solar Masculine Christ and Solar Feminine Christ principle through Newgrange, Ireland, which is a Mother Arc Stargate. The 15:15:15 Rod Code pattern is the organic Christos alignment of the Solar Masculine Christos Rod architecture from the Rha God World Creation of The Amethyst Order Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas. This Rod correction contains the Cosmic Solar Dragon King body parts with organic Violet Sun alignments that allow for the mathematical merge with the vertical Solar Female Christos pattern in order to resurrect herself fully through the magnetic properties of the female 13:13 Staff architecture, which formed into the Universal Ankh Body. Through the sacred scepter flame codes of our Cosmic Holy Father which includes the 15:15:15 coded Magenta Sands of Time, this coding is the basis of the sacred math of the Ancient Cosmic Christos Builders from the God Worlds. These Cosmic Father codes from the Amethyst Order anchor the organic feedback loops of the Kryst-Krystallah architecture to transmit organic violet rays that are sourcing directly from the Amethyst Order. [5]


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