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The natural Law of Polarity, also referred to as the Pair of Opposites is intertwined with the Law of Gender but is not to be confused as the same thing. Essentially, it means that things that may appear as opposites are actually varying degrees of positive and negative poles or one of the two sides of the same thing. There are two sides of polarity that exists within everything. Everything is dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites, and the opposites are identical in nature but exist in different degrees. When we can see both sides of these polarities operating in the world, we can elevate above the opposing energies and the issues they may generate, by observing them from the neutral state. We can transform our thoughts and transform the situation by simply raising our vibration from out of the polarized state, by holding neutral or Compassionate Witnessing.

One will notice the same repeated polarity patterns appearing in some configuration that is in absolutely every energetic force or matter form and that this pattern repeats itself throughout multiple dimensional layers. As an example, all dimensional layers in the Harmonic Universes have interconnected building blocks of matter and anti-matter that are created from positive charge, negative charge, and neutral or Zero Point energy potential.

To create circuits of feedback loops for multiplying open source energy supply, or for directing the finite energy supply to something or somewhere, these charges must attract, link and bond together. The positive or negative charge in the energies are inherent in the forces that are governed by the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity, and this is the architecture which everything is created from in this Universe. Through the Law of Polarity, there are many soul formation groups on evolution journeys that are primarily weighted in the negative or positive polarity, which can also describe the Service to Self and Service to Others orientation in a specific group consciousness. [1]

Building Blocks of Matter

Let’s look at how the Law of Polarity is working in the building blocks of matter.

The main three layers of the building blocks of all matter in the Universe include:

  • Electron, Proton and Neutron as positive, negative or neutral charged consciousness units.
  • Math, as the language of code for setting blueprints and architecture.
  • Forces and Energy which include spectrums of color frequency, oscillation and vibration.

The atom is a basic unit of particle matter that consists of a dense central nucleus, surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. Here, the protons have a positive electric charge, the electrons have a negative electric charge, and the neutrons have no electric charge. An atom containing an equal number of protons and electrons is electrically neutral. Atoms are extremely small and every solid, liquid, gas, and Plasma is composed of neutral or ionized atoms, which describes the gain or loss of electrons that happens in an atom. So even in an atom, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender are at work. It is wise to consider that if our biology is made of atoms that obey the natural laws of gender, and we decide to ignore that truth, we will greatly increase the disconnection between our physical perception and higher spiritual consciousness. When we make choices that violate the laws of nature, we disconnect from our spirit and thus, we suffer.

Positive and Negative Charge

To better understand the model being used below to describe the positive and negative charge in the Law of Polarity, we consider both the particle and anti-particle building blocks of matter. Our primary focus is within the Blueprint of the instruction set made in the electromagnetic field, thus our model will tend to use the anti-particle setting which is the counterpart to particle mass. To better clarify, as a result the information below will be opposite to the current mainstream scientific consensus for assigning positive or negative charge to electrons and protons, in relationship to the atomic theory of matter.

  • Particle Matter Building Blocks - Electron (negative or -ve), Proton (positive or +ve) and Neutron 0.
  • Anti-Particle Matter Building Blocks - Electron (positive or +ve), Proton (negative or –ve) and Neutron 0.

So taking in this information every person, place or thing will have an energetic polarity in particle matter and its double in anti-particle matter, and that combination is balanced or weighted in one form of energetic polarity or its opposite. Ultimately our spiritual goal is to unify and link up the particle matter and anti-particle matter of our Consciousness and body via the process of polarity integration. Polarity Integration is identifying and locating that consciousness content we have which may be unable to link and bond together, and then intending to unify them through the witness in the neutral point.

Gender Biology Expresses Polarity

This is also represented within our physical gender bodies, which express as a polarity in matter form, when incarnated in a male or female body. While our physical body may appear to exist in one polarity form in matter, our internal and external energies exist in both male and female principles simultaneously. As an example on the vertical plane, bring to mind a physical human body from top to bottom, the male and female human body is divided into a right side male and a left side female by the central vertical channel. There are many natural characteristics of the male and female principle that we all share in the human species, yet we must identify that which is unnatural and alien to our male and female, and cast it out of our consciousness.

The right side of our human body is the male gender pattern, which is the active force principle with internal circuitry that works as the electrical transmitter of positive charged electrons. The male spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the male spin may reverse its position to counterclockwise rotation.

The left side of our human body is the female gender pattern, which is the passive force principle with internal circuitry that works as the magnetic receiver of negative charged protons. The female spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a counter-clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the female spin may reverse its position to a clockwise rotation.

Rotation of Spin

Therefore in the anti-particle setting, considering that our male principle electrons are positively charged which interact with the female principle proton which are negatively charged, and that interaction will default its spin in the male clockwise motion. In considering the counterpart female, also in the anti-particle setting, considering that our female principle protons are negatively charged which interact with the male principle electrons, and that interaction will default its spin in the female counter clockwise motion. These two male and female principles in the energetic forces come together to create the ranges of electromagnetism and other forces that we experience on the planet. At a certain rotation of spin, as the male and female come into unification, the negative and positive cancel out and go into the neutral charge, which is the zero point or open source energy supply.

According to the Guardian system, to break free of the bi-wave structure which forces a closed loop energetic supply and perpetuates reversal current and Dead Light energy, we can alter the anti-particle blueprint layers with our higher consciousness to activate the electrically neutral state, which allows the neutral forces to emit feedback loops of natural living light. This principle applies to the structure of the soul anatomy in the human lightbody, as well as the planetary systems in the search for free and renewable energy. The same energy potential is related to the concept of free energy systems that are open sourced and self-sustaining, however this has been hidden from humanity to prevent access to it. When we understand how access to self-sustaining source light as open source energy is available to us all, this is essentially activating the higher spiritual knowledge to obey the Law of Polarity. Once the masses can understand this Law and the reasons the Controllers have chosen to violate the laws of nature, to amplify the gender splitting and reversals in the forces of polarity, we can finally evolve to a future that opens access to free open source energy for all inhabitants.

In order to be energetically balanced, harmonized and peaceful with ourselves, we must acknowledge the inner and outer polarity. By acknowledging the value and necessity of how the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender rules our life, we can truly know thyself.[2]

Negative Polarity

At the base level, there are Black Subtle Forces that exist in the Negative Polarity that especially connect to the material earth elements and the force of Gravity. It is the principle of unconsciousness or falling asleep in the material world, and its weight is very dense and heavy. As a result it tends to produce inactivity, darkness, dullness, and an absence of light, while it obstructs the person’s action potential or movement forward.

Positive Polarity

In the middle level, there are Yellow Subtle Forces that are in the Positive Polarity of activity, forward movement, transformation and the ability to address and resolve conflict. The active quality encourages the force or power behind the movement necessary to make great changes, which is needed for transition and spiritual growth. These forces also may incite deep feelings of inspiration, passion and personal desires. If the Pain Body has not been cleared appropriately, these desires can become overstimulated, taking the mind into obsessions and quickly resulting in pain and suffering. The pursuit of over-activity in the material world can be used as an escape mechanism from looking at the truth, as when these forces are imbalanced they easily become destructive and explosive in the person’s life. People that tend to be active too much of the time, burn themselves out through excessive mental and physical activity.[3]


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