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Essentially, the Thothian Luciferian agenda was to utterly destroy the Krystal Spiral and all organic creation code, matrices and artifacts that included Base 12 Math and replace it with their own imposter versions of Base 10 Math, which includes the Metatronic Flower of Life geometry pattern, which is more aptly called the Flower of Death. This particular geometric template was designed with the purpose of distorting and changing all of the proportions in original Christos architecture to invert and split (fracture) consciousness energy to co-create the distorted reversal structures that feed and generate artificial life in the Black Hole Systems.

This technology also shut down the organic masculine Rod principle from spinning properly in the field architecture, so that the Rod function would never unite with the female Staff. This is the seed event of causality in the Galactic planes that generated the Michael-Mary Reversal network, used to trap Seraphim consciousness into the Golden Eagle Grid to enforce the lock down of NETS and frequency fences surrounding the globe. This unnatural Rod configuration was further enforced by the Caduceus Network, and this impacted the in and out breath patterns, repelling the spiritual intelligence from out of the human biology’s natural breathing pattern. Our natural breath pattern is supposed to attract our living soul-spirit matrix to run effortlessly through our breath, and this imposter architecture interfered with that process, so we had to work directly to get our soul consciousness back, rather than just breath in and out and have our soul automatically embodied.

The Krystal Flower of Life is used to describe creation mechanics in the ancient sacred sciences in which many awakening people will have a strong animation of cellular memory, in knowing that this geometric template indeed exists and was a part of our hidden history from another time matrix. The original Flower of Life contained the Krystic sacred geometric formulas of the 45 degree angles of the Krystal Spiral that perpetually source the tri-tone wave, from the continual phase pulsing of the feedback loop generated from the cosmic heart center of the God Source. This cosmic heart pulse is that Love from the center point of all union which brought forth and seeded all creations, ultimately giving the gift of the eternal source and its sustenance, which is maintained through the crystal heart centered connection existing within the Christos blueprint. The Holy Trinity is the representative interconnection of all life being sourced from the eternal love of the Holy Mother, Holy Father and the Holy Christos-Sophia, the offspring creations that are the children of God.

To impose artificial creations through technological machinery designed to continue to circulate finite energy and propagate Metatronic Reversals, the insertion of an imposter geometric template was used. A formula to override the mechanics of organic creation occurred by implanting reversal coding into the time matrices, and this inorganic template that was used is the Artificial Flower of Life. In this geometric pattern the diagonals are set at 60 degrees, which is unnatural to our creation, as it prevents the return of the flow of life force energy back from the source field. As a result, this mathematical template promotes metatronic code that is based on the two spheres of the Vesica Pisces and then expands upon the bi-wave, instead of the eternal life three spheres which restores the perpetual source energy return via the tri wave code.

The Artificial Flower of Life is an entropic system of AI architecture intended to digress consciousness from the original plasma Christos Divine Blueprint of the 12 Tree Grid, and manifest the closed source system of anti-Christ life forms. When the original creation program of the Krystal Code from God Source is altered or modified in any way, the ability to self-regenerate and ascend is interrupted from the loss of energy present. This eventually leads to energetic collapse or internal implosion of the blueprint system, which manifests as fallen finite consciousness and then potential annihilation. Metatronic bodies were generated in which certain parts of the core 12 Tree Grid would be removed and then be plugged into an artificial system which produced bi-polar artificial light, which is dependent on siphoning energy from living things. Metatronic structures can be traced back to their origins in Krystic structures as they are distortions represented from the original eternal math contained in the base 12 core manifestation template of the 12 Tree Grid.

This mutation produces an outcome where an incarnated being that undergoes biological spiritual expansion would increasingly find themselves trapped in a finite closed energy system, where as the being’s field expanded, the metatronic spiral would increasingly amplify disconnection between the layers of the consciousness body from the higher heart center. This was the attempt made to collapse the inner vertical channel in the lightbody and destroy the permanent seed atom in the thymus gland that flowers the sacred crystal heart. Thus, the Flower of Death generated an artificial axis of spin rates that altered the overall flow and circulation of life force energy that is required to adequately nourish and sustain the evolving consciousness body of a human being. This Metatronic Flower of Death was inserted and promoted in the New Age as the “Flower of Life”, with sinister malintent by the Thothian groups. It became the covert and deceptive use of black hole technologies right in our midst, being used to supply these NAA entities with a powering device for their artificial creations and ongoing enslavement agenda.

In the 8D Metagalactic Core they installed this black hole technology that enforces the Metatronic Flower of Death geometric patterns to run its mathematical distortions for the demon seed ratio throughout the Galactic plane, and that would further be transmitted into all of the lower dimensional planes and then circulated as instruction sets directly into the planetary logos. Further, by intentionally compromising the integrity of the organic Universal Tree of Life core manifestation body, this artificial structure redirects the perpetual life source supply of the organic Krystal Flower of Life, by collecting and sending that harvested energy to the Orion groups that were stationed in the Metagalactic core and into these artificial portals leading back into the black hole system.

