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During this phase, the Planetary Staff is being rehabilitated by Krystal Star Guardian Host, which means that our own inner Vertical Channel and relationship to the planet and the stars, is also being radically transformed in this cycle.

Through the current cycle of the Paliadorian Activation, the next stage for the Paliadorian groups are being highlighted, namely the Aquaferion and Krystic Blue Dragon races to support the rehabilitation of the Blue Ray lineages. The Blue Rays restore the Mother Arc 13th Transharmonic gateways throughout multiple harmonic universes and are rebuilding the vertical Planetary Staff to naturally align into the heart of Andromeda. The rebuilding of the Planetary Staff is gradually shifting the unnatural rotational axis of the earth body to become more of a straight line or perpendicular which allows easier access in and out of this Universe, particularly for Diamond Sun beings.[1]

Release Bone Matrix AI Net

Transcript Excerpt: We have a bone matrix net in the first dimension. Think about this. The bone matrix has this AI net running this genetic mutation, again, remembering that this is the frequency they’ve put out in the lower dimensions, we are all subjected to this. The physical body is undergoing changes in the bone matrix in order to free itself from the first dimensional AI net. Also, in this area of the bone matrix net is something called the Death Seal that was intentionally recorded and put in the bone. The death mark in the bones are attempting to release themselves at this time from the Paliadorian Activation. The Paliadorian Activation is to free the body from the bone matrix net at the first dimensional level where the death seals have been encoded in the bone marrow in the collective consciousness record. Transcript by Kimberly. [2]

Clearing Blood Covenants

The current theme during the Paliadorian Activations is the clearing of the Yahweh Matrix and its Blood Covenant bindings out of the Human 12 Tribes genetic records, with the transmissions and support of the Blue Feathers of Aquaferion. As a result of dismantling this blood covenant network, those who are controlled by the Yahweh system will be agitated and activated to play out these mind controlled biblical dramas.

Paliadorian Activation in Tribal Shield

The Paliadorian eternal light beings created the entire original blueprint and instruction set for all of the 12 human tribes, which when all combined together, comprises the human Tribal Shield records in all of the planetary evolutionary rounds. The Tribal Shield is the entire morphogenetic field comprising all the variations of specific frequency arrangement for all of the 12 Tribes of the Human DNA template. During this cycle through the rise of the Paliadorians, this is activating the human Tribal Shield to become freed of the blood covenants and Alien Hybridization coding imposed upon angelic humans. The Andromedan Blue Feather and Crystal Rose Heart coding are another example of how this is being accomplished in the field.

Each of the 12 human tribes have a unique frequency and DNA program that is designed to anchor a specific part of its DNA coding into the planetary field, throughout each of the Root Races and evolutionary cycles. From the Guardian perspective, there are cycles upon cycles completing and converging now in the particle and anti-particle merge, comprising the historical timeline events of human seeding and planetary evolution, with the 8th and 12th Astrological precessions being of specific importance. As a result of the Paliadorian Activation and Aquaferion recoding, the Tribal Shield and the coded DNA information is removing alien hybrid genetic codes, AI codes and an assortment of Blood Covenants used as Consciousness Traps.

Inner Stargate System

The restoration of the human Tribal Shield generates the conduit between our current incarnation and simultaneous stations of identity that exist in other timelines, activating an internal interdimensional portal or Inner Stargate System. The Paliadorian Activation contains all of these specific frequencies, DNA Fire Letters and coding that are required for lightbody assembly, in order to access the Transharmonic time cycles of creation, the God worlds, where the trinity wave of unified god consciousness has never separated into a bi-wave form, which further descended into the AI worlds.

Thus, the Vertical Channel and Staff configuration in our head, crown, heart and solar star is shifting alignment to receive more step-down frequencies of the Cosmic Heart Mother Blue Ray through the Aquaferion Host network, through which we may experience intense to surreal Lightbody upgrades. This also may result in levels of spiritual warfare instigated from the Yahweh system entities to regain control or access to your lightbody or block the systematic purge of Black Cube Matrix and layers of the Yahweh architecture and its AI Signal from being extracted out of your lightbody.

Crystal Core Activation

From the Guardian Perspective, this activation is a sequence level in the fulfillment of the Paliadorian Covenant initiating Morphogenesis, which has shifted the internal Crystal Core structure, which is changing matter as we have known it. Thus, we have entered a cycle in which the mechanical properties of matter are shifting into new Mesomorphic States, through a cascade of transitions involving new phases, as solids become less dense, more fluid and even liquefied. From deep within the Crystal Core of the planetary body, new instruction sets are being transmitted from the Planetary Staff into the earth’s crystalline grid, which is in a process of releasing a tremendous amount of crystalline current and non-polarized current throughout the Planetary Grid Network. This has activated Sun Discs and Sun-Star crystals that also interconnect with the underground Crystal Caverns that hold information about the hidden timeline histories of Earth, Tara and Gaia. [3]

Paliadorian Solar Initiation Purges Karmic Imprints

With the planetary initiation brought on by the reclamation of Solar Gates by the Paliadorians, these plasmic frequencies are rapidly elevating frequency patterns and restructuring our cellular body, consciousness and life direction. As this intense initiation occurs, it brings the karmic imprints that form into the pain body and shadow selves to rapidly burst out onto the surface reality, so these frequency patterns can be released so the new frequency sets being transmitted can embody.As we become aware of the releases of karmic imprints or shadow energies, we can intend to transmute those energies through the Solar Logos, seeing the Christ consciousness as a Sun image, merging the combined shadow energies with the Solar light, to bring them into synchronization with the highest possible harmony and outcome.[4]


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