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Geomantic Codes are energy wave-guides that direct the focus of the energetic spectrum within each dimension as designed per the blueprint.

Each dimension has many layers of geomantic coding with usually a primary station of code and multiple subsidiary codes. These codes are program codes through which the frequency wave patterns is directed through the human being consciousness and energetic blueprint. This creates certain patterns of manifestation through the arrangement of code.

In the use of the HGS session template we are learning to communicate with layers of geomantic coding to alter the frequency programs of the blueprint structures to that which is organic to our personal consciousness and spiritual self. In this way beneficial impacts can be made to manifest conditions in the personal field, or timelines that impact our consciousness. Geomantic code and Geomancies along with time vector codes are the foundation for the Universal God Mind. This means Geomantic Code and Geomancies are the language of which the Universal God Mind processes creation. [1]

Platonic Solids as Sonic Geometry

Earth and Platonic Solids

The sonic geometries, Light Symbol Codes are based in the platonic solid shapes and lines of light are programmed from one dimension above where they are being directly placed in the field. This is accomplished by directing geometric codes from mathematical shapes which form into light programs into one dimensional area in order to direct the appropriate sound frequencies into the dimension above it. In directing certain light code symbols into a specific dimension of time and space, the architect behind the making of the Blueprint is simultaneously directing sound wave frequencies or sonic geometries into the dimension that exists above it. Remember that sound makes geometric forms which become patterns made visible through light. The interplay of light and sound must be used together in the creation of energy fields and forms, and thus the male and female principle are always entwined and working together in some capacity in the mechanics of creation.[2]

Light Symbol Codes

Light Symbol Codes are patterns of light and sound that make up mathematical and geometric configurations that hold and transmit a spectrum of multidimensional light and sound waves. Crystalline structures that form onto dimensionalized instruction sets in the field are also referred to as Keylons.

Geomantic Entity

Geomantic Entity is a way to describe the collective identity we are interconnected with that exists beyond dimension, an existence beyond time. It is the gestalt identity that we were before we individuated in the time matrix and became individual beings with Stations of Identity. We will eventually return to our original consciousness family in the energy matrix as we evolve beyond time.

Light Symbol Code

Krystal Star of Azoth (art by Sequoia)

The six-pointed Star of David is a Light Symbol Code that represents the first cause of sound frequency’s unifying function of Holy Mother’s quintessence, the pure divine fire-water within the alchemy of the holy spirit, the sacred animating force which controls the essence of organic and eternal life.

Light Symbol Codes and DNA Signal

As we dedicate ourselves to serve our highest spiritual expression as a lifestyle, we will constantly be exposed to a variety of energetic exchanges of higher frequencies and light symbol codes sourcing from our monad, Avatar Christos and higher spiritual identities. Light symbol codes activate the Crystal Body to function in higher ways directing consciousness energy, light and sound codes into new arrangements of musical DNA tones. Light symbol codes can appear as platonic solids or light language, in which they are grouped together to form a complex mathematical pattern that holds an instruction set. Light symbol codes program and direct the consciousness energy within the fabric of light and sound grids that create the structures for manifestation.

The new arrangements of DNA musical tones start to activate higher potentials of the manifested DNA to come online and begin to make frequency alterations and adjustments to the physical body. Musical DNA tones are DNA Signals that arrange the pattern of the raw material substance of the DNA, such as the nucleotides and the protein chains. Human red blood cells contain DNA emitting signals. This is why it’s so important to not inject other species or foreign DNA substances directly into our blood stream. When another species DNA or an artificially generated genetic modified organism is injected into the bloodstream, this interferes with the human DNA’s ability to recognize other human DNA signals, and blocks DNA communication with all members of the same species.

It is important to know that the Controllers also use light symbol codes in mind control transmissions to stop or prevent organic light symbol code transmissions from activating the Crystal Body in humanity, which keeps human DNA potentials dormant. Light symbol codes can be used with high frequencies to program the body towards health, wellbeing and spiritual healing, and with negative intent they can be used with low frequencies to attack the subconscious with fear, disease and deterioration programs. Once we understand that it is possible to program disease or deterioration of human DNA by blocking the physical body’s ability to send an organic human DNA signal transmission, then the current toxic nanotech injection agenda can no longer be passed off as anything other than spiritual warfare.

Without our personal DNA signal being in perfect alignment to the harmonic phasing of the Earth body, it prevents most earthlings from accessing accurate species memory or ascension codes that are being recorded in the instruction sets of the Earth. It also means that an individual’s DNA is unable to recognize another member of their same species, as it confuses the DNA Signals and energetic communications made between humans. This is a major issue with humanity that has been involved with alien hybridization and that now require specific bio-regenesis and spiritual rehabilitation of their DNA Signal. This is one reason the human race does not recognize the return of the Christ Consciousness DNA Signal, and does not acknowledge or know of the Krystal DNA pattern existing in the Earth body.

To control the perception of the conscious mind of humanity to automatically believe in the plandemic, the Controller groups program a series of pestilence and fear programs into the 1D-2D frequency areas of the subconscious layers so that they can direct the lowest frequencies targeting the dimensions above it. In the April 2021 newsletter the GOAT mind was discussed as a mind control program being used to control the human brain’s limbic system in order to gain compliance in the Controller agenda. The fabric of light and sound, or the grid is programmed from the dimension above where the symbol codes or mathematical programs are being placed and directed. If the Controller desires to target the 3D consciousness parameter with a series of programming codes sent via extremely low frequencies, the program is inserted in the 1D-2D spectrum in order to run the program in 3D. This is how the NAA capture human consciousness into 3D by running mind control programs throughout the planetary grid, by targeting each dimension by constructing an artificial machine or alien program in the dimensional grid that exists beneath the targeted area.[3]


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