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As a part of the human race (and other E.T. races), we all have contributed and participated in several levels of this planetary experience via experiments in the development of human consciousness at various Timelines and evolution cycles. In each time cycle, a level of "Root Race" (aka the 12 Tribes) had a particular purpose in its exploration of consciousness and assembling a strand of DNA. Each worked in its own way with the genetic/DNA advancement of the human species and its relationship to the school of planet Earth. Each Root Race - as a collective - had a mission to assemble certain DNA strands and qualitites. Each seeding mission programmed certain experiences designed to clear various Miasma distortions (karma) created from other Timelines of genetic destruction.

Within certain potential timeline cycles, humanity was being spiritually prepared to achieve greater and greater levels of enlightenment and ultimately become fully connected, powerful Multidimensional God Beings of Krystal Star design. The divine birthright of the Human Angel was to play in the dualistic worlds of polarity, to experience the lower form worlds of creation, among a litany of other experiences as consciousness experiencing itself in a physical playground. Ultimately, we were to return to Source and assume - with our new, multidimensional consciousness maturity - the stewardship of this Planet into Cosmic Citizenship.

As we integrate all these levels of the Root Races and their DNA genetic memories, we are called upon to become aware of these core fears and distortions that we are processing and healing. These core fears are implanted and anchored in the Planetary Grid Network and the cellular matrix memory of the planetary bodies; they are being processed through our own bio-energetic and physical selves as we grow through this current evolutionary process of Ascension. [1]

Biological Evolution

As we transition from one Root Race to another, these species factors, such as the physiological functions of the human body, are rapidly responding to the massive alterations that are occurring in the earth body. This means that the collective human Blueprint and human bodies are responding to the impending biological evolution that is required as a result of the planet’s structural shift. The current evolutionary pressures are causing (energy to form) anomalies to occur, especially within many environmental and physical factors. This new consciousness platform requires specific physiological Adaptations to the genetic changes that are occurring in the human race, in order to acclimate to the new set of conditions and energies that we are being further exposed to, as they are related to the human evolutionary process. Those awakening now are in the forefront of embodying these Adaptations as they are the consciousness bridge spanning into the future birth cycle of the next Root Race of the human species.[2]


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Term first found HGS Manual: Page 75