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Universal Time Matrix

The following is the Root Race Seeding cycles which describes the evolutionary time cycle and the Root Race associated with each time cycle during planet earth's evolution. We are in the 5th Root Race Cycle and are here to heal and unite with all of our Fragments from the previous Root Race Cycles and well as to activate our 4th DNA STRAND.

There are Three Main Seeding Cycles of Root Races:

Seeding One

The 7D Earth Gaia:

  • Root Race 1- 7D Earth
  • Root Race 1 –Polarians
  • Root Race 2 – Hyperboreans – Antiparticle double to the Polarian Race

Seeding Two and Seeding Three

3D Earth, 5D Tara, 7D Gaia (art by Sequoia)

The 5D earth Tara and 3D Earth

  • Root Race 3 -Lemurians DNA STRAND 2
  • Root Race 4 - Atlantian DNA STRAND 3
  • Root Race 5 – Aryan DNA STRAND 4
  • Root Race 6 – Muvarian DNA STRAND 5
  • Root Race 7 – Paradisian/YunaSetis STRAND 6 ( Future Earth)

Galactic History Summation of Root Race Seedings


  • Huge war broke out over this First Root Race Seeding called the Electric Wars, it was a conflict over the dominion of the Earth Realms and Human (Christ) Kingdom. Race War Conflicts ensued over the genetic mutations and damage that was caused by explosions and other races subsequent evolutionary and genetic digression. Elohim and the Founders re-negotiated to ensure that Human species evolution would continue but would be sealed off from the higher realms as to protect the higher dimensions and entities from all of the distortions and genetic mutations that had occurred in the Human Race. Humans would have to clean up their mess to be allowed access to their Cosmic Families again. Our bodies were sealed off and we were separated from our 12 DNA consciousness, and this distortion to us created a separation between our antiparticle and particle selves, meaning we now experienced separation and duality.
  • Many more distortions to Human species blueprint and consciousness occurred through subsequent seeding and evolutionary rounds. This also meant we would experience separation and awareness of the other aspects of ourselves, including our light body layers. To begin the healing of our fragmentation we would begin by unifying our stations of identity and its layers of consciousness through the time fields (dimensions) During our repeated incarnations we would begin the unification of our consciousness by starting to draw in our Lemurian fragments in through our 2D/Chakra 2 and our Atlantian Fragments through our 3D/Conscious Minds. The human 4D Astral body would also draw in 3rd and 4th Root race Fragments, as a part of the separated emotional body that was created from these distortions in our morphogenetic field blueprint from DNA damage. So another task for human race is that we are responsible to collect the fragments of ourselves from the other root race cycles and seedings.

SEEDING 2 – The 3D Earth

  • Sirians ( Sirius B) Hosted this Seeding of Human Race – Eye of Horus a Stellar Bridge used to bring in consciousness to incarnate.
  • Root Races 3-5 attempted to seed onto the Earth. Melchizedek Race Families came in to help to repair genetic digression around this time approximately 35,000 years ago. Violations by the Incarnated Melchizedek’s using Earth portals incorrectly around the Egyptian Dynastic timeline unleashed a lot of Dark energies onto the Earth surface. This was not purposed by the Melchizedek’s as it was a part of their intended plan to integrate the Annu template from the damaged planetary fields that had resulted from the Atlantian explosions of the grids during the previous Root race seeding. Unfortunately there were some miscalculations and other genetic issues that raised a serious breach of planetary templar security. (The Templar is the Stargate Portal System of the Earth that opens into the 12 Dimensional Levels of the Universal Time Matrix.) For this violation seals were placed on the 6th and 7th dimensional access in our DNA coding preventing physical ascension out of this realm. This became a curse on Humans as it was genetically inbred through the generations. When the human consciousness was no longer a threat to the Planets or Universal Security the Seals are lifted and assistance is given to release them.
  • During the end of 2nd Seeding the Annunaki started breeding with Humans and a race called NEPHILIM was created. This was not agreed upon to genetically tamper with the human race and the Elohim would not let this race walk on or be on the Earth. This created a Conflict and another War broke out. This created the war with the Annunaki and other Annunaki sympathizers,such as the Dracs and Sirian Annunaki Hybrids. The War ended this seeding attempt and we reorganized for the next Evolutionary Round.

SEEDING 3 –3D Earth

  • We are in the 5th Root Race Cycle and are here to heal and unite with all of our Fragments from the previous Root Race Cycles and well as to activate our 4th DNA STRAND.

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