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Giza as Geographical center

Giza is the reference to the demographic area of Egypt that is the 4th dimensional planetary stargate and diamond heart complex or Solar Temple that was a primary target of total invasion by the NAA, before, during and after the Luciferian Rebellion, in order to gain full spectrum dominance over the Sol portal, and control access into Mars, install Checkerboard Mutation, as well as take position for total earth domination during the Ascension Cycle. This location is also the geographical center of the earth body.

Historical Timeline Trigger

  • Giza Stargate Takeover = 25,000 YA Nibiruian line of Annunaki take over the 4D Giza Stargate, Astral Plane false ascension matrix and 11D Stargate Stonehenge gain control, NET's installed.
  • Atlantian Flood = 11,500 YA Takeover and destruction of Giza Stargate, victors of war start re-writing historical records and false timelines, surface flood and holocaust.
  • Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion = 10,000 YA First stage of takeover of Iran-Iraq 10th Gate, Middle East settlements and organizing Brotherhood of the Snake in from Atlantian timeline in the region. Thoth Group and Phoenix Grid to gain control over Giza Stargate. Tiamat wormhole.
  • Iron Age Christos-Sophia, Jesus Christ Mission = 2,000 YA Sirius B Christos Mission to repair Giza and Stonehenge Stargate, timeline repair gridwork to prepare for the Ascension timeline and reclamation of the Christos Diamond Sun body in 2012 timeline.

Egypt Stargate and Sun Takeover

Stargate Takeover in Egypt

During the time that the Egypt pyramidal technology was rebuilt in the Giza Stargate in that location as the central mission control and ET interstellar port, Sirians and Procyon groups were in high security. The Nibiru Annunaki resistance moved its last Atlantian Colony to the Bermuda area of the 3D Stargate and the Annunaki Resistance continued its conflict over territory and earth dominion through war and genetic alteration of the DNA.

Annunaki and Patriarchal Melchizedek's rapidly digress their race and genetics through becoming a warring species like the Orion Group. The Annunaki plan takeover of all planet ET technology and to capture humans for genetic experiments to create a worker race 28,000 BC, further they negotiate with Orion Group Draconians to share the “spoils of war” of earth takeover. This action is what allowed the Orion Group and Draconians to get a deep foothold into the planet consciousness fields and when severe genetic damage, such as DNA reversal pairs, to the planet and humanity really began.[1]

Andromedan Galaxy Portal

The ancient Galactic portal connected from Giza once allowed passage through Sirius B and then through the Andromeda Galaxy. Andromeda has a Galactic Core that spirals and connects into our Milky Way Galactic Core during the Ascension Cycle. Currently there is a tremendous amount of activity underway in this area, around Giza on the Earth and Andromedan Energies. The Giza portal is the heart chakra location of the Earth, it also corresponds to the 4th Gate and the 4th dimension. This portal is also interconnected to the location of the Hall of Records that releases the Universal memory into the planetary memory banks and the morphogenetic fields, once the Sphinx, Great Pyramid and Earth Core open. This makes the planetary and soul incarnational memory available to humans with a minimum of 4th DNA strand activations. More of us will begin perceiving this information as we meditate and tune into the Unified Field. Because a new influx of this data is being transmitted into the cellular memory of the planetary fields, there has also been an influx of 4th dimensional implants to suppress the information from being received.

In group situations I have witnessed more spraying of 4th dimensional implants existing within the heart, chest and back of the head areas. This is to create chaos and mental confusion and to make it hard to focus or concentrate, let alone download this important information. Please be aware in utilizing your 12D shielding techniques and be vigilant with your spiritual housecleaning. (see 12D Shield here). Those Starseeds that are connected to the Andromedan Activation are being prepared for this level of conducting these frequencies or portal work.[2]

