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Unified Eternal Consciousness (Christos) vs. Fragmented Finite Consciousness (anti-Christ)

In science, Entropy is defined as a loss of energy in human systems, and makes the tendency of that system to become increasingly disorganized and less efficient due to gradual energy loss within the system. Entropy or the loss of energy is what makes a system break down, fall apart, instigate chaos, and function far less efficiently. Understanding how the concept of entropy works from micro to macro levels in our Universe, will help us to understand the impact and effect of energy loss, energy siphoning and energetic harvesting made upon living systems. It is supportive to our spiritual growth and consciousness expansion to be able to identify when and where entropy is present and influencing our lives, in order to clear or resolve its harmful effects.

Entropy is a concept that is applied to all energetic behaviors and influences, as well as the quality of thoughtforms present within energetic systems, such as living organisms, and directly lowers the frequency of a human beings state of consciousness.

When we feed entropic behaviors and systems, we will suffer energy loss. Entropy contributes greatly to all behavioral dysfunctions, misperception of reality, as well as manifesting diseases. This impairs all levels of the human bodies functioning; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, at individual levels and at collective levels. Entropy as a loss of energy in systems, works through principles of low frequency resonance, and can spread like a virus infecting others in the environment with the same entropic result, or loss of energy. When we are not self-aware or are operating from instinctual or unconscious egoic reactions, we can easily match the same low vibration and catch the entropic virus, becoming extremely energetically drained and spreading that drain to other systems.

Entropic Systems

In our day-to-day existence, we live in a complex environment that requires that we interact with a great many systems that are defined as physical structures. The five main Controller Pillars of Society are constructed on many hidden layers of Entropic systems. These systems of control require energy from others in order to continue to influence planetary affairs, as a part of the Archontic Deception Strategy. These systems create incredible losses of energy, and are parasitic to the human race.

There are various ways the Controllers have programmed Closed Source systems of architecture into the energetic fields of the earth, in order to manifest an array of Entropic systems, as a strategy for inflicting mind control upon the masses. Once closed source system architecture and Entropy is understood, however, it becomes very clear how to identify the energy signature present, in any kind of operating system, whether biological or structural, when paying attention to the energetic movement and behavior of that system. Energy behavior does not lie, and it can be measured. Energetic behavior will show from where the actual energy is being generated, revealing whether it’s a Closed Source parasitic system of architecture or an Open Source self-sustaining architecture.

As we undergo the spiritual awakening or Ascension process, we become increasingly multidimensional and more self-aware. We perceive things that we never perceived before. As a result, we are exposed to the inner revelation of discovering a whole new set of systems, which we didn’t see before. Yet, we unfold into the realization that we are interacting with a variety of forces that interplay with many systems, and these systems exist at many different energetic levels. Becoming multidimensional and awakening in consciousness means that we pay attention to the whole energetic system. We look for the loss of energy present in physical matter, and then we source where the loss of energy is occurring in our multidimensional or spiritual bodies. If we allow our spiritual body to tend towards interacting with Entropic systems, we feel the drain. We must have the maturity to realize this type of interaction is harmful to our spiritual consciousness. Hence, our goal is to explore and find ways to increase energy in our spiritual bodies, develop higher Consciousness, and learn how to evolve towards collaborating with Open Source or Negentropic systems.[1]

Law of Polarity

According to the Guardian system, to break free of the bi-wave structure which forces a closed loop energetic supply and perpetuates reversal current and Dead Light energy, we can alter the anti-particle blueprint layers with our higher consciousness to activate the electrically neutral state, which allows the neutral forces to emit feedback loops of natural living light. This principle applies to the structure of the Soul anatomy in the human Lightbody, as well as the planetary systems in the search for free and renewable energy. The same energy potential is related to the concept of free energy systems that are Open Sourced and self-sustaining, however this has been hidden from humanity to prevent access to it. When we understand how access to self-sustaining source light as open source energy is available to us all, this is essentially activating the higher spiritual knowledge to obey the Law of Polarity. Once the masses can understand this Law and the reasons the Controllers have chosen to violate the laws of nature, to amplify the Gender Splitting and reversals in the forces of polarity, we can finally evolve to a future that opens access to free open source energy for all inhabitants.[2]


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