Geomantic Code

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Geomantic Codes are energy wave-guides that direct the focus of the energetic spectrum within each dimension as designed per the blueprint.

Each dimension has many layers of geomantic coding with usually a primary station of code and multiple subsidiary codes. These codes are program codes through which the frequency wave patterns is directed through the human being consciousness and energetic blueprint. This creates certain patterns of manifestation through the arrangement of code.

In the use of the HGS session template we are learning to communicate with layers of geomantic coding to alter the frequency programs of the blueprint structures to that which is organic to our personal consciousness and spiritual self. In this way beneficial impacts can be made to manifest conditions in the personal field, or timelines that impact our consciousness. Geomantic code and Geomancies along with time vector codes are the foundation for the Universal God Mind. This means Geomantic Code and Geomancies are the language of which the Universal God Mind processes creation.