Mars Records Open

In 2008 a Guardian planetary repair project was healing the distorted timelines and damage in the 4th dimensional planes and its related impact to the 4th strand of DNA within the divine human body template. This information was shared in many of the monthly articles about the Astral Reconfiguration throughout 2008. The 4th layer of the human body Chakra system houses the first level of the divinity, the Soul matrix intelligence. The 4th layer of the human Lightbody is impacted by the 4th layer of the planetary lightbody also called the Astral Plane. The 4th Dimensional Planetary Stargate leads us into the Astral plane layers and is locationally positioned at Giza in Egypt. The 4th Gate, the Astral Plane, has had an incredibly long history and conflict over its control between both human and non-human interests. For the last 25,000 years this Stargate, which controls the trajectory of movement between our planet and our Sun, has been under the dominion of the controller forces. (Factions of Annunaki Nibiruians, Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics and Zeta primarily) This is exactly why the pole shift agenda had been a probable timeline rumor, as long as they had control of this Stargate they used that as leverage. Please note as stated previously: the timelines and related memory of pole shift and "invasion" as rumored - are no longer potential future realities. An unnatural 4D Stargate, a reversal black hole system (the "Phantom Matrix") was connected to these portal systems that exist within the 4D astral planes and its stargate interface. Disconnecting this Phantom Matrix, healing soul fragments in 4D and its artificial ascension realities was a part of the Astral Reconfiguration Guardian Project.

Now, that the 4th Stargate has opened at its Galactic Interface levels recently both in frequency and in timelines, these link into the future timelines of the planet Mars. (Understand that the Planetary Stargate System are the Earths connection points into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. Once sealed off and closed, these Stargates progressively open during the Ascension Cycle. Because the Mars Galactic timeline is opening through the 4th Stargate in Giza it brings information to the surface about its history that will become increasingly hard to suppress. This brings us to the Montauk Project and a history of colonization on Mars between factions of Orion Humans and Zeta hybrids, Grey Alien. These were dimensional blending projects with Alien technologies that allowed time travel to the future. Most of the collaborations between humans and aliens were of a negative nature, genetic experiments, developing Mind Control programs and perfecting psychotronic warfare. [3]

The Heart of Giza Bleeds

Those that read this newsletter are well aware, that the Giza plateau near Cairo is the 4D Stargate and astral energy center for our planet. At one time it housed the Ark of the Covenant as a portal access into Sirius and then into Andromeda, as it was a transport station. This area was the main channel of heart chakra 4D energy and pranic life force, that was designed to be generated into the planet for humanities health and wellbeing. The pyramids are massive power generators of the Cosmic Heart Life force that once radiated from their peaks. Once we were invaded this stopped and our multiple Pyramid generators on the planet were disconnected from these frequency channels. As our planet is undergoing changes in the planetary brain and changing the heart channels function, chaos is physically represented in the area. Giza no longer stands alone as the planetary heart Stargate, as multiple channels of this Diamond Heart transmission radiates from every prism it touches, and we will build multiple hubs of flowering heart channels on the planet. Our planet is evolving to become a Unified Crystal Heart and humanity must adapt to this change. [4]

Centaurian Wars

During this process of clearing up the Giza areas, it surfaced the timelines and histories involving the Centaurian Wars. Centaurians are Annunaki hybrids from Alpha Centauri and Omega Centauri that are under the enslavement of Draconian and Necromiton armies of the NAA. They are used to infiltrate the Astral Plane reporting back to their supervisors, and to battle for control over the Planetary Gates in the Middle East, such as the location of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt. The Necromiton are the entities that project themselves as Men in Black, to clean up and sanitize UFO or related extraterrestrial evidence that reveals their agenda on planet. They cannot exist on surface for long periods of time, so they have built bases underground with the cooperation of human military. Evictions of these armies in areas accessing Giza have taken place and it was an ugly battle. It is these particular alien groups that work with the covert black military to strategize the war and killing programs in the Middle East. This is visibly apparent through that which is reported in the media as the terrorism perpetrated by the Islamic State.

