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3D Level of Intelligence

In order to understand the Internal Structures of Ego which we also refer to as Houses of Ego, it requires the awareness that there are three main layers of the lower mind that function together, the 1st Chakra, the 2nd Chakra and the 3rd Chakra.

The three layers of mind work together to serve the functions of the ego in all human beings. Each energetic layer has separate functions yet all three layers are interconnected and directly impact each other. As we learn about the layers in the internal structure of the ego, this clarifies the purpose of identifying what the ego is and how it operates within us. When we understand how ego operates inside our mind we are better equipped to heal the energetic imbalances of Negative Ego and the Pain Body triggers.

The second layer of the mind is located in the 2nd dimension, it is controlled by the 2nd Chakra and this area acts as the accumulative pain and instinctual memory storage for the Instinctual Mind. The NAA hidden agenda broadcasts an assortment of Mind Control programs to socially engineer the human race into self enforced consciousness enslavement. This mind control has left seven main areas of Trauma and emotional damage recorded in the Instinctual Mind of the collective human consciousness on the earth.

First Harmonic Universe

First Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody.These aspects are called the Stations of Identity.

Imprints of Separation

The Guardians have identified the seven most painful implants of separation that impact the majority of human beings on this earth now at the 2nd Chakra layer of the Negative Ego.

1. Unworthiness 2. Shame / Guilt 3. Lack of Trust / Self Doubt 4. Betrayal / Abandonment 5. Anger / Rage 6. Fear 7. Entrapment / Enslavement

Emotional Triggers

Most of the time when we experience an event in our lives in which a shocking and painful event occurs, it is uncovering not only false structures, but buried parts of the Unconscious Mind and cellular memories that are embedded in our bodies. Meeting the negative energy or blockages when this inner conjunction is made acts as the spiritual catalyst for great changes and potential consciousness transformation, it forces the surface or hidden fears located in the Pain Body to be brought out into the thoughts, emotions, behaviors or in the impulses of the person.

2D or Second Internal Layer

This is the instinctual layer of ego which for many people remains a part of the Unconscious Mind as many do not pay attention to the cause of their instinctual drives or Addictions. Many people exist cut off from their feelings and have difficulty identifying their feelings in the moment to moment. This is a side effect of a closed Heart chakra, Soul Fragmentation or blackened heart. The first part of healing is to be willing to pay attention to drives though dedicated self-awareness. The second layer is directly impacted by the first layer to the degree the painful memory is experienced in the person’s hard drive.

This second layer could also be called the pain body.

It is the location where unresolved painful memories will manifest as instinctual drives within the person’s ego. If the 1D storage memories are not identified or cleared, the pain of these memories creates Walls of Separation in the 2D layer as a pain body. The pain body further creates Amnesiac Barriers which manifest in the ego as seven primary mental and emotional states identified above. The walls of separation isolate the ego self inside the person. As the person deeply attaches to the 3D belief systems generated by that Negative Ego state as their identity in the 3D matrix of reality, they can become easily disconnected from their heart and inner spirit.

This disconnection from the inner spirit creates Amnesiac Barriers or Walls of Separation where another part of the ego identity that has been hurt or traumatized may split off and may hide itself. This identity could have been created when one is a baby, a six year old child, teenager, or even in other Timelines. This phenomenon is called ego sub-personalities, and they may be hidden behind the walls as a result from deeply experienced Trauma. These traumatized sub-personalities also hold a fragment of our spiritual energy or Soul Matrix. The goal of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) from the NAA is to intentionally create these traumatized sub-personalities which fragment the mind and spiritual body, thereby causing harm to the internal energy structures of the person’s aura and Lightbody. The current way this is enforced en masse on planet earth by the NAA is through the Victim-Victimizer and the Sexual Misery software program. When we are separated from our inner spirit, we are disconnected from our experience with God Source. The result is more Pain, Disconnection and Disease which exacerbates the Negative Ego walls of separation that perpetuates the cycle of internal misery. The goal of our inner spirit is to find and locate those sub-personalities in order to heal them, reclaim them as Children of God, so that the spiritual light can be reintegrated and brought back into wholeness and connection with God/Source.

