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Transcript: Paliadorian Seal. The Paliadorian seal is something that has been inserted across the board into the planet globally. It has impacted the astral body primarily at the fourth dimensional level and impaired the Nadial Structure. What that means is through the Paliadorian activation is if there's a problem with nadial structure or astral body, these splits are going to start to heal because the Paliadorian activation is going to start to heal the heart complex, so these issues within the nadial structure are also going to start to heal.

Now, on planet Earth, we have a problem with the Paliadorian Seal being genetically mutated into the Artificial intelligence net. That means, depending on where people are stationed, as was mentioned with the AI Assimilation Timeline, the inner earth, the median earth in earth and higher earth, the people in the AI in descending pockets are going to have more problem with this Paliadorian seal being released because it's been genetically mutated and merged into the AI programs. A part of the Paliadorian seal mutation is what keeps the 666, what’s known as a 666 Seal or the timekeeper running in the body, that means a 666 timeline. There is something called the 666 timekeeper and the Sextant Matrix that is related to the genetic mutation of the Paliadorian seal into the AI nets. These nets were briefly described in our December meditation.

Bone Matrix Net

We have a Bone Matrix Net in the first dimension. Think about this. The bone matrix has this AI net running this genetic mutation, again, remembering that this is the frequency they’ve put out in the lower dimensions, we are all subjected to this. The physical body is undergoing changes in the bone matrix in order to free itself from the first dimensional AI net. Also, in this area of the bone matrix net is something called the Death Seal that was intentionally recorded and put in the bone. The death mark in the bones are attempting to release themselves at this time from the Paliadorian Activation. The Paliadorian Activation is to free the body from the bone matrix net at the first dimensional level where the death seals have been encoded in the bone marrow in the collective consciousness record.

In the second dimension, where the skin matrix net has put in this death mark into the blood crystals. This is impacting bone, skin and blood in the first and second dimensional layers. That means our body is trying to transmute metatronic or shadow elements within these sections of our physical form in order to come into the Aurora frequency and reconfigure the elemental matrix of which we are a part and again, a part of this Paliadorian activation this year.

This also brings ancestors that are connected to the family of origin that have these distorted elements from the genetic mutations in the AI nets. We may be doing releases, reassembles or reintegration. This is a part of the Genetic Pathcutting, ancestral miasma slogging and as well, routing out Attachments bound to the ancestors. This is something that I've been dealing with, i the matriarchal family of origin lineage which had intergenerational bindings to the Luciferian Covenant relating to the control of these physical body attachments. That meant that in this group of relatives that we observed, there was no single soul occupancy in any of these bodies. The goal, as we know, is to get single soul occupancy in these bodies. The body becomes a repository for all of these attachments, all of these fragments and people of the earth have just been living with that. These are pieces of fragments of other people, pieces of fragments from Tara, pieces from where the planet exploded and these pieces get stuck on people and need to be routed, reassembled and returned to rightful owner and all that. So it's recognizing that we are routing body parts of consciousness units into a process of where they go through a form assembly in a higher dimension. This is to give them the potential of moving into the higher dimension level of their continued journey. And again, what the Guardians are attempting to support the possibility of the highest expression of divinity for all. It may not always be a God Sovereign Free or Krystic alignment but a part of the biological rehabilitation and the consciousness rehabilitation towards the Law of One in order to move into a space that is not a consciousness prison that is completely governed by Mind Control as has happened to the earth in this last cycle.

So, recognizing in some cases, the Paliadorian activation, because it's something that is happening in the global sections of those in the higher grids of the earth is that this also purges out shadow elements in the body. The risk of this is if people go in to the metatronic fields and start to embody heart disease or heart problems or cancers because this is a part of the Metatronic Reversals. So again, we want to be relaxed, we want to participate with the healing of the heart complex, our deep sensory feeling center, which is very thematic for this year at a global level.

So recognizing the Paliadorian Seal is a worldwide global issue on planet. It has split apart the 2D instinctual hard drive, the mental body and astral. These lower mental bodies are undergoing a type of merging and is the first stage of what we really could define as soul integration for the planetary inhabitants. It's when a person starts to become aware of astral communication in their 3D mental body.

Additionally, going back to the Death Seal. I'm reading from my notes, the death seal is what stops the recycling on our earth and it's a part of a physical etheric block from the monadic bio computer in our lightbody. The death seal is what blocks a person from igniting these inner flame access points. The death seal in 1D that has been recorded in the bones in the Paliadorain seal seem to be very much intermixed in terms of releasing from many of the earth inhabitants at this time. The death seal, I have discovered, is what feeds the victimizer software in the one-dimensional nets that the aliens put in. So the removal of the death seal is also something that connects to that V/V software programming and removal of this allows a merge with the parallel self. It is like once that this death seal and this V/V software is really removed from the person you're able to go into a merge with the parallel self. This is a part of the re-collection of your identities in time. Many people on earth are beginning to work on their soul integration at this time, it seems the majority of earth inhabitants are going to the Pleiadian system per the Covenant of Paliador. Transcript by Kimberly. [1]


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