Galactic Core

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Galactic Center or Galactic Core

The Galactic Core is considered to be at the center of the 15 dimensional Universal Time Matrix, in which connects to the level of Geomantic Entity that we were before we entered manifestation and became individuated. The Galactic Core is connected to 8D. See Metagalactic Core.

Gaian Planetary Core

Gaian Matrix

The Return of the Solar Rishi into the matter worlds is a significant event which has generated massive impacts to the timeline architecture of this reality, and is why this month we focus on the current Guardian projects and direct impacts made to the future timeline of the 7D Gaian Matrix. This new configuration has radically changed the Galactic and Metagalactic Core configuration and this is continually unfolding new organic timeline patterns for ascension within the planetary architecture. The 8D Metagalactic Core is also the Gaian Planetary Core, which previously held in place a Black Sun in the 8th Portal, that was configured from an exact AI replica of the Gaian Matrix during the Electric Wars.[1]

Universal Time Matrix

Universal Time Matrix

The Universal Time Cosmology of Twelve Dimensions of Simultaneous Time-Space Cycles within a Fifteen Dimensional Wave Spectrum. Each Harmonic Universe is equal to the Triad of Spiritual Identity that our consciousness evolves through as our Personality (1D-2D-3D), Soul (4D-5D-6D), Oversoul (Monad) (7D-8D-9D), Avatar Christos (10D-11D-12D) and Founder Consciousness (13D-14D-15D).

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