Starseeds have an earth mission to heal these painful consciousness memories from other Timelines, such as that which transpired during the Galactic Wars that is being repeated on the earth in this end cycle. [1]

2D Walls of Separation

Because the Instinctual Mind is the pain body of the Three Layers of Ego it collects many different levels of emotional trauma and pain and buries it behind Amnesiac Barriers or Walls of Separation in the unconscious areas of the body and its mind centers. This accumulative pain is collected from previous, current and future lifetimes of Soul Fragmentation as a result of pain, abuse or trauma. When this pain is unhealed it results in split personality, disassociative personalities or in SRA this is called "altars". These fragments are attachments which collect, congeal and attract spirit attachments from the Astral Plane at both the 2nd Chakra and 4th Chakra layers. This over time builds up more painful Miasma, Dead Energy to block the 2nd Chakra and the Soul Matrix from embodying. Further it creates the 2D Walls of Separation within the Three Layers of Ego and embeds inside the Instinctual Mind generating the Pain Body.

The Guardians have identified the seven most painful implants of separation that impact the majority of human beings on this earth now that has created the main forms of trauma in the Pain Body.

1. Unworthiness 2. Shame / Guilt 3. Lack of Trust / Self Doubt 4. Betrayal / Abandonment 5. Anger / Rage 6. Fear 7. Entrapment / Enslavement

Houses of Ego or Predator Mind

From the accumulative lifetime(s) of pain builds more walls of separation which are purposely held in place through the Victim-Victimizer software, a self-enforced human enslavement program from the NAA. Through the deep unworthiness and lack of self-love resulting from repeated traumatic abuse, the rejection of God and the crucifixion of the inner spirit is maintained easily. This leads to Negative Ego behaviors to cope with the disconnection from God, which we can observe in the Seven Houses of Ego. As we build these Houses of Ego from ignorance, we allow their equivalent demonic spirits to dwell inside our mind and body. These demonic spirits increase the power of the Houses of Ego in human behavior which invite the predator forces to use or possess the mind and body at will. This is the definition of mental and spiritual bondage to the predator (dark) forces of the Imposter Spirit.[1]

Healing the Pain Body

The goal for spiritual protection is to dismantle the houses of ego, evict the demonic and predator forces, and replace them with the Houses of Christ. State your authority and intention to be of service to God and to build a strong relationship with one’s Inner Spiritual Light and Christos. As you devote your attention and focus on the quality of the Spirits of Christ, the Houses for Christ grow stronger.

Building Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the value of a person’s worth and there are a lot of factors that come into play, especially in helping a person fell more confident about himself, which is also a primary factor in establishing a person’s outlook towards personal inspiration and feeling as a success. On the spiritual Ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self love and self acceptance is critical to progress through self deception blocks. When we have low self esteem our psychological defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward and evolving in life. One who understands they are a loved and worthy spiritual vessel for the spirit of God Source, will begin to learn that self love is at the core of self acceptance which is the quality one must build to truly feel and experience God's love for all of us. Once we feel love for ourselves we build inner confidence which further builds our trust with life.

2D-4D Astral Body Split

Due to the DNA damage our species suffered after the Fall of Tara, the 4D astral body that made up our heart center was fractured, and the lower portion of the soul matrix astral layer became inverted upon itself and became lodged in our 2D sacral center. Thus, a portion of our original soul matrix fragmented and got stuck in the 2D dimensional layers of the planetary body and within our individual layers. When incarnating upon the earth plane, this distortion to our soul and heart center became a genetic block, which further digressed angelic human DNA. Over time these became generational distortions which manifested into the disconnection between the 2D elemental field of the physical body, the 1D Unconscious Mind and both the lower and higher part of the astral identity that form into the soul matrix. Essentially, what this means is that when incarnating in a physical body on the earth, it was hard for the Conscious Mind of the personality to actually feel the experience of the soul while in a body, and this had the tendency to disconnect the functions of the heart center.

These schisms in the Lightbody layers also greatly contributed to the production of Shadow Selves, shadow personality alters, shadow elementals and fragments in the Soul matrix, which further proliferated personal Miasma and Planetary Miasma.


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