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Capstones hold specific ascension coding for Solar Rishi or fully ascended beings that enter back into the time matrix, where the capstone code is translated into the genetic memory for the ascended master consciousness in order for them to embody their full Ascended Master genetic coding within their lower dimensionalized station of identity. The 8D permanent seed crystal inside the Monadic core holds the Capstone Coding, which holds the ascended memories for the Rishic identity in such a way that only those beings that have achieved full transmigratory ascension out of time and then incarnated back into timelines, are the actual capstone code holders which show the embodiment of authentic Ascended Masters.

Blue Rainbow Arc and Emerald Order Capstones

The Blue Rainbow Bridge seated in Holy Mountain architecture discussed last month, has continued to unfold. This architecture has supplied the corrected crystal key activations for the Universal Melchizedek Ankh Body, which functions as the gatekeeper entrance into several intermediary portal systems hosted by the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. This upgrade has generated an Emerald Order Melchizedek Solar Templar shield for realigning original Sun-Star networks and Capstone Codes, which allow access into the timelines of pre-fall Nibiru and pre-fall Tiamat. Currently, Emerald Guardians are inspecting, repairing and reconfiguring the reclaimed Tiamat Logos morphogenetic fields, which directly impact the 10D Solar Star and the Shara Complex.

Cosmic Father Ruby Order

To prepare for the return of legitimate Universal Melchizedek Ascended Masters from the parallel time matrices which include the true Cosmic Father Ruby Order representatives, the 11D Stonehenge stargate access has been moved and Holy Mountain architecture has been merged into the Capstone Codes or Godhead of the Universal Quadrant. This quad configuration runs genetic time codes through assorted Rainbow Arc Bridges uniting through the Universal Diamond Pillars and then transmits them into the diamond rainbow center of the Albion Lightbody. There are White Diamond Rainbow Arc, Blue Sapphire Rainbow Arc, Pink Dark Matter Rainbow Arc bridges for theCosmic Solar Dragons such as the Ruby Order to pick up genetic time codes and travel through dragon rings within these parallel systems. More recently, there has been the launch of the Ruby Rainbow Arc System into this reality which highlights the momentous return of the authentic Cosmic Father Ruby Order. [1]

Universal 12th Gate Destruction, Fall of Nibiru and Tiamat

The Lyran War timeline holds the cellular memory of the collective shadow bodies and all of the fragmentation and disintegration that occurred during the destruction of the 12th Lyran Universal Stargate. As a result of the destruction of the 12D Universal Stargate, the planets Nibiru and Tiamat were partially exploded and then captured and forced into inorganic orbits around the Sun, which removed them from their Capstone Nodus position in the Universal Tree of Life or Kathara Grid.

Nibiru and Tiamat’s planetary crystal core were connected to the twinned suns of the Universal Elaysa-Melchizedek Logos, through the Cradle of Lyra in the triple stars of Aramatena, Aveyon and Vega, which were universal gates that led out of the time matrix. The Universal 12th Gate of Aramatena was once the 12D capstone for pre-fall Nibiru which held the Nirvanic mind frequency bands of the Solar Logos. When Aramatena was destroyed, it allowed for the easy capture of Nibiru which became outfitted by the invaders as a Battlestar.

Many of the Founders with organic Emerald Sun DNA body parts that functioned as Capstones for supporting the lower dimensions, which included the sapphire architecture of the 10th gate Holy Mother as the Tiamat Logos, were made vulnerable for attack and capture with the blueprint schematics being uploaded into AI technology and being in enemy hands. [2]

Artificial Galactic Capstones

The main technology weapon used to hold up the Dark Alien Mother networks was an artificially generated Galactic Capstone Network holding together several phantom wormholes using the Red Cube cloned version of the Tiamat Logos, along with copies of its entire Edenic coded planetary matrix. The capture and cloning of the Tiamat Logos were utilized to form several phantom wormholes and phantom matrices connecting into the Earth’s 2D stargate and sprawling throughout 4D-7D-10D axiatonal and ley lines. These phantom matrices were being used as the artificial rod and staff architecture (Red Trident) for the Dark Alien Mother gestalts, and by the invading NAA forces primarily controlled by the Thothian Leviathan groups.

The Artificial Galactic Capstones were anchored in the tri-matrix layers of the Galactic Stargate in 4D Mars attached to Phantom Nibiru, which enthroned Azazael and Black Lilith as Gender Reversal capstones blocking the natural inner male-female integration at the Soul Matrix layers.