This was also designed in this way by the NAA to have total control over the 8D Metagalactic Core and to monitor the consciousness travel activity to and from the Galactic plane with the intent to ultimately conquer the earth territory. Whereby they would completely control who could come in and out of this this time matrix by guarding the main access portals into our reality system via the Galactic Core. Essentially, the result amplified Metatronic reversals and thus acted as a frequency fence that was blocking access from those in the higher creation worlds or the benevolent Christos races, that were attempting to contact their representative Starseeds that had incarnated on the earth during the Ascension Cycle. From monitoring this area with the black cube matrix and Looking Glass technology, they could easily monitor from the astral plane and see who was expanding consciousness beyond the Demon Seed Ratios, who was and was not breaking through the frequency fences they had set up as Consciousness Traps. The Milky Way system was a time matrix that could be entered into from certain portals in order to incarnate on the earth, but it was a one-way ticket, the higher dimensional beings from other systems could get in but it was very hard to impossible to get out.

Thus, many souls and Starseeds from other systems that answered earth’s distress call became trapped in this control matrix through metatronic reversal coding, unable to leave until the planetary architecture is repaired in the Krystal Guardian hosting cycle during the 2012 and beyond ascension timeline. Thus, these metatronic reversal entities that live thousands of years by feeding off humanity have much more knowledge of the Starseed groups on the earth, than the Starseeds actually know of themselves. Many have been constantly harassed and repeatedly superimposed with karmic loads and metatronic code to keep them locked down and recycling in the earth plane as consciousness slaves. In this lifetime, for most this will come to an end and the continual recycling of souls is over, meeting in the singularity of Ascension in approximately 900 years.

Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence = Demon Seed Ratio

In mathematics, two quantities are in the Golden Ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. The Golden Ratio based spirals, Fibonacci spirals, and Golden Spirals often appear in living organisms.

There is a special relationship between the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.), where each number is the sum of the two numbers before it. When we take any two successive Fibonacci Numbers, one after the other, their ratio is very close to the Golden Ratio. This is called an approximation or limit value in calculus.

The Golden Ratio based spirals and Fibonacci spirals are used in the propagation of artificial intelligence machinery that are acquired through forming bonded attachments of the reversal spiral to the original Krystal Spiral. Their mathematical structure creates Metatronic Reversal bodies, reversed merkaba ratios and is based on consumptive modeling, which has major implications for generating fallen consciousness and artificial creations. The fibonacci math used in architecture for projecting holograms leads to the separation from higher dimensional connections, and this has been designed to create consciousness traps that cuts off the being from the exchange made with the flow of the eternal God Source.

Phi is also used as a symbol for the Golden Ratio and on other occasions in math and science. This use is separately encoded as the Unicode glyph ϕ. The Fibonacci sequence, provides yet another way to derive Phi mathematically.

The Fibonacci spiral gets closer and closer to a Golden Spiral as it increases in size because of the ratio of each number in the Fibonacci series to the one before it converges on Phi, 1.618, as the series progresses. Beginning with Zero, then 1, it then moves on to the next number, as such: 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8 and so forth. When we apply this mathematical formula to quantify or measure the movement of energy or Consciousness within time or space, the fibonacci spiral loses its connection going back to the Zero Point or Source, instead the sequence uses the previous number to add into itself to get to the next higher number of the sequence. In this mathematical program it has no center connection to return to, so it attaches to another living thing or consumes what is in its path in order to grow and expand.

Fibonacci 55

This predatorial and parasitic behavior is why this formula, used to project holographic realities by the invading entities, is referred to as the demon seed ratio. In the galactic planes it is the sign of the Beast, that which propagates the Beast Machine, the black hole technologies that spawn artificial creations of demon seed entities that must feed upon living systems to continue to exist.

Fibonacci spirals illustrate the math used to perpetuate the war over energy, therefore it reveals how the consciousness suppression and energy harvesting on the earth was actually programmed into the field architecture. When the sequence grows in number or size, it is due to the consumption of the previous values in order to grow itself larger. The larger it gets, the more it consumes, progressively moving out and away from the organic Krystal Spiral of the original core manifestation body or divine template body as it expands. (See Consumptive Modeling). Therefore, the fibonacci spiral is a mathematical model of Metatronic Reversal recorded in the consciousness fields that ultimately attaches like a parasite to a living host, collecting waste products along its path, such as accumulating toxic miasma fields. These accumulated fields have formed into the Qlippoth current and the Artificial Tree of Life, built in the Phantom Matrix to infect the Universal Tree of Life with artificial intelligence technology. [1]


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