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We are living through the personal mystery of waking up to find out that earth humans have been existing in a fallen system. We are in the process of undergoing a spiritual liberation of our planet, in which everything we thought was true is being tested and challenged during this time. The Metatron Collective entered this fallen system with the mission of rebuilding the Lyran Gate and helping to repair the 8D layers in the Metagalactic Core. We look at why this was necessary and how their failure and capture have become entangled with alien technologies of reversal fields, used to syphon and entrap. Recently, Guardians have been able to access pre-fall and pre-invasion templates for correcting the architecture in this present timeline. This has implications for the 8D and 9D gates, and control over movement in and out of our system.

After the partial Fall of the Milky Way system from its Mother Universe, subsequent distortions were created in the structural integrity of the Universal Time Matrix in which the organic creator Kryst-Krystallah codes became twisted, damaged and reversed. The origination of the Fall of Humanity began when the organic structures that interconnected the Andromedan Time Matrix and the Milky Way Time Matrix in the Metagalactic Core were attacked by black hole entities, many of whom joined together later on to form the NAA. This surprise attack from the neighboring black hole system began several timeline events that would play out in the Galactic Wars at multiple dimensional levels simultaneously. The Galactic Wars further damaged the functioning structure of the organic time matrix, which led to the exploitation of that vulnerability by the black hole entities. They began ripping black holes in the fabric of space-time and building assortments of Mind Control technology for projecting AI realities, that are used for capturing planets and living things to use as consciousness slaves.

The black hole entities were searching to conquer new territories in a neighboring time matrix for an external source supply of living consciousness energy and other resources they could use to fuel their dying system and immortal lunar forms. The separation of the Milky Way System resulted in several fallen stars from Andromeda, the fallen star which was captured in the Metagalactic Core imploded upon itself and became the black star Abaddon. Subsequently, the damage incurred to the Metagalactic Core led to the events surrounding the Fall of Lyra, in which the Christos Avatar 12th Stargate leading into the Andromedan time matrix imploded and was destroyed, its pieces scattered throughout the Galactic plane.

The Galactic Plane of our Milky Way system became distorted through a blend of damaged energy fields and collapsed time matrices, along with insertions of black hole entity artificial machinery used to hijack the organic base 12 architecture and then bend and twist the time matrices into artificial configurations that could be manipulated and controlled by the NAA. This is the seed of the suffering that humanity has faced in the artificial timeline wars with competing Core Manifestation Templates, one organic, the other artificially generated by the invaders. To maintain the unnatural energy field configurations through magnetic reversals and advanced alien machinery that support the race lines of Black Sun DNA reversal 10 templates, the Flower of Artificial Life manifestation template was generated as the primary holographic architecture inserted in the Galactic Plane.

The Metagalactic Core distortions from the black cube matrix were holding the Artificial Flower of Life geometric template in place, to disrupt and prevent the diagonal grids from functioning in one dimension to another. The Artificial Flower of Life geometry was designed to ripple distortions from the black hole entities artificial 8th Portal throughout the lower dimensional architecture, seeding Metatronic code and 60-degree angular spins. This death technology was designed to collect quantum energy siphoned from these lower creations, where the main Loosh collection site returned back into the Metagalactic Core and was utilized to power up the artificial realities and neighboring black hole systems. Further this alien construct was designed to feed energy sources into the many phantom hyperdimensional pockets and hibernation zones where negative entities reside. This is how they colonized the Solar System in order to maintain their existence within these virtual AI timelines, that they have generated for the purpose of conquering earth and propagating their race lines in the Milky Way system.

Metatronic Flower of Death

In the 8D Metagalactic Core they installed this black hole technology that enforces the Metatronic Flower of Death geometric patterns to run its mathematical distortions for the demon seed ratio throughout the Galactic plane, and that would further be transmitted into all of the lower dimensional planes and then circulated as instruction sets directly into the planetary logos. Further, by intentionally compromising the integrity of the organic Universal Tree of Life core manifestation body, this artificial structure redirects the perpetual life source supply of the organic Krystal Flower of Life, by collecting and sending that harvested energy to the Orion Groups that were stationed in the Metagalactic Core and into these artificial portals leading back into the black hole system.

