Axis Mundi

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18th-century illustration of Mount Kailash, depicting the holy family: Shiva and Parvati, cradling Skanda with Ganesha by Shiva's side

In a geocentric coordinate system, this is the axis of rotation of the Celestial Sphere. Consequently, in ancient Greco-Roman astronomy, the Axis Mundi is the axis of rotation of the planetary spheres within the classical geocentric model of the cosmos.

In 20th-century comparative mythology, the term axis mundi – also called the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world, or world tree – has been greatly extended to refer to any mythological concept representing the connection between Heaven and Earth or the higher and lower realms. Axis mundi closely relates to the mythological concept of the omphalos (navel) of the world or cosmos.

An axis mundi is more broadly defined as a place of connection between heavenly and the earthly realms – often a mountain or other elevated site. Tall mountains are often regarded as sacred and some have shrines erected at the summit or base. Mount Kunlun fills a similar role in China. Mount Kailash is holy to Hinduism and several religions in Tibet. The Pitjantjatjara people in central Australia consider Uluru to be central to both their world and culture. The Middle Kingdom, China, had a central mountain, Kunlun, known in Taoist literature as the mountain at the middle of the world. To "go into the mountains" meant to dedicate oneself to a spiritual life.[1]

Human Body

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1492)

The human body can express the symbol of the world axis. The chakra system recognized by Hinduism and Buddhism, merge with the concept of the human body as a pillar between the spiritual world in heaven and the matter world of Earth. Disciplines such as yoga and tai chi begin from the premise of the human body as axis mundi. The Buddha represents a world center in human form. Large statues of a meditating figure unite the human form with the symbolism of the temple and tower. Astrology in all its forms assumes a connection between human health and affairs and celestial-body orientation. The Renaissance image known as the Vitruvian Man represented a symbolic and mathematical exploration of the human form as world axis.[2]

Cosmic Energy Cycle; Blue Rainbow Bridge

With the recent transmissions, we are receiving the fruits of our labor as the result of the reclamation of the Alhambra Palace and Orion’s Belt (Alnilam), as the Cosmic Elohei reclaimed the planetary Unis Mundi and Axis Mundi in various positions of the Celestial Sphere in previous timelines, during these challenging Emerald Guardian projects. Gaining control over the planetary Axis Mundi and its position during several historical events was important for gaining complete control over the direction of future timelines, and thus the verticals and horizontals were converged into the planetary Crystal Core, thereby successfully anchoring them throughout the respective 8D gold currents and 9D silver currents in the planetary stargate network. Further, by transmitting light seed codes and genetic keys throughout the 11:11 gateway, complex crystalline mathematical geometries of eleven pointed stars began forming, representing the corrections of the planetary adamic body template in the male five star and female six-star patterns that unify into the hierogamic template of Universal Starhuman Coupling seated into the Albion network. This embodiment sequence connected to the Cosmic Elohei parents is required for the genetic key sequences that open the organic portal technologies that are directly linked into the Paliadorians Blue Rainbow Bridge seated in the Holy Mountain of Mount Kailash.[3]


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