The second layer of artificial capstones are in the Galactic Stargate in 7D Saturn attached to inorganic orbit of 11D Chiron, which enthroned Isis and Osiris as Gender Reversal capstones blocking the natural inner male-female integration at the monadic matrix layers. Further this matrix was being governed by Inverted 7D Violet Ray of the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon entities called Horus-RA, generating the False Feminine pale magenta fields at the crown designed to lock down 1D through 7D by corrupting the elemental layers in the planetary KA body.

Lastly, the third layer of artificial capstones are in the Galactic Stargate of 10D Pluto attached to Phantom Tiamat wormholes, which enthroned Consettia and Moloch, as gender reversal capstones blocking the natural inner male-female integration at the Solar Logos layers.

Phantom Nibiru and Stonehenge Artificial Capstone

Phantom Nibiru as the Wormwood Battlestar, and the phantom wormholes and fragmented shards of Tiamat’s matrix were linked into the Stonehenge gateway and running in the 11th Stargate Network which acted as the inorganic Capstone Code for antichrist couplings, anti-hierogamic union and alien love bite relationships based on archetypal forces of the inversions of the White Queen and Red King, as stationed in 4D-7D-10D Red Trident architecture of the Thothian Leviathans.

The dismantling and retrievals continue on with Guardians addressing the next sequence of rehabilitation of Stonehenge, which is removing the unholy pairing of Phantom Nibiru and Phantom Tiamat as Galactic Capstones for Anti-Christ Couplings. As the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father further descend into the Albion Lightbody and its control center located in the United Kingdom, the major spiritual battle for controlling this specific 11D network through the extraction and eviction of assorted black hole generated AI hybrid chimeric creatures and Leviathan entities attempting to defend sections of the dismantled pieces of Tiamat’s Wormhole, continues onward.

12D Crystal Keys and Mother Dragon Ki Ra

The recent corrections made to the White Crystal Key are connected to the return of the White Queens who embody the collective Christos-Sophia consciousness instruction sets and hold gatekeeper access into the Nirvanic Mind through authentic Ascended Master Capstone Codes. This was recently initiated through the 36D Heavenly Holy Mother emanation of Ki Ra (Kee Rha) of the Rha Violet Ray God Worlds, through her transmissions of Amethyst Dragon Templar codes generated for corrections in the Earth’s KA body for dismantling the red wave distortions of Red Cube weaponry. See Red Trident.

The Emerald Order Cosmic Mother, the original Mother of Dragons has finally taken her rightful place in the 10th Stargate Network restoring the sophianic connections to her daughters, the White Triple Solar Goddess emanations of the Solar Christ Mary Sophias. Cosmic Mother Dragon has brought with her the pre-fall perfected Edenic matrix of Tiamat Logos, merging her morphogenetic patterns with pre-fall Tara to create the manifestation of the corrected sun star network for their binary stars, as Tara and Tiamat are reunited and recorded in the Ascended Master Capstone Codes now being protected in the Albion.

NAA’s Capstones for Anti-Christ Couplings

After the Atlantian Flood, the Thothian Leviathan group generated an extensive inorganic wormhole network that was accessed from ley lines running through Bermuda Triangle, Giza and Iran, that connected into the Artificial Tree of Life phantom areas where they had cloned out the exploded parts of Nibiru and Tiamat. The entire planetary geography of the original Tiamat Logos, along with the Edenic codes held by the White Diamond Goddesses or White Solar Queens, were cloned into the Red Trident anti-hierogamic machinery which functioned as the artificial Galactic Capstones in 4D Mars, 7D Saturn and 10D Pluto Matrix.

Thus, the artificial Galactic Capstones in the Red Trident anti-hierogamic architecture were designed to block out original Capstone Codes in those Ascended Masters who became trapped on the planet, and as a consequence were blank slated and suffered amnesia. Because their Capstone Codes were not activating properly, they were replaced by artificial machined Galactic Capstones which were implanted and interfered with organic cellular memories which blocked their hierogamic union.

Red Trident AI Galactic Capstones

Each dimensional layer of Red Trident has demonic hierarchies that are directly coded into these NAA capstones which are designed to invert, damage or interfere with organic Capstone Codes of authentic Ascended Masters. This is especially coveted by NAA entities to trick, lure and crash an ascended being’s genetic codes and capstone codes in order to turn them into vicious black magicians, where they become possessed by these same demonic and alien hierarchies connected to the NAA’s Anti-Christ capstones.[3]


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