This was also designed in this way by the NAA to have total control over the 8D Metagalactic Core and to monitor the consciousness travel activity to and from the Galactic plane with the intent to ultimately conquer the earth territory. Whereby they would completely control who could come in and out of this this time matrix by guarding the main access portals into our reality system via the Galactic Core. Essentially, the result amplified Metatronic reversals and thus acted as a Frequency Fence that was blocking access from those in the higher creation worlds or the benevolent Christos races, that were attempting to contact their representative Starseeds that had incarnated on the earth during the Ascension Cycle. From monitoring this area with the black cube matrix and looking glass technology, they could easily monitor from the Astral Plane and see who was expanding consciousness beyond the Demon Seed Ratios, who was and was not breaking through the frequency fences they had set up as consciousness traps. The Milky Way system was a time matrix that could be entered into from certain portals in order to incarnate on the earth, but it was a one-way ticket, the higher dimensional beings from other systems could get in but it was very hard to impossible to get out.

Beast Machine and Gravitron

Black hole technology sourcing from the Metagalactic Core is known as the Beast Machine and is held in place on the planetary body through massive fields of reversal AI programmed consciousness, in the black subtle forces in the earth elemental field and that is called Behemoth. The Beast Machine tilts the earth and the planets in the Solar System into unnatural trajectory plane alignments, that pull the planets out towards the Milky way plane. When forcing planets into unnatural orbits and tilts in spin rotation, the nature of time and the movement of consciousness energy can be controlled.

Caduceus Network

The Caduceus network was an installation that occurred as a result of the damage that was incurred during the Orion Wars, for access into and control over the Metagalactic core and the 8th Dimensional Stargate. Subsequent Metatronic reversal damage was generated to the collective monadic mind in the Universal Time Matrix. This event generated a disconnection between the higher dimensional aspects of self that exist in the pre-matter dimensions above 8D and the identities in the timelines that existed beneath it. With the current shifts in rebuilding of the Metagalactic Core and correcting the 8D Monadic Mind Galactic Consciousness, there are ongoing Guardian Host projects to reclaim and reassemble the essences of the Monadic spiritual bodies, to correctly align with the Permanent Seed Atom in the higher heart center and position itself correctly within the human Lightbody.

Hyperdimensional Pockets

These are reverse-spin light fields that create reverse-particle-spin matter fields that create hyperdimensional pockets in the fabric of space. They hang in the atmosphere of earth and are inhabited by many of the NAA forces. They are the result of Black Hole Technologies in the Metagalactic Core that were created during the Atlantian Cataclysm by NAA, to Mind Control and stop human evolution from achieving spiritual ascension.

8D Stargate Activity

In becoming aware of the current changes that are transpiring to reclaim the Metagalactic Core into another stage of krystal restoration and functioning, so that the organic alignments to the Natural Laws may occur, we can better comprehend the motivation behind certain events transpiring on the world stage. The recent shifts in the 8D Metagalactic core form resonances with the planetary stargates and are impacting all of the above alien black hole technologies in a variety of ways, that may be manifested in our reality.

The landmass of China holds the primary resonance of the Metagalactic Core transmissions and as these positive realignments to the Galactic Plane occur, there are various methods of retaliation made by Controlling entities to disrupt and interfere with that process in clearing metatronic field reversals.[1]

  • 8D Stargate Xian, China
  • 8D Inner gate Lop Nur, border Tibet/China
  • 8D - Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

Gaian Planetary Core

Gaian Matrix

The Return of the Solar Rishi into the matter worlds is a significant event which has generated massive impacts to the timeline architecture of this reality, and is why this month we focus on the current Guardian projects and direct impacts made to the future timeline of the 7D Gaian Matrix. This new configuration has radically changed the Galactic and Metagalactic Core configuration and this is continually unfolding new organic timeline patterns for ascension within the planetary architecture. The 8D Metagalactic Core is also the Gaian Planetary Core, which previously held in place a Black Sun in the 8th Portal, that was configured from an exact AI replica of the Gaian Matrix during the Electric Wars.[2]


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