Blue Rainbow Bridge

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Blue Rainbow Bridge and Cosmic Blue Rainbow Dragons (art by Elizabeth)

During the weekend leading up to the summer solstice [2023], the planetary grid system and Crystal Core received a massive influx of rainbow plasmic gamma rays containing Blue Rainbow Bridge instruction sets from the Emerald Order, that are initiating stages of Diamond Sun DNA activation throughout the Paliadorian groups that have agreed to function as the universal Blue Rainbow Bridge for the rest of angelic humanity. The Blue Rainbow Bridge is a Paliadorian Diamond Sun Starborn embodiment sequence with Crystal Key activations for Ankh Body, in which the genetic keys are designed to act as the gatekeeper access into several intermediary portal systems created between our planetary and galactic consciousness layers and the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. The Emerald Crystal Heart portal systems encompass massive living star geometries that are building interdimensional portal systems from the God Worlds throughout Sun-Star Disc systems that link with multiple layers of Universal Ankh Bodies and Krystal Cathedral networks, which are the spiritual dwellings of the Emerald Founders in their Triple Solar Rishi-Reisha God body emanations. [1]

Essentially, we can consider the Blue Rainbow Bridge to be akin to a floating bridge of the Seven Higher Heavens, in which the Cosmic Christos intelligence is generating higher dimensional platforms into the Cosmic Hall of Records, for the purpose of recreating or terraforming the planet through the creation of natural features such as lands, rivers, trees, angelic creatures, and aurora elementals which are filled with the cosmic life force. This spiritual creation connects with the Cosmic Mother’s Silver White Flames, which generates a silvery white mist that blankets the Morphogenetic Fields of instruction sets, and appear to be related to the embodiment sequence of Merida-Guinevere -Brigid’s Triple Solar Reisha Flames and Solar Dragon rings throughout the planet.

Paliadorian Genetic Key Activation

For those first wave ascending prototypers with Paliadorian pre-birth agreements, and those Indigo families that accepted the higher Diamond Sun DNA genetic package going back to 1972, the Blue Rainbow Bridge instruction set has ignited a range of intense solar body activations. The Paliadorian Starseed family is undergoing sequences of activations as their lightbody is being linked into the Blue Rainbow Bridge as genetic key holders that function as the consciousness gatekeeper access into organic portal systems leading into other organic time waves and dimensional realities hosted by Guardians.

With the recent transmissions, we are receiving the fruits of our labor as the result of the reclamation of the Alhambra Palace and Orion’s Belt (Alnilam), as the Cosmic Elohei reclaimed the planetary Unis Mundi and Axis Mundi in various positions of the Celestial Sphere in previous timelines, during these challenging Emerald Guardian projects. Gaining control over the planetary Axis Mundi and its position during several historical events was important for gaining complete control over the direction of future timelines, and thus the verticals and horizontals were converged into the planetary Crystal Core, thereby successfully anchoring them throughout the respective 8D gold currents and 9D silver currents in the planetary stargate network. Further, by transmitting light seed codes and genetic keys throughout the 11:11 gateway, complex crystalline mathematical geometries of eleven pointed stars began forming, representing the corrections of the planetary adamic body template in the male five star and female six-star patterns that unify into the hierogamic template of Universal Starhuman Coupling seated into the Albion network. This embodiment sequence connected to the Cosmic Elohei parents is required for the genetic key sequences that open the organic portal technologies that are directly linked into the Paliadorians Blue Rainbow Bridge seated in the Holy Mountain of Mount Kailash.[2]

Holy Mountain Architecture

The Cosmic Mother Dragon appears in her Triple Solar Reisha Merida-Guinevere-Brigid form when encircling the planet with her silvery ouroboros line, emanating silver white flames from her Elaysa Sun consciousness streams, which appears to reconfigure the distortions of artificial holograms and reversal blueprints. As she ignited the Avebury Umbilicus with her massive Bethlehem Star of silvery white flames during the Summer Solstice, the tri-waves of braided silver and gold pulsed through the dragon lines, which intersected with the floating bridge or Blue Rainbow Arc above Mount Kailash. This seems to be the primary focus of building the recent Holy Mountain architecture for seating the Blue Rainbow Bridge. A type of Cosmic Christ Consciousness distribution center in which different star patterns that are connected to the returning Ascended Master Rishi-Reisha identities, can heal their light body and reunite with their spiritual sun-star home and divine counterparts.

Kunlun Mountains, Mount Kailash and Rainbow Body

Most of the references made confirming the existence of the Rainbow Body have been connected to the eastern philosophies and esoteric spiritual factions that source from ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings that originated from the Melchizedeks that were originally living in the Lop Nur and Tibetan mountainous regions. There are many pyramidal shaped mountains of various sizes in this region, which may be actual remnants of humanity’s lost advanced civilization in which our ancestors understood how to harness the energy currents running throughout the ley lines and nodal points, for the benefit of humanity.

From this sprouted the Kunlun and Kailash spiritual mythologies that are based upon sources of various legends, myths, and historical accounts of the modern Kunlun Mountains and the pyramidal shaped Mount Kailash (Mount Meru) of the Tibetan Plateau.

Kunlun and Kailash each have specific spiritual mythologies that are considered to be the archetypal forces of God’s divinity and wisdom, manifested on top of the mountainous peaks where the supreme Gods connect the Heavens with the Earth. It is considered to be the stairway to heaven, making it the sanctum sanctorum of eastern religions and the most important spiritual and cosmological center of the world. There are numerous sites close to Mount Kailash also referred to as Mount Meru, that are associated with Padmasambhava, as it is also considered to be his spiritual abode and source of ancient wisdom, whose tantric practices in holy sites around Tibet are credited with finally establishing Buddhism as the main religion of the country in the 7th or 8th century AD.

Mount Kailash is the Holy Mountain architecture that anchors the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway, through which our current Guardian projects have extended into the realization of the Blue Rainbow Arc bridge for the return of the authentic Ascended Masters.

This event also brings rapid solar initiation in which those ascending groups connected to the adept lineages of these Tibetan Masters, are detoxifying miasmatic loads of artificial red wave spectrums and other artificial frequencies that carried false ascension or new age overlays. For intense onset of spiritual activations, it may require fasting, detoxification and purification methods along with sudden changes in sleep patterns and metabolism.

Tiamat Logos

The Blue Rainbow Bridge seated in Holy Mountain architecture discussed last month, has continued to unfold. This architecture has supplied the corrected crystal key activations for the Universal Melchizedek Ankh Body, which functions as the gatekeeper entrance into several intermediary portal systems hosted by the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. This upgrade has generated an Emerald Order Melchizedek Solar Templar shield for realigning original Sun-Star networks and Capstone Codes, which allow access into the timelines of pre-fall Nibiru and pre-fall Tiamat. Currently, Emerald Guardians are inspecting, repairing and reconfiguring the reclaimed Tiamat Logos morphogenetic fields, which directly impact the 10D Solar Star and the Shara Complex.[3]


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