However, as a result of new access and hope for reclaiming Giza, Starseed gridworkers have been receiving new plasma generated code that is now accessible from the earth plane. This intergalactic channel opening allows for the running of the Krystal coded algorithms into the earth core which supports new resonating tone frequencies to broadcast out of the earth and into the crust. Specifically, these frequencies are called interdimensional frequency resonators and are able to interconnect links with cosmic level ray transmissions. [5]

Aqualine Sun

This feels like a very first and second dimensional clearing, healing, and conscious witnessing of it. Clearing Negative Forms of collective pain body accumulation and their plug-in, to the collective consciousness black magic grids. Interestingly enough, just feeling through the changes that have happened with Giza recently, this brings up the Thothian Grid and the Phoenix Grid, which have intersections with that particular area. Those of us that have been working sessions can see a variety of things happening in the global scape. Certainly areas of Indonesia, Micronesia, and this is what Oceana is, Australia and into these many island chains in this area going up to Japan, Korea and into as well the Middle East. As we know this is always a problematic place, being the core areas of Golden Eagle grid distortion, previous Giza infiltration and the Phoenix grid, which is related to the fourth and seventh dimensional intersection and healings. When we think of crucifixion implants, Dove Grid and a lot of connection there in the Phoenix grid, because we got 4th to 7th dimensional intersections being used in that Phoenix grid.[6]

Sun Disc Network

From deep within the Crystal Core of the planetary body, new instruction sets are being transmitted from the Planetary Staff into the earth’s crystalline grid, which is in a process of releasing a tremendous amount of crystalline current and non-polarized current throughout the planetary grid network. This has activated Sun Discs and Sun-Star crystals that also interconnect with the underground crystal caverns that hold information about the hidden timeline histories of Earth, Tara and Gaia. Essentially, we are in a phase of receiving more positive energy and benevolent technology that is designed to support human Ascension and planetary liberation. The crystalline imprints are supporting the recoding of the kundalini forces that were missing an assortment of proper sub-harmonic frequencies, as well as igniting a vast network of previously dormant Crystal Caverns and star crystals. The crystal caverns are being reconnected through the Sun Disc Network in multiple timelines of the Earth, Taran and Gaian bodies in which they exist.

Plasma infusions have been made into the earth’s Crystal Core, which include the process of weaving an array of Aqualine light and sentient solar vapors from the Galactic Suns. This allows an interactive fusion between multiple Paliadorian Sun-Star bodies that have recently birthed into our Solar System network. This has increased the pearlescent color waves of the Eye of God that are becoming interlaced into the crystalline lattice of earth, stacks of interwoven chains that are connecting into the golden Sun Disc Network, which includes Giza. The Blue Rainbow Galactic Suns from the Aqualasha matrix in the heart of Andromeda, are one of the Galactic Sun-Star bodies that have shown up for grid projects and are supporting crystal transmissions for planetary Ascension. [7]

Platinum Crystals and Sun Discs

The Platinum Crystal in the earth is connected with the Sun Disc Network, and this activates stages of balancing for the feminine-masculine principle and the mental bodies. Connection with these crystalline frequencies will begin to heal anti-life reversal current, Metatronic Reversal and artificial signals of Mind Control. In the individual lightbody, the entire solar plexus area reconfigures the mental body layers into a Golden Solar Gate energy vortice, which is called the RA Center.

Recently the Sun Disc Network has been highlighted during Solar Activations for this Summer Solstice, as a new Universal Layer of Paliadorian Solar Bodies have recently interconnected with the planetary Sun Disc network. Recent gridwork involving Guardian projects for Crystal Core Activation have highlighted underground crystal bed networks being activated through Easter Island to link with the crystalline energies that are connected to the Sun Disc vortices in Minas Gerais, Brazil; Lake Titicaca, Bolivia; Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland; Giza, Egypt and Uluru, Australia.

Giza and Golden Spirals

The golden mean spirals would transmit from the Metagalactic plane and then descend into the lower dimensions, which would compact into smaller sizes of geometric formulas that produced finite energy fibonacci spirals in order to recode the Giza stargate system and run these reversal codes into the planetary grid system. Thus, the Fibonacci spiral and its mathematical sequence is found on the earth within physical forms that hold a finite nature, as this mathematical pattern is designed for the recycling of finite energy while existing within closed energy systems. It generates a growth pattern that disconnects it from the eternal source field, thus propagating a finite life cycle and rapid deterioration during the aging process. The Fibonacci formula does not have an inner spiral which maintains its center point connection, as it expands and grows larger it is progressively disconnected from the source field, removed from the direct connection to its heart center.[8]


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